Triage by Dj Olive

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CD £8.99 RM429

CD on Room 40 feat Fennesz and David Watson.

Sold out.



Triage by Dj Olive
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8/10 Brian 29 October 2008
DJ Olive. I always thought he was a trance DJ but it looks like he's more au fait with these crackle & glitch superstars like Fennesz, a man more famed for his clicks & cuts ambience & sound art chin strokery than any megaton floor burning rave explosion happening in yo area. Olive's new CD is called 'Triage' on the esteemed Room 40 blah blah you know all about that. It's one long track, knocking on an hour and has an ominous gliding grace about it, like a leaden drone spectre omming around yr house in a bit of a foul mood because the ghost club had run out of spook & cress sandwiches and had resorted to flogging stale spider tartlets, home baked by Big Bob Smith from The Cure. About 8 minutes in and the mood lifts slightly, eerie ambient textures entering the equation like someones opened the big oak door to go out for a fag in the misty evening, all manner of electronic chirrups erupting quietly in the sonic graveyard whilst what sounds like a muted trumpet quietly enters stage left for a wistful parping session in the distance. So that's the first 15 minutes and to be quite frank, it's pretty lovely beddy-byes stuff with a dark edge, waves of slightly unsettling drone to creep you out as you're falling into a blissful netherworld full of harmless shady woodland insects, fluttering about in their digital domain. Really good stuff.


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