The Versailles Sessions by Murcof

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The Versailles Sessions by Murcof
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9/10 Phil 06 November 2008
Murcof has a brand new album out. The mexican wonder is back with a stunning opus called 'The Versailles Sessions'. Here you have 6 brand new Murcof tracks composed for Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes which is a festival of light,sound and water at the Chateau De Versailles in France. Hence the title.... Yup everything has a reason and a place and if you think something can't be pigeonholed or explained then you've not told me about it. I am the lord of both pigeons and holes. This is a far cry from the early dubby techno of Murcof. Here the music is constructed with 17th Century Baroque instruments including such delights as the harpsichord, viola de gamba (which sounds like a nice prawn dish), the flute and violin. OK this is dark. This is well dark. If the last album was Murcof going to evil sunday school then this new album is him doing a big service at the grandmasters evil church while he's using satan as his stool. In places it's not a million miles away from Sunn O))) and that sort of doom laden fun. Though given the fact it's made with baroque instruments it does have that old regency feel about it. It has elements of light and beauty in there but overall it's a haunting and foreboding album which will shit you up if you sit on your own in a darkened room with it on turned upto 11. On first listen I didn't know what to make of it but fully immersed in my 3rd listen it's making loads more sense and I'm starting to think it's a brilliant record. It's not an easy listen by any stretch of the means but stick with it and you'll discover the riches within this wonderfully produced record! Smashing!

10/10 Richard Pievaitis 16th December 2008

hi there ,my first review here on Norman records,having done many on Amazon,i noticed that no one had said how wonderful this latest album by Murcof is.

i have all the other albums and with each there has been a definite line of obvious progression .from the very linear minimalist bleeps,clicks and elements of piano on the first album to this full blown commission for the versailles garden fountain.

i bet listening to this "in situ" with the actual fountain  working, on a moonlit night, would be quite incredible.

down to the music ,well this is actually very musical in nature.this does have a few of the trademark "bleeps and clicks" BUT the use of real baroque instrumentation with  female soprano voice is wonderful

.imho this works best on track 3 which is quite pagan and organic and best when played loud.

if you like bass communion or vidna obmana then this is for you,this album is not quite as dark as the last 2 albums but THAT IS NOT A BAD THING.

in fact ,out of all of the murco releases this is my favourite,currently,but this does change on a weekly basis ,i suppose it depends on the mood you are in.

 as an actual composition this is very strong on the musicality.MY SUGGESTION - buy it and see !



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