The Ressurectionists & Night Raider by Crippled Black Phoenix

The Ressurectionists & Night Raider by Crippled Black Phoenix was available on CD but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Limited CD £15.99 INV076LP

Limited 2CD box set on Invada (Mogwai and Electric Wizard blokes).

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The Ressurectionists & Night Raider by Crippled Black Phoenix
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6/10 Brett 23 April 2009
Crippled Black Phoenix have released their album in a ridiculous storm of confusion. It's out in a 2CD box set that apparently contains the albums The Resurrectionists and Night Raider, a single CD called 200 Tons of Bad Luck which collects some tracks from the box set and a double LP called 8 Songs which has six tracks that are on the other releases and two that are exclusive to the vinyl. Knobheads. It's not even very good, the better bits are relatively decent epic post-rock reminiscent of a darker Mono or something but a fair chunk just sounds like Steppenwolf gone prog. Proper dad. There are little experimental bits every now and again but they can't help but come off as afterthoughts.. Really you'd have to expect more from a group containing members of Mogwai and ex-members of Electric Wizard.

4/10 Brain Dangerfield 10th July 2009

No! You're soooo wrong! Brett's review made me laugh like a drain! This record made me feel inadequate, like a squirrel that's just had it's nuts kicked out of it's sensitive quivering paws by some other, big, bullying malevolent type squirrels. Post rock? Post my cock more like. Through your letter box! X

8/10 Mikesharp

Album is so much better than a post-rock album. Killer WWYH/Meddle Floyd vibes all over it. The song-writing is impeccable, if all you can pull from it is 'The better parts are reminiscient of a darker mono' then I'm glad you don't enjoy it. It has all the elements of an epic post-rock album but without all of the cliches and framing of the actual genre currently. They took it to a bigger scale, and while the release perimeters may be confusing to some, I find that going bigger and more pretentious has worked out well for them.


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