The Goat by Sabazius

Packaged in slimline black mini DVD style case, which warp around artwork by the brilliant FRENCH. Edition of 52, hand numbered.

Sabazius is a brilliant 2 man Drone/Doom Metal outfit from Brighton, described as "Electric Wizard on valium at times, they also succeed in making most Funeral Doom bands sound like Pig Destroyer in comparison. 

CD single £3.49 DEAD014

CD on Dead Pilot edn of 52.

Sold out.



The Goat by Sabazius
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8/10 Brett 23 October 2008
Goats are great! Once I squirted a cow in the face with some water thinking it would be funny but it looked really upset afterwards so I don't like cows but I do like goats because they're like satan and that. Sabazius probably wear badly faded jeans that haven't seen the inside of their mums washing machines for years and XXXL Black Sabbath T-shirts that stink of dirty resin ash they spilled when an Electric Wizard track kicked in and they thought it was was the feds bulldozing their hovel down. It drones, it dooms, it does a pretty good job of it really! 'The Goat' is in a nice space-saving slimline 3" CD case thingy so you can fit thousands of them in your house. On Dead Pilot Records, like that well scary bit in The Lord of the Flies (except that pilot was still alive). Funny when the chubster gets that rock chucked on him innit?


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