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South London-based producer and musician Klein drops her second full-length album. Her previous releases, which saw her briefly signed to the illustrious Hyperdub label, have been building up to the kind of all-encompassing, deeply personal material heard on Lifetime, which Klein describes as “giving someone your diary”. 
  • Vinyl LP (IJNINC001CLEAR)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Altid Sammen

Danish 4AD signees Efterklang are known for their pop experimentation, flirting with a range of genres including post-rock, indie pop, electronic music and art pop. On ‘Altid Sammen’, their first proper studio album in 7 years, they add baroque instrumentation to their rich musical tapestry. ‘Altid Sammen’ is a record which focuses on themes of togetherness, searching for meaning in nature, death, the afterlife, friendships and the bonds we create with others.

Ty Segall
First Taste

Perhaps they should have got someone who knows about Ty Segall to write about 'First Taste', but no, it's me. Lead single 'Taste' sounds like what I think Segall sounds like, catchy fuzzy guitars accompanied by catchy fuzzy vocals. The album even features some dual drumming with Mr. Segall bashing away on one of the drums. Very enticing!

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Bryce Dessner, Eighth Blackbird
When We Are Inhuman

After last year’s El Chan, The National’s Bryce Dessner makes another foray into the world of contemporary classical and post-minimalist composition in the form of When We Are Inhuman. For When We Are Inhuman Dessner balanced the instrumental prowess of Eighth Blackbird with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s folksy songcraft to create an LP of nuanced and stirring compositions. Illinois-era Sufjan Stevens is the most obvious comparison here - indeed, the link is so strong that there’s even a song on When We Are Inhuman based on that record’s ‘John Wayne Gacy Jr.’.

Blanck Mass
Animated Violence Mild

Benjamin Power returns one more time as Blanck Mass with the enticingly titled Animated Violence Mild. Since making the switch from dense ambience to something more industrial after the Fuck Buttons man's solo debut, each subsequent record has gotten more noisy, more intense, and more catchy, all at the same time. Animated Violence Mild is no different, with Power reaching for sound as varied as black metal, hardcore, and europop. 
  • Vinyl LP (SBR220LPC1)
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  • Vinyl LP (SBR220lp-c3)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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r beny
echo’s verse

California based ambient musician r beny (all lowercase, please) returns with echo's verse on Dauw. The main inspiration for the album was the notion of an echo, not just the physical phenomena, but how we might understand the concept in terms of human communication. The result is warm and life-affirming, and always beautiful.
  • Vinyl LP (DAUWLP03)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Lightning Bolt
Sonic Citadel

The press release for Sonic Citadel, the new album from Lightning Bolt, tells us who drummer Brian Chippendale has collaborated with from Bjork to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and about an ace computer game he wrote called Thumper. What you want to know, I reckon, is that this is the Providence, Rhode Island noise rock duo’s ninth album and it will blow your mind. On Thrill Jockey.
  • Vinyl Double LP (THRILL505LP)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (THRILL505LPX)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Sampa The Great
The Return

Sampa The Great has been cusping on stardom for a while now. With her debut LP proper The Return, the Sydney-based rapper might just break through. The Return is a barnstorming album, one on which Sampa Tembo draws strength from both her Southern African roots and hip-hop history. Cuts like ‘Final Form’ swagger with the confidence and class of The Blueprint-era Jay-Z. The production credits here ain’t too shabby either - Silentjay, Kwes Darko and Clever Austin are among those who contribute beats on The Return.

Fad Gadget
The Best Of Fad Gadget

Francis John Tovey, better known as Fad Gadget recorded for Mute. He appeared along with a number of trailblazing electronic acts such as Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and The Normal. His particular blend of industrial and new wave was played on synths and whatever he had lying about such as drills and electric razors and had a pop edge. The Best Of Fad Gadget includes tracks from 1980’s Fireside Favourites, 1981’s Incontinent, 1982’s Under The Flag and 1984’s Gag. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (MUTEL7)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Caretaker
An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

The Caretaker is Leyland Kirby who once traded as V/VM but has long since forged a career making cracked decaying loops. The premise is based around the fact that Alzheimers patience can recall the music of their youth and so Kirby set about manipulating and decaying old ballroom 78s to give the aural impression of aged melodies being recalled through a partially operating memory fog. This was his second album from 2008 which also includes lovely artwork by Ivan Seal.    

The Distillers
Coral Fang

Full of scathing attitude and razor-sharp hooks, Coral Fang was the major-label debut for Brody Dalle’s sometimes-forgotten band The Distillers in 2003, winning them a whole new fanbase and delivering them their first proper hits. Sadly, it all went downhill for the group afterwards as they split in 2006. 
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP2488C)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Barry Gray
UFO (Original Television Soundtrack)

Presented on double-lilac vinyl, this is the original soundtrack to short-lived television series ‘UFO’, the first-ever live-action series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson - yes, the people behind ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Captain Scarlet’ et al - and which aired between 1970 and 1973. Composed by inimitable Barry Gray with his trademark dramatics! 
  • Vinyl Double LP (SILLP1597)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

One of the most quietly inventive British-based bands of the late Nineties, Moloko spanned electronica, jazz, soul and house on their 1995 debut album 'Do You Like My Tight Sweater?' - named for singer Roisin Murphy’s (now of a solo career) chat-up line to future bandmate Mark Brydon at a party when they first met.

Definitely Maybe (25th Anniversary Edition)

Definitely Maybe, aka The Best League In The World, is now more than a quarter of a century old. The 1994 debut LP from a bunch of retiring church mice known as Oasis still towers over the British popsphere, crushing all who dare challenge it - Blur, Lewis Capaldi and nearly all of the Gallaghers’ subsequent creative endeavours to name but three (that’s so sad, Siri play ‘Wonderwall’). The thing is though … it’s still good. Like, SO good. Despite all that’s come since - lad(ette) culture, countless dreadful bands ripping off the 'Definitely Maybe' sound, ‘The Hindu Times’ - despite all that we know now, these songs still slam every single time you listen to them. ‘Supersonic’. ‘Live Forever’. ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’. Who could deny their majesty? 'Definitely Maybe' deserves its place at the top of the pile.
  • Vinyl Double LP (RKIDLP70C)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Craven Faults
Nunroyd Works

These Craven Faults records have been...um.. faultless in their depiction of West Yorkshire as breeding ground for kraut rock and analogue synth experiments. I've regularly trudged the canal paths with them on my personal stereo. This third (final) instalment sees the project reach the cities where the vegetation gives way to post industrial wastelands and back gardens bedecked with white rose flags. Essential.    
  • Vinyl 12" (PARCEL529)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Douglas Hart
X Film plus Ultra 7” + Let’s Form A Cell 12”

Unprecedented demand for the highly limited edition releases from Douglas Hart - filmmaker and former bassist / founding member of The Jesus & Mary Chain - has led The Blank Tapes to commit the X Film Plus Ultra 7” single and Let’s Form a Cell 12” record to one, six-track cassette release. 


L'épée is a collaboration between Brian Jonestown Massacre main man, Anton Newcombe, French psych-pop duo, The Limiñanas and French actor, former model and singer, Emmanuelle Seigner. Diabolique was recorded in The Limiñanas studio in the south of France then taken to Berlin by Anton, where he gave the songs a darker, more psychedelic edge. 

Dots and Loops

Considered by many to be one of Stereolab's finest studio recordings, 1997's Dots and Loops is reissued on vinyl as a double LP. The follow-up to critically-lauded 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup', this album sees the band take another step away from their earlier minimalist Velvet Underground / Kraut Rock-influenced durge vibe, and edge closer to Europop. It was also the penultimate album to feature Mary Hansen on backing vocals, who was tragically killed in a road accident in 2002. 

The Souljazz Orchestra
Chaos Theories

Canadian musical collective The Souljazz Orchestra present their ninth studio album Chaos Theories. Steeped in their regular blend of soul, jazz and funk, the band’s latest effort takes time to address the political upheaval in the western world, masterminded by their leader Pierre Chrètien. 

The Utopia Strong
The Utopia Strong

If anyone was going to release the debut album by the Utopia Strong it was going to be Rocket. Steve Davis (of having an opinion about women snooker players' fame) and Kavus Torabi have maintained a solid DJing relationship for a while now. Together, with Michael J. York, they make music that sounds like Emeralds jamming with Cluster. 

Kiedy Wilki Zawyja​? ​/ ​When Will The Wolves Howl?

Really intriguing record from Mzylkypop here. Kiedy Wilki Zawyja​? ​/ ​When Will The Wolves Howl? is a fabulously varied set yoked together by the same spirit of invention and DIY nature that has driven everyone from Public Image Ltd. to Ghost Box Records. Goblin-style library funk, folksy reveries ala Richard Dawson, Belle And Sebastian ballads and obtuse industrialism are just a few of the styles to be found across this hugely impressive album.
  • Vinyl LP (DIT-003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Metronomy Forever

Where has Metronomy’s Joseph Mount been since 2016’s Summer 08 album? Well, he’s been hanging out with Robyn and contributing to her album, Honey. He’s back on home turf now though with another Metronomy album called Metronomy Forever. Working with Robyn and moving from Paris back to England to live on a hill have informed and inspired the new set of songs.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (BEC5650176)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only


A throwback for fans of Nineties ambient, glitch and general Warp Records output, Secuund is the sophomore effort from Belgian experimentalists Suumhow. Warmer and smoother than the often startling audio assaults of last year’s debut Crash_Reports, it sees the duo branch out into more diverse territory. 
  • Vinyl LP (MD277LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Future Pilot AKA
Orkestra Digitalis

Sushil K Dade presents his final studio album under his Future Pilot AKA moniker, Orkestra Digitalis. It’s taken him a whole nine years to actually release, partly because it was never intended to be heard as a regular album. Rather, it was initially conceived of as a kind of treasure hunt for fans across the entirety of Scotland, tagged the #soniktreasurehunt. 


Borises aren’t all bad. Overlords of Japanese drone/doom/stoner psychedelic rock, Boris, are back with a double album. LφVE & EVφL sees the band continue to find new ways in which to cleave your mind apart. If you’re unfamiliar with Boris but like Sunn 0))), Sonic Youth et al, then you’ll love this. Also recommended for fans of Boris.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TMR634LP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Vinyl Double LP (TME634)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Adult Baby

Having made her name as the lead singer of indie-rock veterans Blonde Redhead, Adult Baby represents the first-ever solo album from Kazu Makino. Featuring contributions from some stellar names include Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, Son Lux’s Ian Chang and none other than the legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto, the album is an opportunity for the star to reveal a new aspect of her personality. 

Bobby Krlic
Midsommar (Original Score)

Bobby Krlic removed his Haxan Cloak to work alongside film director Ari Aster on Midsommar. The movie is a pagan horror in the Wicker Man mould, and Krlic’s frightening compositions really augment the sense of ceremonial doom that pervades Midsommar. Nails-on-blackboard screeches, pulse-racing drums, unsettling micropolyphonic drones, it’s all in there. Krlic's music is in dialogue with the great and the good of chilling movie scores, from György Ligeti to Johnny Greenwood to Dean Hurley.

Joni Mitchell

Blue by Joni Mitchell is a masterpiece. Originally released in 1971, the album was inspired by travel, it was partly written on her travels around Europe, and her ailing relationship with Graham Nash. Joni ended the relationship whilst writing the album which added a melancholic tone, making it a truly heartfelt collection of songs. An absolute must have for any collection. LP on Reprise.
  • Vinyl LP (0603497855506)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy


The prolific MMMΔ (also referred to as ‘MMMD’) deliver their 11th album of original material in little over a decade. Emerging soon after their soundtrack for Lukas Feigelfeld’s horror movie Hagazussa, Egoismo is as challenging and bizarre as ever, a mixture of spooky chanting and spine-tingling strings. 
  • Vinyl LP (afro 2079)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Ana Roxanne

Exploring themes of identity as an intersex artist, Los Angeles-based singer Ana Roxanne delivers an EP of songs with the enigmatic title ~~~. Her restful sound is distinctively modern, but has a throwback feel to the Eighties and Nineties R&B that inspired her as a youngster, evident in the haunting interpolation of Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman’. 

Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

Liz Harris’ 2008 album proved irresistible to many and is generally considered her defining release. A woozy fog of guitar and vocal, it’s simultaneously intoxicatingly beautiful, yet dark and unsettling. It’s been in and out of print over the years and often frustratingly unavailable, so here it is again on CD.

Bat For Lashes
Lost Girls

Natasha Khan gets back to Bat For Lashes for the project’s fifth album, and it’s vintage-tinted synth-pop baby! Lost Girls positions itself as a soundtrack to an imaginary 80’s teen movie, and it certainly fits that bill, with all the tropes and details in just the right place. Lost Girls is released by Bat For Lashes Records.

Jenny Hval
The Practice of Love

Musical witch lady Jenny Hval is back to cast her sonic hexes ‘pon us once more. Hval’s seventh LP The Practice Of Love is another fine work of modern-day Gothicism from the Norwegian artist, one in which she leans a little heavier into the pop stuff than she has done previously. Julee Cruise, Visions-era Grimes and Chromatics are the related artists you’re grappling with on The Practice Of Love.

Todd Anderson-Kunert

Room40 have been on an excellent run of late, with releases from artists like Siavash Amini, Kevin Martin (The Bug) and Merzbow all emerging on the label in recent months. This hot-streak continues with Conjectures, the latest LP from Australian ambient/drone composer Todd Anderson-Kunert. Composed entirely on a Moog System 55, this set of tender synthesiser ambiences and gently hissing electroacoustics is a woozy delight. Anderson-Kunert claims influence from Eliane Radigue, Sarah Davachi and Stephen O’Malley, and after listening to Conjectures you’d be hard-pushed to prove him wrong.
  • Vinyl LP (RM4110)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Erkki Veltheim
Ganzfeld Experiment

The Ganzfeld, or 'total field', effect details humans' tendency to perceive patterns in formless sensory information. An example of this is imagining melodies during the 'holocaust section' of a My Bloody Valentine concert. It's an effect that Erkki Veltheim has explored on his new album 'Ganzfield Experiment', where he has attempted to induce 'an ecstatic experience... that transports the audience outside of their rational, everyday selves.' Out on Room40. 
  • Vinyl LP (RM4106)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Sequoyah Murray
Before You Begin

Sequoyah Murray steps out with an LP on Thrill Jockey. Before You Begin is a set of synth-heavy and somewhat experimental indie-pop tunes, one that draws on the queer-pop stylings of Perfume Genius, Active Child and How To Dress Well while maintaining the questing soul of Calling Out Of Context-era Arthur Russell. This is a really strong debut record.

The Paranoyds
Carnage Bargain

It’s always encouraging to see garage-rock acts who recognise that the secret to greatness in the genre is to not take it too seriously. Carnage Bargain is the debut studio record from L.A.’s The Paranoyds, who rip through ten cuts of joyous, rambunctious and faintly camp new-wave inspired punk. 

The Telescopes
Strange Waves

At the same time as they prep a 30th anniversary re-issue of their debut Taste, the indefatigable psychedelic rock act The Telescopes look to the future, announcing a new 12” single ‘Strange Waves’ - backed with another newbie, ‘The Speaking Stones’ - on top of a new studio album for 2019, Exploding Head Syndrome. 

Steve Hauschildt

Steve Hauschildt has been long admired in these parts, firstly for his work with experimental electronic trio Emeralds and then as a solo artist with classic albums such as Where All Is Fled and Strands. His new album, Nonlin, is his sixth and sees him evolve yet further. Another classic? We shall see, but the chances are good.
  • Vinyl LP (GI346LPC1)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Echo & The Bunnymen
The John Peel Sessions 1979-1983

One of Britain’s most august indie institutions, Echo & The Bunnymen present an archival dig for all of the sessions they recorded for the legendary John Peel during their formative years from 1979 to 1983. Many of the 21 songs - presented over two LPs / one CD - do not appear on their early albums, as the band actually used the sessions to experiment with new material. 

Crypt Witch
Bad Trip Exorcism

Deep Distance is a label usually known for its komische and krautrock as well as being an imprint of Polytechnic Youth. This release of Bad Trip Exorcism by Crypt Witch may come as a surprise. Stoner/Doom rock with the expansive nature of Spacemen 3 and the heavy riffing of Black Sabbath. This vinyl version follows the CD version which sold out very quickly. 

The Telescopes
Taste (30 Anniversary Edition)

30th anniversary re-issue album on translucent purple vinyl of Taste, the quietly innovative 1989 debut album from British space rock act The Telescopes. Deserving to be mentioned in the same breath as Spacemen 3, JAMC and My Bloody Valentine, this edition comes with a booklet of exclusive contemporary photographs and new liner notes. 
  • Vinyl LP (FC121V12)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

(Sandy) Alex G
House of Sugar

He just gets better and better. From lo-fi beginnings (Sandy) Alex G has slowly but surely emerged as one of the best songwriters of his generation. 2017's superb Rocket added a fascinating experimental bent to his songs and was a multi-faceted unpredictable riot of sound. Early indications for House of Sugar are of further warm country-tinged songs with nods towards Elliott Smith and Lou Barlow but complete as always with Alex G's wistful, autumnal melancholy. 

FKA twigs

One of the most anticipated sophomore album releases of the decade is finally upon us! Released over half a decade ago, Tahliah Debrett Barnett’s debut FKA twigs album LP1 was one of the most thrillingly original and forward-thinking pop releases in years, its shifting rhythms and immersive soundscapes informing a great deal of subsequent music. The intervening years have seen Barnett suffer physical and emotional upheaval, something that’s informed the sound and themes of Magdalene. Features production from Nicolas Jaar.
  • Vinyl LP (YT191LPE)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

The Roves
Hey Little Man / Once A Prefect

A cut taken from their latest studio album All Those Freaks, ‘Hey Little Man’ is the latest single from hotly tipped North London indie quartet The Roves. Recorded at Ray Davies’ legendary Konk studio, it’s getting a special 7” vinyl release backed with album track ‘Once A Prefect’. 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Music from the Motion Picture)

Fear, Loathing and Full-Frontal Snogging in Las Vegas is a book by Louise Re… Wait, what? This book isn’t in that series? It’s actually called Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and was written by Hunter S. Thompson? Well blow me - now you’re telling me they made a FILM of it as well?! And that film has an absolutely stonking soundtrack that includes music by Tom Jones, Jefferson Airplane and the Dead Kennedy’s?! My whole life has been a lie. Pass me another peyote plant, I think I need to go and lie down...
  • Vinyl Double LP (MOVATM201)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Sons of Kemet

Burn was the debut album from soon-to-be-massive and soon-to-be-Mercury nominated afro-jazz many piece Sons of Kemet. Burn itself was nominated for a Mobo award but the band only really started turning heads with their third album Your Queen Is A Reptile. Now is your chance to re-listen to where the fun all started. On lovely vinyl of course. 

Sons Of Kemet
Lest We Forget

The British jazz resurgence continues apace in 2019, with the popularity of Sons Of Kemet’s sophomore album Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do necessitating a vinyl re-print. Receiving the nomination for Best Album of the Year in 2015 from Gilles Peterson just like its predecessor Burn, Shabaka Hutchings’ outfit carried on their blistering form. 

Arab Strap
The Week Never Starts Round Here

Hold up -- it's Arab Strap's first ever record. Without any of the reservations and noble ideas the band would go on to incorporate, The Week Never Starts Round Here sees the band offer fourteen tracks of more innocuous alt rock that still betrays their sensibilities for post-rock and instrumental experimentation.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Been a long wait for this one. Anyone who’s had even a passing interest in hip-hop throughout the 2010’s knows that Pinata, the 2014 collaboration between Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, is one of the strongest rap full-lengths of the decade. The pair repeat the trick on Bandana, an LP five years in the making. Though the weight of anticipation must have been heavy for this one Gibbs and 'lib are as steely-eyed as ever - Gibbs spits iron-wool bars over Madlib’s beat odysseys. Masterpiece, obviously. Pusha T, Killer Mike and Yasiin Bey are among the guests.

Geoff Barrow, Ben Salisbury & Various Artists
HANNA: Season 1 (Music from the Amazon Original Series)

Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow have previous when it comes to writing for the screen - the pair teamed up to score Ex-Machina (2015) and Annihilation (2018) - but they clearly had something else in mind when they were roped in to compose the music for the first series of Hanna. Though Salisbury and Barrow’s eerie, dystopian electronics crop up plenty across this record, they also get a whole load of other musicians in on the act this time around. The Insects, Simon Ashdown and Yann McCullough all contribute, and most excitingly there are also tracks here from Karen O and Barrow’s own Beak> band.

King Crimson
In The Court of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson) [50th Anniversary Edition]

A 50th anniversary edition of one of rock music’s most iconic debut albums - not least for its iconic and unsettling artwork. King Crimson’s In The Court of The Crimson King was one of the first proper visions for progressive rock, and comes on a re-mastered 2xLP package featuring alternate takes of albums tracks on disc two, or a 3xCD + Blu-Ray set. 

Bernard Grancher w/ Laetitia Sadier
L'immodéré bien-être de l'imbécile

New Polytechnic Youth 7” alert! This time it’s L'immodéré bien-être de l'imbécile - a collaboration between French synth wiz Bernard Grancher and Stereolab chanteuse, Laetitia Sadier. Grancher is no stranger to Polytechnic Youth having had a track on the label’s Popcorn Lung compilation and Troublante Tournure LP both receive wide acclaim. The B-side features a remix by Gabe Knox. 
  • Vinyl 7" (PY92)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

琹の葉 kotonoha

The eighth studio album by Japanese duo ironomi is also their first release on vinyl. Unmistakably pastoral and serene in tone, Kotonoha is evocative of walks through ancient forests and landscapes, with Junya Yanagidaira and Yu Isobe’s instincts very much in tune with nature for a long time by this point. 

Kurt Vile
Childish Prodigy (10th Anniversary Edition)

Matador re-releases Kurt Vile’s 2009 album Childish Prodigy on light-blue coloured vinyl to mark its 10th anniversary. It was the third solo record from Vile in a little under two years, released around a year after he had quit The War On Drugs (that band’s lead singer, Adam Granduciel, was still a key member of Vile’s backing band The Violators) and the point at which his career really began to pick up momentum. Includes a purple 7” single of ‘He’s Alright’, originally hidden away as a bonus track on the CD. 
  • Vinyl LP (OLE8877)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Alefa Madagascar - Salegy, Soukous & Soul 1974 - 1984

Throughout the recent glut of reissues and compilations that have focussed on African music from the 70’s and 80’s the country of Madagascar has been strangely absent. Strut Records finally set that right with Alefa Madagascar, a deluxe set that focuses on the salegy, soukous and soul sounds of the island nation. With radio bringing music from neighbouring nations like South Africa and Kenya, and the Discomad label championing the best local talent, the result was a musical style that has the propulsive grooves of other sub-Saharan pop styles while also adding in curious rhythmic and textural flourishes.

Anthony Reynolds
A Painter’s Life

A Painter’s Life, the latest solo LP from former Jack And Jacques member Anthony Reynolds, is an album as rich and romantic as its title suggests. This is a glorious set of indie show-tunes that blends the stately swagger of Richard Hawley with avant-garde flourishes and some nice chamber-pop orchestration. The resulting record will end up plugging the You Are The Quarry-shaped hole in your life now that Morrissey has spoiled it for the rest of us. A Painter’s Life features contributions from Japan’s Robert Dean, Dub War’s Richard Glover and 60ft Dolls’ Carl Bevan to name but three.
  • Vinyl LP (RGIRL121LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


Bjork's masterwork. On her fourth record, the Icelandic pop artist started marrying her trip-hop backdrop with a hugely expansive and coldly experimental sound. This record was perhaps her darkest entry yet and did Post one better by boasting an orchestra of several billion -- each making strings swell, drums coalesce or cellos brood around Bjork's darkly moving songs.

Carter Tutti Void

Carter Tutti Void - the industrial music supergroup made up of Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Nik Colk Void - say that Triumvirate will be their final LP together. Let’s all appreciate this lot while we can, then. Sounds like … well it sounds exactly like what you get when you link up two former members of Throbbing Gristle with one half of Factory Floor.


Almost two decades on from Yoni Wolf’s first release, he continues to ask ‘Why?’. In the case of 'AOKOHIO' the answer seems to be something to do with an accompanying visual project and an LP broken up into short song-suites. Musically it’s another set of bombastic avant-rap from the singular Wolf. Once again the likes of Dirty Projectors and Of Montreal are your sonic touchstones for a Why? album.

The Wedding Present
Tommy 30

30 years on from its original release, the Wedding Present have re-recorded Tommy. At the time it was something of the less loved younger sibling to their their debut proper, being that it collected a selection of their early singles. The new recording shows how the band have grown and evolved, and deliberately conceives of them as belonging to one release.

Odd Nosdam
Flippies Best Tape

With a whopping 66 tracks delivered in a taut 80 minutes, Flippies Best Tape saw legendary hip-hop producer Odd Nosdam in his element, piecing together a bewildering range of source material for samples - everything from garage rock to dub and jazz - for one of the most singular sonic experiences in recent memory. Now, it gets a loving double-LP re-issue. 

Neurosis & Jarboe
Neurosis & Jarboe

In 2003, two titans of heavyweight music joined forces on one CD: Jarboe of Swans fame, and the mighty Neurosis. The resulting self-titled album is a fearful monument of epic textures and dark words, fully-delivering on the vast promise of the collaboration. Bob Weston has remastered the album from scratch for this reissue, meaning even finer sonics. On Neurot.

A I A : Alien Observer

AIA: Alien Observer was the second part of a two part album series by Liz Harris (aka Grouper) and is the marginally more accessible of the two discs. Here Harris uses her voice to create vocal drones and loops that mesh with her simple, organic instrumentation. As always it's superbly crafted groggy and sleepy ambience with moments of true beauty by one of the most important ambient artists of her day.   

Charles Mingus
The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady

Charles Mingus and company conjured magic on 20th January 1963. The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady is a composed piece spread over six parts, with occasional blasts of full-ensemble free improvisation. Still sounds mind-blowing all these years later - a true original at the intersection of jazz and folk.

Octo Octa
Resonant Body

Maya Bouldry-Morrison delivers her third studio album as Octo Octa, released on the label run by herself and her partner. Reverting back to nature for inspiration, Resonant Body consists of four sides of vinyl and eight in-depth sonic explorations, fronted by lead single ‘Spin Girl, Let’s Activate!’. 

Sandro Perri
Soft Landing

Sandro Perri albums are like London buses - you wait ages for one, then two come along next to each other. We waited seven long years for last year’s In Another Life, and barely 12 months later, Soft Landing has arrived. Opening with the gargantuan 16-minute ‘Time (You Got Me)’, it sees Perri explore the guitar, his primary instrument, in greater detail than usual. 

The Dukes of Stratosphear
Psonic Psunspot

The Dukes of Stratosphear were a 60s psychedelic pop group who released two albums. 'Psonic Psunspot', their second, was released in 1987... Wait a minute, something's not quite right. These Dukes were actually the side-project of art-punks XTC who managed to not only be convincing, but also very, very good. A whole lot of fun.
  • Vinyl LP (APELP024)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Throbbing Gristle
D.O.A. The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle

The music of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle is back on their own Industrial Records after 30 years of knocking around other labels, so it is only right that you can get your favourite eerie durge music from the source. D.O.A. The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle is the second LP from the group, originally released in 1978.

Mikey Dread
At The Control Dubwise

New edition of some golden age dub from the legendary Mikey Dread. 1979’s At The Control Dubwise saw Dread dubbing his debut solo LP Dread At The Controls. Forged in the fires of the legendary Channel One Studios, the cast list for At The Control Dubwise runs to Augustus Pablo, Sly & Robbie and Earl Smith. On Music On Vinyl.

Lana Del Rey
Norman Fucking Rockwell!

Geographically confused chanteuse Lana Del Rey returns with her sixth album and her first since she discovered swearing. She's pictured on the cover cavorting with none other than the grandson of Jack Nicholson and possibly as a matter of note I should say that it contains fourteen new songs most co-written with fun.'s Jack Antonoff. Buy your copy from Norman Fucking Records.      

Oh Sees
Face Stabber

Some things are always true.  You're always less than 6 months away from a John Dwyer release. That release will be by a band using a variant on Oh Sees as its name. Dwyer will have recorded some of that album wearing jean shorts that stop below the knee. And the songs that fill that release will be high intensity fuzzy garage rock.  This album is called Face Stabber.

Venus In Leo

Astrology's hot in 2019. 'Venus In Leo' is the fourth album from HTRK, the minimal electronic duo. Theirs is a sound that is finds an intense sadness in mundanity, that is communicated with minimal beats now freed from their noisy shells. As a Leo, I should probably have something to say about the album title. Unfortunately I know literally nothing about astrology.

Sharron Kraus
Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers

For Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers, (the first album title with a semicolon in it that I have seen for a while), Sharron Kraus delved deep into some 11th Century Welsh folk tales, lending a great depth to the delicately constructed pieces here. Excellent contemporary folk song, 500 copies on Clay Pipe Music.

Greyhound EP

Greyhound by Quench is preceded by a new single titled ‘Skavenger Orphan’. That track is all slick sci-fi beats that sound like they could soundtrack a city at night. Atmospheric and dynamic. Touched Music have already confirmed that all money from sales of the EP will go towards HUG Homes for unwanted greyhounds. 
  • Vinyl 12"
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Miriam Makeba
Pata Pata

The definitive version of a scandalously overlooked gem of the late Sixties. Meaning “touch touch” in the Xhosa language, Miriam Makeba’s Pata Pata was spearheaded by the Billboard success of its title track as a single in late 1967, and came about through the patronage of legendary singer and activist Harry Belafonte. 

Kronos Quartet
Terry Riley: Sun Rings

'Sun Rings' is a piece by Terry Riley which was performed by Kronos Quartet and.... space? On their travels Voyagers 1 and 2 record a number of unearthly (literally) sounds, which inspired Riley to compose this piece for strings and a choir. The message driving it is one of unity, captured by the track title 'One Earth, One People, One Love'.

Joe Thompson

Who in their right mind would continue to tour in 2019? I suppose people who know that post-Brexit they won't be allowed out of their own turf and all those lovely rewarding trips to Belgium will be a thing of the past. People I suppose like Joe Thompson of Hey Colossus who has gathered all the stories and disasters and good times of a decade and a half on the road and released it as a 261 page book. I love books like this, where you can snuggle in the eiderdown on a winter's night and read about other peoples struggle in uncomfortable, sometimes ridiculous situations. One for the winter book list.    
  • Book (ISBN 978-1-904590-35-4)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Sunn O)))

We will look back at 2019 as the year in which Sunn O))) released as many album as they played chords. 'Pyroclasts' follows 'Life Metal' and is pitched as the earlier record's "shadow album". Presumably this means it will not stop until it has destroyed that which casts it. A bit like Dark Link in Zelda. Heavy and slow, you know the drill.
  • Vinyl LP (SUNN333X)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Vatican Shadow
Pakistan Military Academy

Dominick Fernow drapes us in his Vatican Shadow once again. Well, actually with this remastered reissue of 2011’s Pakistan Military Academy the Hospital Recordings boss takes us back to the project's early days, but this is a record so potent that it still grabs your attention almost a decade on from the first release. Running the gauntlet of dark ambient and industrial techno, Fernow’s stern assessment of the Military Industrial Complex ranks as one of the highlights of his extensive discography. Pakistan Military Academy's Muslimgauze comparisons hold.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Trout Mask Replica

Well, what can be said about this masterpiece of a record that hasn't been uttered a hundred times before? A timely reissue then of Captain Beefheart's absurdist, Dadaist epic romp through art-blues, 'Trout Mask Replica'. None other than Jack White himself has seen fit to re-re-vinyl-ise this at his Third Man record plant. Complete with original cover art tracked down from its 1969 source. On 180-gram black double LP.

When The Tree Bears Fruit

You know Giggs? Yes, as in the rapper. Nowadays he’s all about drinking cinnamon tea with Drake, but back at the start of the career he was a proper hard-nosed MC who made tough, nasty street-rap. However, because he came from England rather than the United States, his bars were also full of the humorous everyday tit-for-tat one found in grime. One of his early singles, 2008’s ‘Uummm!’, is notable for two reasons. The first is that it cemented one of Giggs’ catchphrases, which is basically him just grunting loudly on-beat ('uhhngh!'). The second is that features an all-time great lyric; ‘Hollow Meets Blade and that Ard sh*t/Came up from the dirt like a parsnip’. ‘Came up from the dirt like a parsnip’ is the sort of thing that lodges in your brain for life and influences all of your subsequent interactions with the word ‘parsnip’. As such, it’s hard for this Norman Records™ chum-swiller to listen to 'When The Tree Bears Fruit', the debut LP from Australian band Parsnip, with fresh ears. Sure, this is an album of charming twee-punk in the vein of Girlpool or The Courtneys. Yeah, songs like ‘Lift Off!’ render positivity in melody in a manner that Jonathan Richman would be proud of. Of course, it’s a winning opening gambit from a group that we’re rooting for. But you know what? On every single one of these indie-pop ditties I’m just waiting for someone to barge up to the mic, shout out the SN1 crew and then launch into a verse of Dracula-voiced gutter-rap. And until we get Giggs to reprise his verse from ‘Uummm!’ over one of Parsnip’s summery jangles, this Norman Records™ text-chump won’t be able to sleep easy in his bed. Parsnip, Hollowman, you know what to do. Uhhngh!

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man
Out Of Season

For those of you hungry for more Portishead content I have some good news. In 2002 Beth Gibbons connected with Talk Talk's Paul Webb (here using the name Rustin Man) to produce 'Out Of Season'. It's a record that's much more indebted to folk and jazz than the trip hop Gibbons is known for, and alongside her recording of Górecki's 'Symphony No. 3', proves she's one of the most versatile vocalists alive.

Floating Points

Recorded during an intense, deliberately restricted five-week window rather than the years it took to make his 2015 debut Elaenia, Sam Shepherd has announced his second Floating Points album Crush. Inspired by his massive 2017 shows supporting The xx, this record is much more immediate than previous work, as demonstrated by lead single ‘LesAlpx’ released earlier this year. 
  • Vinyl LP (ZEN259Y)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Bastard Music

Bastard Music is the bullshit-free title to the new full-length by Meatraffle. The band write songs with both a socialist and a cosmic space perspective (hence Meatraffle On The Moon and ‘Ndrangheta Allotment), and they deliver them with wit, mood and personality, as well as guitars. Bastard Music is released by Delayed Records.

Explosions In The Sky
The Rescue (Anniversary Edition)

Recorded quickly in 2005 and inspired by an incident on tour when the band’s van broke down, necessitating an eight-day stay in an attic waiting for it to be repaired, Explosions In The Sky’s fourth effort has always been something of a missing piece to many fans, never being commercially available anywhere after its limited mail-order release. That’s all changed now, with this first-ever vinyl issue. 

Bamboo Music

Hanyo van Oosterom has remixed every 'bamboo tape' that J. Derwort ever recorded. The product of his endeavour is 'Bamboo Music', a collection of two longform ambient pieces that are every bit as engaging as their originals. For fans of flute, outsider music, and bamboo. A moving tribute to an old friend.


Margaret Chardiet drops her fourth LP as Pharmakon (anyone else reading that as ‘farm Akon’? Now there’s a thought…). Devour is the first album Chardiet has recorded live in the studio, and as such there’s a real feeling of spontaneity and immediacy to this tortured set of power electronics. Production from Uniform’s Ben Greenberg only adds to the intensity. You’re looking at the early days of Posh Isolation for Devour’s related records.


Chilean band Föllakzoid deliver their fourth studio album a very long four years after their last one. I (confusingly following 2015’s III) differs from their previous albums in that it was constructed painstakingly from dozens of musical stems, rather than done in single live takes with the band in the studio. 

Christ - The Album

Now even Crass get the luxury boxset treatment. However there's a catch as this was released as a box set first time round  - always ahead of their time this lot. Christ- The Album was their fourth album originally released in 1982 and it contained one disc of new material and a further album containing a live show. The fact that it took a year to record had a profound effect on the band as they realised that such a gestation period would render their political statements dated. Further recordings were made quickly with a more back to basics approach but this is the one they sweated over. 

Marsh Drones

Lost Tribe Sound love Skyphone, so it makes sense that the label have teamed up with the Danish group for the release of new LP Marsh Drones. The band’s blend of folk instrumentation, electronics, post-rock and a dash of musique concrete is in rude health on this careful, pretty record. For similar artists you’re looking at Telefon Tel Aviv, Bonobo, Fink, that kinda vibe.

The Center Won't Hold

They came back and they stayed back. After their 10 years hiatus ended with 2015's brilliant No Cities to Love, Sleater-Kinney kept writing together to create The Center Won't Hold. The album was produced with great care by St. Vincent, and sees the band exploring personal themes the only way they know how. By being a very good rock band.

Bon Iver

Justin 'Bon Iver' Vernon is one of the artists who continues to push the art of autotune forward alongside the likes of Future and Charli XCX. He applies his craft to an incredibly earnest indie-folk that has steadily been taking over the world. i, i is likely an allusion to second album Bon Iver, Bon Iver and has more than enough heart to match that wonderful record.

Explosions In The Sky
How Strange, Innocence (Anniversary Edition)

Recorded in the space of two days at the end of 1999, Texan post-rock heroes Explosions In The Sky made small but significant ripples in the underground scene with a limited CD run of their humble debut How Strange, Innocence. Twenty years later, it eventually gets a thorough double-vinyl treatment, with beautiful etchings and inserts. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (TRR085LPC1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only


Domino's turn to get a slice of the 2019 London jazz scene pie. Nérija feature the already legendary saxophonist Nubya Garcia along side an ensemble of six other musicians. Blume, their debut album, is an incredibly vibrant and lovely work, that gets close to capturing how captivating the band are in the flesh. 

Cold War on the Rocks ‐ Disco and Electronic Music From Finland 1980‐1991

Cold War on the Rocks ‐ Disco and Electronic Music From Finland 1980‐1991 is a kind of Nuggets for Finnish Dance music. This is part two in a series - the follow up to Satan In Love. All the tracks come from obscure one-off 7” singles, in some cases by artists who are better known for working in different genres. They range from the relatively normal sounds of orchestral disco to the more unhinged and experimental electronic sounds.

Joanna Brouk
The Space Between

Forget the space between, it’s just space that Joanna Brouk’s second album from 1980 has been crying out for, only ever being released on cassette. Now, the 'The Space Between' has room to breathe, being spread over four sides of vinyl, thanks to Numero Group. Brouk, an American electronic musician studied under composer Robert Ashley and famed minimalist composer Terry Riley. She released five albums in her career before giving up music in 1986 to have a family and practice transcendental meditation.

Tyler, The Creator

Despite only just being released, Igor has already been pretty much universally recognised as one of the best records of Tyler, The Creator’s career. And who could deny this thing? The latest LP from the OFWGKTA badboy-turned-goodboy is as gorgeous as they come, a heady brew of neo-soul, The Neptunes-esque beats, hypnagogic pop and outsider art. More of this please.

Jay Som
Anak Ko

Jay Som is solely responsible for Anak Ko. She was songwriter and musician, producer and engineer. The result is a record that is indisputably hers. Though she proudly wears her influences on her sleeve (Cocteau Twins, the Cure etc...) there is no denying that she makes the realm of dream pop entirely her own. 

Flame 2 (Burial and The Bug)
Dive / Rain

Next instalment of dream collaboration between night bus dweller Burial and bass bin enthusiast The Bug as Flame (2). Released on The Bug's Kevin Martin's Pressure imprint, these two bass music heavyweights again collide for two more blurry dubbed out highly atmospheric tracks that are sure not to disappoint fans of either artist. 

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