London Zoo by The Bug

Kevin Martin has been involved in a few projects in his time. Let's see...there's Techno Animal, God and King Midas Sound to name but three. But perhaps when the dust settles he'll be best remembered for The Bug  - his schizoid bass bin ruining distorto dancehall project. London Zoo is a menacing triple album which will make you dance like an idiot whilst fearing for your ears at the same time.    

Vinyl Triple LP £27.99 ZEN132

3LP on Ninja Tune.

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CD on Ninja Tune.

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London Zoo by The Bug
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9/10 Brian 03 July 2008

Funny. Not only Leila comes back to top my Summer then my fave bassbin basher Kevin Martin muscles in on the Dangerous Brian appeasing act (an act brought in by my beleaguered gaffer who really could do without me stamping round the office shouting obscenities every day!)

Yes, welcome to The Bug's London Zoo, the gates have been semtexed and all the animals have escaped. Some of them have been rounded up by ol' Kev to splatter his pelvis destroying dub ragga/dancehall nuggets with some real fine MCing. I'm convinced that without this man, entire sub-genres of electronic mayhem wouldn't even have been conceived. He doesn't pull all the stops out though. He likes to keep the flow as master of his particular jungle. Every track is layered with that quietly apocalyptic menace of his, whilst being infused with enough soul & groove to make you grin like a freed lunatic.

All his last 3 singles are featured here and fit in very nicely indeed amongst new cuts featuring Ricky Ranking, Space Ape (I think Kode 9 is currently tied up in the broom cupboard) Roger Robinson & Reggae legend Tippa Irie as well as new cohort Flowdan and the indispensable Warrior Queen who adds a gyrating feline touch to these rhythmic bruisers. If you liked (nee LOVED) 'Pressure' then this is a cautious step forward without any dilution of the essence that makes this man's music so bloody amazing.

Both Ant & I follow his progress with the gleeful enthusiasm of randy boys trapped in a girls locker room and we're always totally right about everything so follow our gaze and stick this (and Leila) in yr July shopping cart. Otherwise you're a silly Billy!

3xLP/CD on Ninja Choonz.

9/10 Robert Customer rating (no review), 3rd April 2018


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