Doomsdayer’s Holiday by Grails

Wow. There's a lot going on in that album art. Anyway, 'Doomsdayer’s Holiday' is an album packed full of smokey psychedelic atmosphere and riffs which could ascend as high as mountains. Grails were inspired by weirdo noir films, cosmic jazz, psych folk and Middle Eastern mysticism for this masterwork. They also recruited members and collaborators of Sunn O))), Sun City Girls, Earth and Faust for this one. 

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Doomsdayer’s Holiday by Grails
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6/10 Phil 08 October 2008
Grails I've never really got. Try as I might I just find the music a bit too hoary, stonery and proggy for my tastes. And here's their brand new album Doomsdayer's Holiday on Temporary Residence! It's well proggy.... the production I like though and there's some nice bits in it. Clearly a bunch of talented folk here and the homage to John Barry on track 3 (The Natural Man) is the best thing I've heard by 'em. It's well spy with that plinky harpsichord sound.... though lurking in the background is some meandering and seemingly un necessary guitar feedback. Though I will say I do like that song a lot. I'm sure if I was enormously stoned then this would make a lot more sense to me but as I've just worked 11 hours, had a shit day, not eaten and all I can think of is going to bed it's got no chance whatsoever. Though being stoned and listening to this is more appealing right now than most things I can think of doing so maybe that's what I should be doing? Cock knows....I'm sure it's their hundredth album this year? Well maybe not that many but how many albums have they done? Hey they don't half knock 'em out.



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