Handmade In The Monasteries Of Nepal/ Eloise by Ergo Phizmiz

Handmade In The Monasteries Of Nepal/ Eloise by Ergo Phizmiz was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £14.99 GR2021

Ace ltd LP on Gagarin.

Sold out.



Handmade In The Monasteries Of Nepal/ Eloise by Ergo Phizmiz
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9/10 Ant 07 August 2008
Born entertainer, multi-artist and man exploding with creativity, Ergo Phizmiz is the only artist I've ever known to release a split LP with himself which is fitting as his music is totally schizoid. 'Hand Made In The Monasteries Of Nepal' is the first side of the LP and 'Ladies And Gentlemen' is a mighty opener with its slow, heavy filthy beat and reverbed whistling with lyrics taken from various magazines, newspapers, pop songs and randomly selected books. He uses his mouth (and some blue trousers) here to create layers of beats, harmonies and melodies to stunning effect. An incredibly rich and often dense sound is achieved. He busts out his beat-box skills and I bet Rahzel will be shitting his pants when he clocks this. Occasionally I'm reminded of Bogdan Raczynsci's more tender moments. Half way into this side and you find yourself smiling at the sheer joy of the sounds and quality of the songwriting and the smart way it straddles and bridges pop with the avant garde, the absurd with accessible. 'Mr & Mrs Smith' has an incredible bassline that genuinely sounds like a double bass but came from his gob. 'My Magic Trousers' is a tale of a pair of trousers handed down to him by his uncle and are apparently 'made from a very fine quality material'. Complete with scratching you'll be hard pushed to find a more entertaining "hip-hop" cut. There are a few moments reminiscent of recent Tom Waits who I know has been an influence on him.

'Eloise My Dolly' is a right old swinging party of crazy twanging and animal sounds, clattering eccentric percussion, sounds of toys playing scrabble with cuckoos. 'Construction Of The Speech Mechanism' has an ace cut up female vocal with breezy guitar and off kilter rhythms. More music about frogs, little blue piggy's, sounds of music boxes being wound up, crackers spoken word pieces and all manner of lunacy make this an album that demands your attention. With his last solo album 'Nose Points' receiving our album of the week on its release he's the only artist to win the prize twice. Surely a testament to the good mans genius. This limited edition LP both looks and sounds fantastic and is out on Felix Kubin's excellent label Gagarin Records.

10/10 Conrad Slater

I discovered Ergo from listening to the WFMU podcasts; I especially enjoyed his Codpaste series with People Like Us. This is the first album of his I've bought so to get it on vinyl is a really treat.Eloise my Dolly was played on a three hour podcast special in 2007 and I was a instant fan. It has an epic quality, obsessional and yet also quaint. The diary style monologues of the seedy inventor or beautifully silly and the whole thing runs along like a demented clockwork toy.Handmade is far more 'safe' and enjoyable, suitable for playing whilst painting or sewing.


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