The Jonah by United Bible Studies

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Aussie CD on Camera Obscura.

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The Jonah by United Bible Studies
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8/10 Li'l Biz 26 March 2009
'The Jonah' by United Bible Studies is by their own admission a folk-prog concept record which is a rare thing in the year 2009. The title is a reference to the James Herbert novel that tells the tale of the Jonah, a cursed man who brings bad luck everywhere. Grim stuff! The cover is pure sacrifice madness with what looks like some kind of space station landing in some psudo-stonehenge environment. United Bible Studies sound like they are probably from the south east but this might a generalization based on the fact that they invoke the spirit of the twee folk rock of Pentangle. It's pleasant conceptualized stuff with proper dramatic poetry sang in a quintessentially British tweeness that I've not heard on a record made anytime before 1972. But what do we have here....The end of track two has a real nice King Crimson style guitar moment that has plucked my ears up and now it's track three and they've picked up pace a little. Now we've got ourselves a prog rock/krautrock wig-out with dramatic black metal vocalism!! Yes, doomy!! This'll be the sound of the ever oppressive Jonah!!! He sounds like Mum-raa before he clears his throat in the morning after a hefty night out in Plun-darr. OK, now it's calmed down again. I'm enjoying parts of this record but I'm amazed at how regal and twee it sounds. People just don't make records like this anymore and can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing. Basically, if you like 'In the Court of the Crimson King' by King Crimson then you might have some interest in this release.

10/10 Tony Dale (Camera Obscura)

Just to clarfy something for your readers - UBS are in fact from Ireland, and part of the whole Deserted Village scene. Whether that changes the context of the fine and amusing review above I'll leave to others to decide.


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