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Here are all the new releases that have taken the Norman Records office by storm in the past few months. Want even more music news and opinion? Read our in-house staff reviews for honest opinions, grab our regular updates or browse our feature articles for even more.

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Sinking Into A Miracle

Amor are a Glasgow-based dance outfit. Their eclectic line-up bleeds eclecticism into their music, however. The band consist of avant-garde musician Richard Youngs, Turner Prize nominee Luke Fowler, Paul Thompson who played drums with Franz Ferdinand and Norwegian minimalist composer Michael Francis Duch. Their debut album, Sinking Into A Miracle, was recorded at Chem 19 in Glasgow, the place where all those Delgados and Arab Strap records were made and produced by Paul Savage and Richard McMaster of Golden Teacher. LP and CD on Night School.
  • Vinyl LP (LSSN066X)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (LSSN066)
  • CD (LSSN066CD)

East Village
Cubans In The Bluefields

One of the great forgotten bands of the ‘80s indie scene, East Village, were formed by Buckinghamshire brothers Martin and Paul Kelly. Cubans In The Bluefields was their debut EP. The standout track of the three on offer is Strawberry Window, one of the most perfect slices of indie jangle pop you’ll ever hear. Blue coloured vinyl 7”, limited to 500 copies on Optic Nerve.
  • Vinyl 7" (ON3)

Steve Gunn
The Unseen In Between

Guitar aces are always photographed with their guitar cases aren't they? Check the sleeve of this latest record by immersive psychedelic player and vocalist Steve Gunn. Touching his guitar case as if headin' off to the next two bit town that will appreciate his playin'. But Gunn is a lot more than just a folky guitar guy, and here he produces what is promised to be his most complex and emotional album yet, turning his thoughts inward to reflect on his own internal thought patterns.     
  • Vinyl LP (OLE13091)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • CD (OLE13092)


‘Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’ is the most realised release yet from Scottish electronic artist Sophie. Those of us slightly wary of what initially seemed like an irony heavy take on pop have had such concerns demolished. What we have here is maximalist, experimental pop full of garbled hooks and great metallic thwacks. The LP is pressed on red vinyl and released via the label Transgressive.
  • Vinyl LP (TRANS368X)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

Christoph de Babalon
Hectic Shakes

Christoph de Babalon joins the excellent Alter label for an EP of dark and doomy experiments in breakbeats and drum and bass. Babalon's long been canonised for the brilliant If You're Into It, I'm Out of It and here proves that his mix of unsettling ambience and lethal drum patterns is just as potent as ever.
  • Vinyl 12" (ALT44)

Sarah Louise
Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars

Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars is the latest Sarah Louise's forays to the limits of solo guitar playing. She has always used her virtuosity to create unsettling folk instrumentals and this album is no different. This time however she does a bit of digital manipulation to push even further and harder than before. Unique and terrifying. On Thrill Jockey.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL483LP)
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL483LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (THRILL483CD)

Zimiamvian Night
Zimiamvian Night 3

Third part of Mike Bennett's Zimiamvian Night project. A collection of extremely long form ambient music, the total running length lying north of the 100 minute mark. Can be played quietly for a more authentic ambient experience, or loudly to get up close and personal to the combination of field recordings, acoustic noise, and piano. On Infraction.
  • CD (INFX 054)
  • In stock and ready to ship

The Silver Field

Nice new thing on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis (Richard Youngs, Daniel O’Sullivan) here. The Silver Field is the project of one Coral Rose and the various instruments/bits of recording equipment that she’s collected down the years. On Rooms, Rose spools out a brand of dreamy, pastoral post-punk pitched somewhere between Durutti Column and Panda Bear. She’s got a beautiful voice too - it wouldn’t be a stretch to say she sounds like Joni Mitchell.
  • Vinyl LP (OGEN80LP)


Hama is a Nigerian-based composer and this record genuinely sounds pretty fun. Apparently a mix of 90's synth-pop and 'traditional electronic desert folk', what couldn't be to love? I wasn't even aware that contemporary electronic desert folk was a thing, let alone traditional - we live and we learn. Houmeissa is available on Vinyl LP and CD, and released on Sahel Sounds. 
  • Vinyl LP (SS049LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • CD (SS049CD)

The Twilight Sad

A few years ago it seemed like the Twilight Sad had had their day. Despite releasing a string of brilliant records they hadn't really crossed over to the success they deserved. Yet all of a sudden here they are with what could be the biggest album of their career. They've used the opportunity to make some pretty wild punctuation experiments and are very fond of the forward slash. Hopefully this will help their mopey Scottish noise pop get an audience amongst the hoards of people who have seen them support the likes of the Cure and Editors.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (ROCKACT116LPX)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl Double LP (ROCKACT116LP)

Cocoon Crush

To the great concern of caterpillars everywhere, brainy Berlin DJ and producer Objekt is back at the Deconstruct-A-Club Workshop with another LP for brainy Berlin label PAN. Cocoon Crush is as immaculate as its predecessor Flatland, but contrasts in being much more focused on manipulating recordings (of all sorts of stuff) into organic textures, rather than synthesising material from scratch.
  • Vinyl Double LP (PAN97)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Sharon Van Etten
Remind Me Tomorrow

Remind Me Tomorrow is the first album in four years by Sharon Van Etten. Despite not making any solo albums in that time she’s been rather busy having a baby, gaining psychology qualifications, working with David Lynch and writing a score for the movie, Strange Weather. All this action has lead to her making a more upbeat album. Produced and arranged by John Congleton. LP or CD on Jagjaguwar.
  • Vinyl LP (JAG331LP-C5)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • CD (JAG331CD)

The Sight Below
Glider 10

In 2008, The Sight Below's Rafael Anton Irisarri had the extremely good idea of creating a dub techno album using shoegaze guitars. The result is Glider, an album of such ethereal and intense atmosphere that you could easily find yourself dissolving. Reissued for its 10th anniversary by the very apt Ghostly.
  • Vinyl LP (GI124LPR)

Metal Cell Meditations

How often do we really take the time to ponder the universe and its infinite meaninglessness? Dave Burraston, also known as Noyzelab/Dave Noyze, invites us to sit down and do just that. The Metal Cell Meditations comes on 3 CD-R with different cuts of the same crushing saw-tooth synthesizer drone, so you can use it for both your 3-minute morning meditation and your ayahuasca ceremony.
  • In stock and ready to ship

Silent Servant
Shadows of Death and Desire

Shadow Of Death And Desire is Juan Mendez's second as Silent Servant. The Los Angeles based musician is incredibly prolific, working also as Sandwell District and having been involved with Tropic of Cancer. Here he turns the Silent Servant project nastier than it's ever been, going all in for an a album of dark and remorseless EBM.
  • Tape (HOS-613MC)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Bloody Head
Freedom​ / ​Mobility ​/ ​Speed

  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Kane Software

Kane Software’s resident saxophonist and Don’t Drone Alone’s resident pen-pusher is a certain Robin Smith former dogsbody for Norman Records™  - writer of about a billion of these blurbs over the years.  Robin - and your fellow partner-in-Kane Matthew, for that matter - I’m not gonna give it to you how you want. No, I’m not. I’m not gonna spend the whole description referring to your band as Harry Kane Software or wondering why it doesn't sound like Travis. You see, this cassette, full of screeching drones and ghoulish digital meltdowns, is very good value at £4.99. However, we think they have missed a trick at not pricing it at £6.66.
  • Tape (dda006)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Prefab Sprout
I Trawl The Megahertz

I Trawl The Megahertz was originally released as a solo album by Prefab Sprout's  Paddy McAloon in 2003 but was pretty much ignored by everyone apart from us Sprout obsessives. Shame because it is a incredible work...the album is largely instrumental and spoken word, featuring some his most experimental work, such as the 22 minute title track and one track that, according to McAloon, sounds like a depressed Van McCoy. Now that it won't do the brand too much harm, it is now being issued as a Prefab Sprout album. 2LP (featuring an etched side) and CD on Sony.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985411061)
  • CD (88985411062)

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
The Recounting Of Night Time

  • CD (ADM022)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Vymethoxy Redspiders
Perspectives from the Silverspore Expanse

  • Vinyl 7" (Lexi 022)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Rhizomatic Gaze

  • Vinyl Double LP (LPDRR00033)

Queen of Golden Dogs

Where Punish, Honey had Vessel twisting the sounds of 90s rave music into strange and brutal shapes, on Queen of Golden Dogs he's turned his sights to chamber music. To create its uncompromising mixture of mashed up cellos, violins, and pianos, Vessel spend 18 months alone in Wales where he was able to explore the whole gamut of human emotion. 
  • Vinyl LP (TRI046LP-C1)
  • Coloured vinyl

The Pyre: Versions Distilled To Stereo

  • Vinyl LP (SP089LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Heavy The Eclipse

Clouds return to Electric Deluxe (J. K. Flesh, Terence Fixmer) with new LP Heavy The Eclipse. Ever the lateral thinkers, here the Scottish duo construct an intriguing sci-fi backstory to bolster their forays into various hard club styles. It makes the raging confluence of techno, industrial, sound design and hardcore here even more interesting when you understand that it’s meant to be the soundtrack to a dystopian Glasgow 400 years from now. Good stuff.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (EDLX056LP)


Would it surprise you to learn that Elektroworld by Elecktroids is electro? I hope not. The long sought after 1995 album has now been reissued on Clone Classic Cuts after decades in the Discogs wastes. Supposedly the work of Drexciya's Gerald Donald and James Stinson, this is an album of Kraftwerk inspired electro that is always assuredly Detroit.
  • Vinyl Double LP (CCC 035LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • CD (CCC 035CD)

Fall Therapy
You Look Different

According to his biography on the n5MD website, Eymeric Amselem produces ‘nostalgia electronica’. What that means is that his work as Fall Therapy combines various club styles - by turns house, techno and UK Garage - with the sort of stargazing instrumental licks that one finds cropping up on records by the likes of Maribou State and Nathan Fake. You Look Different is Fall Therapy’s debut LP.
  • CD (MD271)


British post-rocker yellow6 (Jon Attwood) gets into the festive spirit with merry6mas2018. Usually with Christmas albums you get at least some nod to the holidays. Not merry6mas2018. In fact, this LP is wholly comprised of offcuts from November’s 20th anniversary mega-album REFLECT. Mind you, the Jonny Greenwood-aping guitar instrumentals here are pretty enough to bring a certain brand of Xmas cheer to the table. Who's for eggnog?
  • CD
  • In stock and ready to ship


  • Vinyl LP (RAVENYZLP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Various (Caterina Barbieri, Space Afrika, Nkisi, Mannerfelt, Mumdance & Logos)
Shared Meanings

Here we have a 12” sampler featuring highlights from the huge Shared Meaning mix by Mumdance. It features tracks by Mumdance & Logos, Peder Mannerfelt, Kinega, Space Africa and Caterina Barbieri. The music ranges from Chicago house to Congolese techno to absorbing ambience. 5-track EP on Shared Meanings.
  • Vinyl 12" (Shared001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Bone Head
Soft Power

  • Vinyl 12" (ARC15)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The Doubtful Guest
Voyage To Blacklantis

  • Vinyl 12" (ARC10)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Oneohtrix Point Never
Love In The Time Of Lexapro

What if famous novel about the complexity of lovesickness but also reference to the complexity of contemporary mental health issues? The latest EP by postmodern-core superstar Oneohtrix Point Never has the answer. The titular tune is gradual, sweet and reassuringly understated - like a marine iguana. The EP packs in a Ryuichi Sakamoto rework, a collab with Alex G lifted off Age Of and a new b-side.
  • Vinyl 12" (WAP429)

The Fernweh
The Fernweh

The Fernweh are a three-piece from Liverpool who play psych/folk/pop/rock that harks back to the late ‘60s/early ‘70s. Their music recalls Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-era Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Heron, The Trees and many Vertigo and Island bands of that era. Self-titled LP and CD on Skeleton Key.
  • CD (0190295528089)

NHK yx Koyxen / Kohei Matsunaga & Masayuki Imanishi
Self Split EP

  • Vinyl 12" (DIAG047)
  • In stock and ready to ship


Who wouldn’t love Senyawa, the duo from Indonesia who combine traditional Indonesian folklore and music with black metal vocals, noise textures, and all manner besides. Sujud is their new record, and features a specially home-built guitar as well as Rully Shabara’s incredible vocals. On Sublime Frequencies.
  • CD (SF114CD)
  • Limited edition

Drew McDowall
The Third Helix

Drew McDowall, formerly of Coil, once again delves into the concepts that drove those legendary sonic explorers. On The Third Helix, McDowall experiments with dark and twisted electronics, creating eight tracks that are ideal for looking inward. Intense and visceral, this is music from the most severe of trances.
  • Vinyl LP (DAIS122LPC)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Vinyl LP (DAIS122LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Jacco Gardner

Jacco Gardner has made a few albums of swirling psychedelia in recent years but here he tries something different with an all instrumental album inspired by the first science fiction novel (of the same name as the album), written in 1608 by Johannes Kepler. Gardner hopes the lack of a human voice allows the album to be a deep immersive listen, a visionary experience for the listener.  
  • Vinyl LP (FTH304LPA)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (FTH304LP)
  • CD (FTH304CD)

Private Life II

A lot of people are guesstimating that Garrett is the secretive alias of boogietronica legend Dam-Funk. While this has been neither confirmed nor denied at the time of writing (17:00, 29th October, Year Of Our Lord 2018) people are, like, 99.9% sure - D-F’s real name is Damon GARRETT Riddick, after all. What’s more, the smooth-ass synth tracks that make up the Private Life II LP bear more than a passing resemblance to the D-F sound. This one’s out via Music From Memory.
  • Vinyl LP (MFM 036)

Cearley & Dwinell
Fake Time

‘Fake Time’ by industrial-synth project Cearley & Dwinell is a lopsided album, mucky to the core, its rhythms all squelch-and-grind. This music of vital Cabaret Voltaire reverence fits perfectly with the albums cover art, a brilliant piece of retro optical trickery designed by Dom PY. Released via Polytechnic Youth, this collaboration between Nathan Cearley (Long Distance Poison) and Mark Dwinell (Forma) is limited to 300 vinyl copies.
  • Vinyl LP (PY60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

End Of The Holiday

Those who have missed the evocative guitar playing of Vini Reilly over the last few years, should maybe check out Northerner (AKA Martin Cummings) to get their fix. This, his third full length album on Home Assembly, is full of perfect evocative soundscapes with a dusky balearic feel and laden with those gorgeous plangent guitar stylings over gently rolling electronica.  *UK EXCLUSIVE ON SILVER VINYL* (whilst stocks last).    
  • Vinyl LP (HAM019LPC)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Vinyl LP (HAM019LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Kate Bush
The Dreaming

New editions of Catherine Bush’s fourth LP here courtesy of Parlophone. People weren’t sure what to make of The Dreaming when it came out - too uncommercial, they said. However, time has been kind to the record. The Dreaming is now regarded as an unsung gem of Bush’s catalogue and regularly appears in those 'Best Albums Of The 1980s' lists. Both Big Boi and Björk are fans, dontcha know.
  • Vinyl LP (0190295593872)
  • CD (0190295568955)

Ed Harcourt
Beyond The End

Famed for writing exquisite pop songs that plough similar furrows to Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson on albums such as Here Be Monsters before turning his hand to being songwriter to the stars, Ed Harcourt follows his expansive major label debut, Furnaces (2016), with a real curveball. Beyond The End is an album of piano-led instrumentals, with inspiration taken from Saite, Mozart, Debussy, Max Richter, Philip Glass and Warren Ellis all imbued with Harcourt’s melodic and mournful sensibilities. LP and CD on Point Of Departure.
  • Vinyl LP (PODR003LP)
  • CD (PODR003CD)