A Briefcase Full of Suspicion by The Truth About Frank

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Cool self-released CD.

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A Briefcase Full of Suspicion by The Truth About Frank
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9/10 Brian 08 January 2009
The Truth About Frank is a chap called Alan & his mysterious mate who i'm unacquainted with. They've a really interesting self released CDr called 'A Briefcase Full of Suspicion' that we've been caning. Beginning with atmospheric found sound collage and distorted vocal snippets on 'Muri desu Yo Sonzai', an insectoid pulse begins to wrap itself around the melee, disappearing down a Burroughs-esque tunnel of disorientation. Then yr landed squarely in the land of monged-out backward-masked electronic madness these boys enjoy. Influenced by the likes of Chrome & sounding like a modern kin of Tackhead, 'Each Time' is like psychedelic industrial electronica, trippy & sinister, embracing atonal noise whilst keeping a firm leash on the chaos. I love the manipulated vocal samples, they add a real menace to proceedings. 'You've Grown Insanity Hooks' is proper monged glitchy electronica, both strangely rhythmical & utterly absorbing in it's playful chaos. It transforms itself into a V/VM style distorta-thon half way through, digging up Bing Crosby's corpse and pissing liberally in his face. 'First Ask Charming Rat' is more mental hypnotic electroid headmusic. I'd not want to take mushrooms listening to this, i'd end up crawling up the opening of a tap to escape my head. Sober, however, it's pretty ace, well twatted off it's box like Drexciya stuck in a loop with a load of digital ghouls. 'Glass Hour Siren' engulfs you in some quality drifting atmospherics before spectre like voices mutter unintelligible things at you through a drainpipe, 'Asimienta' is another fantastic slice of reversed hyper techno, really hypnotic & fascinating. Finally 'Feeding The Demons' is aquatic dark ambience with a whole plethora of cyber insects massaging yr lugs. A really diverse and fascinating CD from some real enigmatic Yorkshire based folk.



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