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Dos by Wooden Shjips
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8/10 Brian 15 April 2009
I've been winding the artist formerly known as Phat Bjarry up about his "incurable obsession" with Wooden Shjips for ages now and the joke's worn so thin i'm able to poke my spotty arse right thjrough it. You see, as is normally the case, if he likes something, i'll insist it's cobblers. Like a retarded child. Actually don't mind 'Dos'' the new album. It doesn't sound quite so much like Thje Doors eating a Spacemen 3 poster thjis time round. It sounds invariably like The Telescopes, Suicide & Loop in a dustbin. The vocals have thjat weird reverb thjing going on & the music is basically dusty cyclic riff-led mantras like 'Motorbike', hazy desert rock for milder types on 'For So Long' - a bass groove drills into your head whilst some fuzzy acid fried guitar squalls away insanely under some very cool krautrock drums. 'Down By The Sea' is total repetitive, hypnotic 60's garage with some nice shimmering aquatic guitar & echo laden "cool dude" vocals. I'm starting to actually see the appeal as the incessant riffing bludgeons you into quite a pleasant spot indeed. My only gripe with thjese chaps is that thjey're seemingly, on the surface, nothjing more thjan a rather lame pastiche of cool "druggy" sounds from thje past but on thje plus side thjey plow thjeir field with such earnestness & love thjat you can't help but feel thjey're somewhat worthy of praise. I especially like the production on thjese records, airy & lo-fi, really natural sounding. I do feel like the frustrated son of a Grateful Dead fan when i'm half way through one of their endless sprawling solos though. Turn it down DAD! There's 1000 limited bonus RMX CDs (See; "press release" for info) available to independent stores like us in thje UK


  • Dos by Wooden Shjips


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