Plug Music Ramoon by Astral Social Club

Plug Music Ramoon by Astral Social Club was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £11.99 DWR003

LP on Dancing Wayang. Edition of 500 hand-numbered copies in screen-printed sleeve.

Sold out.



Plug Music Ramoon by Astral Social Club
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9/10 Brian 05 February 2009
More delicious music by Neil Campbell & his Astral Social Club project. After Brett's hungry devouring of his new CD on vhf, here's a full bloody 12" wax platter to feast on! With Stewart Keith & ex-Hood collaborator John Clyde-Evans on board, 'Plug Music Ramoon' opens with a spaced out wibbly number with a backwards masked element going on for full confusion of the senses. I can hear lots of cool little sonic twinges in there I wanna indulge myself on the headphones with! The other track on this side is proper full-on Kraut/Space-boogie minimalism that kind of recalls both The Fall & Hawkwind in equal measures (minus the chord changes!) plus that legendary 'Simple Headphone Mind' collaboration between Stereolab & Nurse With Wound. See also later Boredoms stuff. The beat is a relentless glam stomp that I could imagine Julian Cope hollering over. Love the wall of ....well...."Astral" sound they create. Flip over for some organic industrial music which reminds me of those mad cartoons where a bizarre character wheels a frankenstein monster vehicle out of the garage, all whirring & chuffing and creaking. Add to that honking, spluttering, polyrhythmic grind a sub-bass pulse, some distant klaxons & a possessed chant or two and you've a sonic zoo on your hands. Utterly fantastic stuff, junkshop tribalism of the very finest sort! The last tune i'm not reviewing as I want to surprise myself with it when I take it home!


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