Pink Sabbath by Dananananaykroyd

Pink Sabbath by Dananananaykroyd was available on Vinyl 7" but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl 7" £2.99 BBRVS022

7" on Best Before.

Sold out.



Pink Sabbath by Dananananaykroyd
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9/10 Brett 03 October 2008
The spellcheck defying Dananananaykroyd are back again with another single on 7". 'Pink Sabbath' comes sleeved-up in excellent style with a comical drawing of a metal man rocking some devil horns.. Looks like every day is Donnington 'round his. This fantastic single has definite shades of the mighty Drive Like Jehu, not something I'd say lightly! Mostly it's in the guitar sound, the way it cuts though like a laser beam on the verses.. No mean feat at all when the overall sound is so meaty and satisfying.. And the screamy chorus will give you a right good battering! The Jehu comparison's probably not that surprising since some of their earlier stuff really reminded me of Hot Snakes, I'd be surprised if they're not fans of John Reis' stuff. They've come on leaps and bounds since that Sissy Hits mini-album and that was pretty bloody good in itself. We're reminded of all sorts of classic US post-hardcore stuff but somehow this never sounds like a tribute, neither do they sound like they're doing cringeworthy Yank impressions, a trap so many fall into.. On the B-side we've got 'Chrome Rainbow' which twists and turns in a variety of unexpected ways, you never quite know where it's going next which is a rarity these days when you know what most rocking stuff is going to be like before you even put it on, intentions telegraphed from miles away.. This lot are blatantly going places and this is proper rollicking stuff!


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