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Ltd numbered CDr in handmade packaging on Winning Sperm Party.

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Plaaydoh by Plaaydoh
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9/10 Brian 30 July 2008
Went out to see one of Brett's mates dressing up as a retarded sailor/drummer in his, frankly, alarming band the other week & had to leave for a fag after 2 songs because it was really distressing me! I thought "i wish i'd stayed in" by 10pm but thought i'd grab 5 mins with headliners Plaaydoh (no me neither re: the extra A) and this Glaswegian band really touched me with their flailing wall of bent scrawly noise & dinky melodies. They had a wee lass on keyboards who intermittently sang and shouted depending on the intensity of the song, a tight yet loose drummer (yes, what a fucking oxymoron) and even the bass player was pretty tops at his job! Together they hammered out some dinky punky tunes that totally thrilled my little indie-tastic head & made me glad I'd stayed, like REALLY glad. Some of the tunes are here on this great little 5 track S/T CD EP they've released, my favourite being the beautiful post-Factory closer 'Domino' which is worth the price alone. The other tracks are guitar-y DIY, shouty, discordant & scratchy, kinda like a primal Help She Can't Swim kinda thing but there's definitely something of their own in there. Like most bands just starting out, their recorded output doesn't quite live up to their fleshy live sound so I'd totally implore you to check them live in yr locale if you don't wanna invest in this cool little demo but you'd be missing these great embryonic recordings of a band I hope go onto great things!!


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