Lion Hat by Unicorn Kid

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Lion Hat by Unicorn Kid
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4/10 Phil 29 January 2009
Unicorn Kid wins annoying record of the week award. Think Gatecrasher meets gameboy. Indie gameboy dance gone mental. It sounds like video game music..... it's commercial catchy electro gameboy pop which is irritating beyond belief (to me anyway). If I was a dayglo 14 year cyberkid I'd be shitting my pants with excitement but I'm not. I'm a miserable 38 year old who dreams of slaying dayglo 14 year old cyberkids with massive long shiny blades.

10/10 Rosie ( 5th March 2009

Unicorn Kid is definatly the highlight of my day.

His music makes me wanna dance and makes me smile.

We just don't care if a 38years old guy hates Lion Hat.

That's what..? One hater for 100 000fans?

Unicorn Kid is NOT a Crystal Castles' copy for sure.

Unicorn Kid is future and we love him.

10/10 steg 14th February 2009

Well I'm Yrs 35 old and I love it! Cant wait to hear more from the Unicorn Kid. A BIG thumbs up here

6/10 Ivanna 13th February 2009

Nothing I haven't heard before. As a matter of fact, it sounds like something I've listened many times already. An annoying Crystal Castles's copy.

8/10 Garry 10th February 2009

I think it's wrong to say that Unicorn Kid is at the forefront of chipmusic in general. First of all, Unicorn Kid does not use original gaming hardware, he uses VSTs. Having seen him live, he is a very entertaining act with a few good songs, but please don't confuse having a single out as being at the top of chiptune. This guy doesn't come close to artists like Anamanaguchi, Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, Firebrand Boy, Falco Lombardi, PDF Format and the countless others that deserve your attention. All in all, this is a great start to anyone interested in this type of music, but he is by no means the master.

If you like lovely textured arpeggio filled pop you can dance to, this is for you.

10/10 Gordie 6th February 2009

In the forefront of today's modern chiptune scene, in my opinion, Unicorn kid is a pioneer and a champion- with beats fresher than any american hip hop scenester can whip and catchy gameboy blips Unicorn Kid sears dancer's hearts and puts a head bopping POP into your step. Sure, some miserable 38 year olds wouldn't like this music- but then again a miserable 38 year old would probably only like Morrisey and anything even touched by Robert Smith. Unicorn Kid- shine on, lyricless wonder. Shine on!

10/10 Caitlin Reilly 3rd February 2009

Unicord Kid brings a new era of chiptune with extremely catchy and upbeat songs. Lion Hat is sure to brighten your day, anyday.

10/10 Nikolas Syrimis

I personally found this CD was a great thing to listen to in the early hours of the morning; bouncing around up and down, almost burning your head with straightners and stuff =] I'd go and see Unicorn Kid as much as I can thanks to this CD.


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