88 Tapes by Christopher Bissonnette, Aus, Various

88 Tapes by Christopher Bissonnette, Aus, Various was available on CD but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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CD £7.99 kesh:008

CD edn of 500 on Keshhhhhh records inc loads of fun folks in nice ejector case.

Sold out.


  • 88 Tapes by Christopher Bissonnette, Aus, Various


88 Tapes by Christopher Bissonnette, Aus, Various
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8/10 Phil 08 January 2009
88 Tapes is a compilation CD on Keshhhhhh records. 14 tracks in total....and it comes in one of those fancy ejector case package jobs which I like mainly cos they double as weapons if you eject them hard enough. I remember going to the martial arts shops when I was a nipper and getting chinese throwing stars to lob at the garage. Them were the days... That shop is still open weirdly... I'm amazed it's not been shut down being I was barely old enough to dress myself.... Anyway this comp features the likes of Aus, Orla Wren (Expanding), Simon Scott (Televise), Sawako, Random Number, Christopher Bissonnette, Lawrence English, Ateleia, Akira Kosemura, Greg Davis and more. A strong line up I'm sure you'll agree. If you're into all things floaty and drifty, and if you like experimental electronics and ambience/ drone this is going to appeal to you. Some excellent tracks on here. I especially like the Ateleia and Christopher Bissonnette tracks. Well lovely. Heartily recommended!!

10/10 smithers 16th January 2009

I am a bugger for homemade limited editions so when this cd arrived with a splendid ejector case and a cool booklet i was a happy fella. The 14 tracks encompass ambient, electronica, drone, minimalism and glitch so this is A++++qulity item.

Sawako, aus and moskitoo have never sounded so good and Mark Templeton really shows what a brilliant artist he is turning into with an MBV wall of noise that crackles with laptop textures. All 14 tracks are superb and well crafted. Mastering by Taylor Deupree is a seal of quality too making this a brilliant purchase.

10/10 Headphone Commute

Keshhhhhh Recordings is based in Cambridge (England) and is run by Simon Scott (you should know him as the ex-drummer from the shoegaze band, Slowdive).I'm not exactly sure what Simon has in mind for the future of hislabel, but I must say, he's off to a pretty good start. First of all,he's got Taylor Deupree to master the entire compilation in his 12k studio.That alone should give you a pretty good idea about the intent here.And the roster of artists also tends to speak for itself. The eighteentrack collection of ambient vignettes and sound explorations allrevolve around a central theme. This theme less of a melodic structure,but rather a concept around a particular selection of recordingsrecorded by Simon Scott on an audio cassette back in 1988. On the linernotes of the release, Scott elaborates: 'In 1988 on another rainySaturday afternoon, whilst looking for sonic inspiration, I decided totake apart and re-assemble my stereo that had a quarter inch inputsocket as well as a turntable and tape player/recorder. The result wasa fantastic malfunctioning, stuttering and glitching piece of equipmentthat suddenly realized my ideas of creating new sound. I promptlypressed the record button and let rip on my electric guitar andpromised myself to write a song from the results one day. In 2008 thetape was rediscovered purely by chance in a house move and therediscovery of this TDK inspired me to contact a group of artists andcomposers who I feel are talented and relevant today. There was just asimple single track sent off via email to inspire them to compose apiece of work for this compilation if they had the urge. They did and Iam forever grateful to everyone involved in deconstructing the tapetrack and creating this album.' And what a spectacular group ofartists it is! The compilation opens up with an sound sparklinginterpretation by Yasuhiko Fukuzono as Aus flowing right into a beautiful vocals of Sanae Yamasaki, [aka Moskitoo - see her excellent album, Drape (12k, 2007)]. We then move into noisy guitar feedback and lo-fi acoustic glitch by Mark Templeton (see his numerous releases and appearances on Anticipate Recordings). The 12k roster continues to propagate this selection with contributions by Keiichi Sugimoto as Fourcolor, Sawako, and one of my favorites, Lawrence English. Besides above mentioned aus, a few more artists from the Japanese label, flau, show up later, like Orla Wren and John McCaffrey as Part Timer. Chicago based Kranky Records enters the circle of Scott's friends with a beautiful heavily reverberated breathy piece by Christopher Bissonnette. Further on a release we see his labelmate, Thomas Meluch contribute a track as Benoît Pioulard. We also see an appearance by Akira Kosemura, who previously secured a spot on Airport Symphony - Virtual Terminal, a free deigital companion edition to the Airport Symphony, compiled by the above mentioned prolific Lawrence English and released on Room40 in 2007. A third through the release, Simon Scott finally appears with his own interpretation. A sound artist and a label owner of and/OAR, Dale Lloydcontributes a sonic carpet of luscious frequencies, followed by aghost-like echoes of gated guitar and vocals by Matt Robson recordingas Random Number. Additional appearances include tracks by Greg Davis, Adam Pacione, Ateleia, and Hannu. An excellent roster, don't you think? Meanwhile, Simon Scott prepares for his upcoming solo debut, titled Navigare on none other than Miasmah recordings.


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