The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate by Transllusion

Detroit. Techno. Electro. Classic. All words that you could string together to form a coherent sentence and adequately describe this record; and nobody, I mean NO-BODY would blame you. James Stinson, with his musical partner Gerald Donald, made starkly beautiful and uncompromising music as Drexciya; and here Stinson was, on his own, crafting his own electronic masterpiece... 'The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate' by Transllusion was completed nearly 20 years ago as I write this; Stinson has since made the journey home to his underwater lair. We all originated in the oceans, of course, and this is a record which will bubble on forever, alongside the rest of the Drexciyan legacy. On Tresor.


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The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate by Transllusion
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9/10 Brian 01 August 2008
It's fucking hard to categorize Drexciya (& their many fantastic offshoots)! I say bloody just as well cos as a guy that has to do reviews every week, i'm bloody sick of trying! The finest tunes have their own agenda, away from idiots with little boxes. Ok, if I were to put them in a box it'd be a big thick waterproof laminated one with a thriving eco system & a shit hot nightclub. Called Drexciyan Nights. Transllusion was a nom de plume James Stinson opted for on a tiny handful of releases but never mind the bollocks, here's the aquatic waves of stunning electro-techno you all yearn for. If you, like me, were slightly underwhelmed by L.I.F.E on Rephlex you may get a fuller picture of the fantastically warped braindance on offer inside the walls of 'The Opening of the Cerebral Gate', never a more apt title. 12 tracks of melodic, random, hypnotic aquatic electronica for heads & floors (and maybe ceilings) but the stars are being aimed at here. That crass IDM moniker that many artists get lumbered with don't apply here. This is music for anyone with a bit of itchy funk in their bones, surpassing ambient, swallowing metronomic electro & sometimes employing a banging analogue 4/4 techno thud but sounding as vital, fresh & delightful as ever. The sad fact is, this wonderful visionary soul is no longer physically with us but musically, he's tons more awake & jiving than 95% of those chancers currently shoving their half baked goods in our faces! Re-issue CD only on Supremat. Dare I say it? ESSENTIAL! ;0)



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