Divisionals by Mouthus

Divisionals by Mouthus was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Limited Vinyl LP £13.49 E#34c

LP on Ecstatic Peace, limited to 400 ***LAST FEW COPIES CHEAP!!***.

  • Limited edition
Sold out.



Divisionals by Mouthus
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9/10 Ant 24 April 2009
I was so excited about the arrival of the new Mouthus 'Divisionals' LP on Ecstatic peace that I decided to review it in the popular "rap/hip-hop" style:

Yo! YO YO! MC A-N-T I came to bless the M-I-C. Feel me flow... YO!
Representing for my peeps and brothers in lockdown
Yo my niggaz and niggarettes I just got back from the vets cuz my turtle pets, been puffin'' too many cigarettes
Word up to my homies Mouthus droppin sonic bombs, word to yo' moms
Nate Nelson is a genius, his other group is Afternoon Penis
That aint no pun, Mouthus be droppin' rekkids on No Fun
That album never got to number one
They style is gloopy, makin' whak ass jams sound poopy
They sound is psychedelic, just like thee trip of Eric
Blazin' sounds drop from they amps makin' others sound like tramps
And shit bands sound like bums when Nate beats tha muthafuckin' drums
when I play Mouthus I drink beer, they style is queer
But not gay, I spin they rekkids everyday
Thy sound melts speakers and my mind, they make me wanna shake my behind
Scorching feedback hits my solar plexus when I'm rolling in my Lexus
Cruising down the block peeling caps back from my glock
Thurston Moore gave Mouthus a record deal now vinyl spins on wheels of steel
Killer cuts that move butts and freak out sluts
I never moan when they sound like chrome straight into my dome, these guys shit on all drone
Damn the RZA be callin me up on my cellular phone, you should hear they album 'Loam'
They aint vile cuz they kick it wildstyle
They fuck with electronics and bust out crazy fresh sonics
Even killer thugs who murder and sell drugs, and skinny girls with dogs called pugs, know that Mouthus aint no mugs
Plus the sleeve is ace, twisted unique graphics in your face

YO YO! Respect is due to Mouthus. 'Divisionals' is tha dope ill shit
(Ecstatic) peace out ya'll


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