Glory Hope Mountain by The Acorn

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Glory Hope Mountain by The Acorn
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8/10 Brett 09 October 2008
You know, I think I've heard this Acorn album at least a thousand times in the last couple of weeks. I'm fucking sick of hearing about bloody rivers and valleys. Just leave me alone to die! It's pretty much Americananana-ish folk filtered through the cross-pond indie trends of the past few years.. The vocals in particular remind me of those Broken Social Scene people and all that sort of thing.. I'm desperately trying to be objective about it now. It's obviously good, the 'songcraft' and 'musicianship' (Brett loses 10 Punk Points) is very definitely there and if this is your sort of thing I can see you falling in love with it quite easily. That's the theme of the bloody week for me, 'if it's your sort of thing'. Glory Hope Mountain is out on Bella Union.

9/10 Eggwood 12th February 2016

I can't claim to know much about the new wave of American folk, but I do know that this is a fantastic album. Judging by the songs themes, it would seem that it is some sort of concept album, but I honestly couldn't tell you what the concept was. Songs like "the Flood" suggest it is possibly about some Noahesque disaster involving a large quantity of water, but I don't really know. But do you really care about what the concept is? I mean, is anybody actually able to decipher what any concept album is actually about? From my experience they all seem to be about giant mechanical armadillos, dark futures where man is enslaved by space chinchillas, magical fairylands populated by pot smoking mythical creatures or just doing an album about one of the band member's fucked up childhood because the rest of the band can't thing of any good ideas. You don't really have to know what the hell they are on about, and you don't have to care how deep and meaningful (or pompous) the music is. If the tunes are good that's all that matters, right? But I digress. Hope and Glory Mountain is one of those albums that grows on you the more that you listen to it. It is a beautiful album, full of unusual time signatures (Crooked Legs), nice grooves (The Flood part 1), organic loops (Low Gravity), well crafted songs (Oh Napoleon) and some lovely mellow moments (Sister Margaret). Best of all is the wonderful final track, "Lulaby" with the vocals provided by guest singer Casey Mecija - that track is gorgeous, sweet and gentle and kinda makes you feel as if you are being rocked to sleep. If mellow indie-tinged modern folk is your kind of thing, then you can't really go wrong with this album. It's a winner.


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