Orphaned By The Ocean by Teeth of The Sea

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Orphaned By The Ocean by Teeth of The Sea
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9/10 Brian 16 January 2009
Next up is a disc on Rocket from Teeth Of The Sea which has pricked our Brett's ears up with a "very Morricone'" comment and one from Brian "Like Earth crossed with Beirut". It's giving me mariachi vibes. I watched that Planet Terror movie last night. I pissed myself laughing... totally ridiculous but entertaining. Back to 'Orphaned By The Ocean' and what a gripping album it is. This avant-rock band have taken the sum of their influences to create what is like an imaginary super movie soundtrack full of lurking tension and blazing desert mirage. I'd say fans of recent Earth really should check this out. Over to you, Brett. Hey, thanks Ant.. Nice cravat you've got there, saw one just like it myself in the Tie Rack sale the other week. I'm supposed to beef up this review until it's 'album of the week'-worthy but Ant's used all the best words already, describing the ace Spaghetti Western trumpets and maelstrom-y doominess in a way I can only really add adjectives to. Here's some describing words: epic, controlled chaos, cosmic, super darkside, sandy, gringo hats. There's a bit of a Popol Vuh tip in there and Phil says it'll appeal to fans of bands like North Sea as well. I reckon it'd be the perfect soundtrack to the remake of Alejandro Jodorowsky's surrealist Western masterpiece El Topo, due to hit your screens some time in 2010 - starring Gary Busey as our quiet hero and ably directed by Ron Howard. Wicky wicky Wild Wild West.

6/10 Robin Jahdi

I was bored by Orphaned by the Ocean. It started off promisingly enough, and had moments later on where it seemed like it would come together. But overall, it was really unsatisfying. Like Isis or Pelican at their worst, the music meandered (with the 'bonus' of trumpet all over it), with little in the way of actual dynamic flow or build. Maybe they're good live, but this was just bland. They certainly don't stand up to any serous comparison with Earth. Or Mammatus, Across Tundras or Grails for that matter.And I'd rather listen to actual Morricone (Crime and Dissonance, for example), than some cod-metal band doing it...


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