Originally released in a tin box on Dead Pilot in 2008 our very own imprint Public House Recordings have now given this stellar ambient/post rock/drone/electronica lost classic a brand new vinyl lease of life. Stretched out ambient music with a collage-y feel, like the best bits of Stars of the Lid, Loscil and Tim Hecker all rolled into one. Very limited (to 250) vinyl in reverse board sleeve.  

Vinyl LP £13.99 COMMONROOM14

LP on Public House Recordings. Edition of 250 copies in reverse board sleeve.

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CD £9.99 DPRCD05

Reissue CD of aceness on Dead Pilot. 2 disc set includes bonus disc of mixes.

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CD £6.99 DEAD009

CD in metal tin edn of 100 on Dead Pilot.

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Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement by Ekca Liena
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9/10 Robin 25 October 2016

From the wonderful Dead Pilot to our work dad’s very own Public House Recordings, this Ecka Liena record has officially lived a long and wonderful life. And so it should have: ‘Slow Music for Rapid Eye Movement’ is Daniel W J Mackenzie’s best moment, full of beautiful sound moss that grows from loop roots into emergent fog drones and post-rock kiss offs. Sometimes it rises and rises ‘til earth feels like nothing but a speck, while at other times gorgeously spectral motifs play on long into the night because they’re just that beautiful. True.

I don’t want to get too deep for everyone but… isn’t it just really great when you hear a guitar on a drone record? Like: you’re listening to a tune just absolutely shimmer from behind the aural equivalent of a puffed out smoke machine, and suddenly a picking pattern emerges, and it feels like you’re actually listening to a person. It might be the loveliest thing about a track like “Post Attitude”, which is processed from a Fennesz-level air travel drone into a piece of warped melodies, be they on instruments or through fucked up electronics.

Of course, that’s just what Mackenzie does: he makes stretched out ambient music as if it were medley, as if he were the best at collage, as if he had a really incredible PowerPoint presentation to give. “Reverse Erasing” offers what sounds like glitching field recordings, as if we were getting percussion out of someone walking on a damp floor, before the track develops around a gorgeous, looped piano melody and the string swells it deserves. It’s the record’s best moment, showing off just how rewarding it is to listen to process: we hear the long, ambling way this track’s been created as it happens.

“Missing Wheels” shows the other side of Mackenzie well, the version of him that styles ambient music after haughty Russian novels: it’s long and stark before reaching its serenity, but unlocking that achievement is half the beauty of the track. Couple these slow-burners with the twinkling, music box aesthetic of the record and you’ve got something of a fantasy drone record, as if someone were sprinkling fairy dust over a dark, lonely night.

It's limited to a total 250 copies, so don't fuck about: this record's a big beautiful void full of small beautiful things.

9/10 Phil 11 July 2011

**ORIGINAL REVIEW FROM 2008!!*** Ekca Liena is another new name to me. It's another of those releases on the Dead Pilot label and this one is limited to 100 copies in a metal tin. We all thought it looked well swish as the metal tin has a sort of large port hole in the middle of it for the artwork to poke through into your eyes. It's called 'Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement' and it struck me on first listen as pretty smart. Ambient, post rock, drone and electronica all mixed up into a pot and all connected together very melodically.

I hear a lot of music and what struck me about this was they really have a fine ear for melody as it sounds really well composed and put together. There's a lot of people making music like this now but this sits head and shoulders above almost all of it due to the simple fact this guy is clearly really talented. I'll be gutted now if his next record is shite..... Bits of Tim Hecker in some of the tracks, that warm fuzzy thing he does so well is here 'n all..... some Eno as well.... some Stars of The Lid, hints of more recent Murcof and possibly quite a bit of Global Communication. It's simply gorgeous with more warmth, depth and soul in a record than I've heard for a long long time. Fans of drone and melodic electronica will simply adore this I reckon. I think there's gonna be some special records coming from this guy. Well lovely. Phil x



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