Heaviness by Heaviness

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CD £11.49 QRCP-61

Japanese CD on Quince.

Sold out.



Heaviness by Heaviness
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8/10 Phil 17 July 2008
In this week are a bunch of CDs from the Quince label which is a long long way away in Japan. Not a long way if you live in Japan perhaps (unless you live at the other side from where the label is based) but a long way from here, un-sunny credit crunched England with it's cash strapped pauper public and expensive buses. First Leeds (our bus service) have put their prices up 8% this week.... this is the 2nd big increase this year and they're trying to drive people out of their cars eh? It's cheaper for me to drive to work now. Bunch of cunts the lot of 'em. Anyhoo onto Heaviness on the Quince label. They do the whole shoegaze thing rather well and it all sounds very Creation records circa 1989. Think My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Slowdive all mixed up together in a big pot and it would come out something like this. It's done reasonably well and if you're into shoegazey pie then this will be up your chubby (kirsty) alley. I like it as it makes me feel like a teenager again. Anything that makes me feel young, stupid and forget that I'm old and riddled with problems has to be a good thing.

10/10 Ernest Rutherford

What is there to say! Ecstatic! The least! Music and revelation contained in beautiful electrical clouds of distortion!! Couldn´t be better! Love!!


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