Just A Souvenir by Squarepusher

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Just A Souvenir by Squarepusher
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8/10 Brett 23 October 2008
I'll get this out of the way before we even start: I seem to be the only one in here who can tolerate the new Squarepusher record. Everyone else just keeps laughing in ways either embarrassed or bemused, although Brian does concede that parts of it are 'tremendous fun'. I'd have to agree with him there, at times it's like travelling from space on a rainbow slide made of Yes records into a giant, happy mosh pit full of anthropomorphised gobstoppers. It's his most straightforwardly 'acoustic' album since Music is Rotted One Note and although it's always going to retain a (very) heavy jazz influence, rock and funk really come to the fore here. The clues are there in the song titles - I'd have to assume 'Star Time 2' is a James Brown reference and 'Delta V' should explain itself - but the constant stomping of his distortion pedal and the fact that many of the songs follow classic forms really confirm it. 'A Real Woman' is a punk song in every possible way barring the instumentation and the aforementioned 'Delta V', rather than being a post-punk clatterer as you might expect, ends up sounding like Hella gone speed metal. In fact I'm constantly reminded of Hella throughout.. Hella covered in cheddar and stilton, because this album's carting some serious cheese. In that respect it really reminds me of the fake 80s disco sheen of something like Daft Punk's Discovery. It's blatantly obvious he's having a whale of a time doing these tunes and although many of them are undoubtedly incredibly numptyish and over-twiddly I do find it all pretty infectious. There's a long, demented spiel he wrote about his inspiration for the album (including giant coathangers) that I'd recommend reading to give you an idea of whether or not this type of larking about will be for you or not.. On LP (with big poster) and CD from the folks at Warpppppppp.



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