An Imaginary Country by Tim Hecker

A 2009 example of the very fine work of Tim Hecker. An Imaginary Country is the album wherein Tim explicitly set out to conjure up the impression of a whole landscape using his washes of sound, and he pretty much nails it: this country is definitely one I’d like to visit. Colourful and bright and lush abstract electronic music, on Kranky.

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An Imaginary Country by Tim Hecker
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9/10 Brian 26 March 2009
Ha i've managed to locate the volume for my next audio treat. This one needs playing loud as it's by the prodigous Tim Hecker, one of my fave Kranky stars. I don't know quite how this man manages to construct such emotive, gleaming soundscapes, his warm banks of astral searching synths chatter away whilst pulsating waves of drone form a soothing sound base underneath. His compositions I find incredibly life affirming. For instance, 'Sea of Pulses' has these church organ like chords, a looming bassline & all manner of hazy keys wallowing all over the place to create a rich, indulgent sound. The brief 'Pond Life' has an angry, mangled & distorted spirit before apparently being comforted by those blissed waves, the fearful melee literally fading away, the pain subsiding. 'Paragon Point' is euphoric, chamber-like ambience that has beautiful hushed soft chords dallying with a disembodied drifting flow of subtle noise that is quite arresting. It's hard to pick key points from such a majestic sound sculpture, it surely needs devouring as a whole. As far as modern ambient works go, I think 'An Imaginary Country' is up there with that recent Jasper TX CD & the much adored Stars of the Lid.

9/10 Joe Hill 10th April 2019

You never hear people talking about this one much. I have no idea why. An Imaginary Country is one of Tim Hecker's most cinematic records, spinning abrasive stabs of noise into something picturesque. The warm lava bass rumbles underneath chilly synths and organs, while guitar feedback and radio scans dissolve in and out of tuneful hums.

There's a certain peace and lushness that he never captured before or since. The pulsating beeps, soft roars, and nauseous hisses evoke said imaginary country being viewed from a plane window, allowing a melancholy disconnection to seep through. Who knows - maybe this was his intention. It's the sound of soaring over something enormous and grand, only visible through thick windows and thousands of feet of thin air.



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