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April ain't all about Record Store Day y'know? It has showers and Easter and...um...the Grand National. And this year it also it has a bunch of excellent releases that we hope and pray don't get lost in the RSD melee. One thing's for sure: there's less chance of you having to queue up at 5am for these.
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Alabama Shakes
Sound & Color

Progressing confidently from their classic rock origins, Alabama Shakes deliver a crisp and funky album in the form of Sound & Color. Recorded in Nashville, they retain that Southern personality whilst clearly spending more time on the minutiae of songwriting. Out on 2LP ltd clear vinyl, 2LP vinyl and CD from Rough Trade.

Alva Noto
Xerrox Vol. 3

Alva Noto, he of the cold and abstract electronica (that is usually also super-banging), returns to his Xerrox series. As the title suggests, the concern here is with copying and re-copying, creating all-new material in the process. Unexpectedly, Xerrox Vol. 3 is grounded in Noto’s intimate personal memories, a rare but compelling move from him.

The Magic Whip

The first album from Blur in twelve years, born from a chance cancellation of a gig back in 2013, much to the disappointment of fans at the time but to their unbridled bouncy joy today. With original members Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn, Alex James and Dave Rowntree, returned from cheese dreams and high musical art to produce the twelve tracks of The Magic Whip. Vinyl double LP and CD from Parlophone.

Brian May
Patrick - Original Soundtrack

I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not that Brian May. The theme to Patrick was scored by this Brian May in his classically dark style. This creepy soundtrack to 1978’s Australian horror flick Patrick is released for Record Store Day in a limited edition. Out on vinyl LP from Australian label Xozmiq.

Charlie Parr

Charlie Parr’s first album featuring a full-on backing band, Stumpjumper’s got us all excited and digging up our 1930s Appalachian miners’ outfits. With his intense fingerpicking style and vocals reminiscent of a less strained Roscoe Holcomb, we're eager to discover how this guy will sound with an entire band.

Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld
Never Were The Way She Was

Available on 12” vinyl LP or CD from Constellation. Colin Stetson’s is renowned for his unique style with tenor and bass sax. Melding polyrhythmic blasts and clanks with prolonged and evolving drones as well as simultaneously vocalising through the mouthpiece. Joining forces with violinist Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire) is not new to them, having collaborated live many times over the years, but now it’s on record.

Captain Of None

Loopy beauty from French multi-instrumentalist Cecile Schott a.k.a Colleen. Playing the baroque instrument, treble viola da gamba, and singing in a folky whisper, she brings to mind the loop-based works of Robert Fripp or more recently Dustin Wong but with a stronger leaning towards songcraft. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Thrill Jockey.

Django Django
First Light

Even I liked Django Django's first album and I like nothing. Nothing. These are the first sounds from what is presumably a new album coming up later this year and initial listen suggests its pretty decent. A hazy electronic pop song with nice harmonies. You get a Mickey Pearce remix too and this white label is very limited and won't be around long.  

Frank Black & The Catholics
The Complete Recordings

7 CD box set. Black Francis, the frontman of The Pixies has a number of side projects, one being Frank Black & the Catholics. This Box set contains all 6 of their studio albums as well as a bonus disc of what they describe as “Technical demos”. The tracks are arranged alphabetically so as to detract from the idea of a single piece, but more as a body of work. A must for fans of Black Francis’ inimitable style.

Infinity Machines

When was the last time you saw a triple album that was named Volume 1? Well Gnod have never been too concerned with what is ordinary, and frankly the prospect of almost two straight hours of incantatory-heavy-psych-dub-electric-noise-rock-weirdo madness should excite you greatly. Welcome to Infinity Machines (Volume 1) on Rocket Recordings. The first 100 copies come with a bonus 40 minute live CD recorded when they supported Earth!

Grey Hairs
Colossal Downer

Originally conceived as serial two EP set: A side ‘Man Gulps’ and B side ‘Little Fingers’, Nottingham post punk, post grunge, post rock four piece Grey Hairs (Featuring members of Lords, Fists, Cult Of Dom Keller, Fonda 500 and Kogumaza.) attempt to provide some listening convenience by packaging the concept neatly on to one piece of orange vinyl. Recalling the reckless, riff heavy, sonic assault and deeply distorted guitar fuzz of pre-hype era 90’s alternative rock/grunge, ‘Colossal Downer’ represents a concerted effort to return to the very beginning of the bands musical origins.

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay

Available on 12” vinyl LP with full colour reverse board sleeve and printed inner bag or CD, on Blackest Ever Black. To help Blackest Ever Black raise the bar yet again they’ve brought in french avantgard trumpeter Jac Berrocal. Sucking you into his film-noir Dale cooper/Bohren und der Club of Gore musique contréte world. Dark and twistedly romantic, his trumpets swirls into an almost 8-bit like crunching.

Joanne Robertson
Black Moon Days

Black Moon Days is Joanne Robertson’s second record. Her sound is very intimate, singing of troubles and dark thoughts in an untutored but pure voice that suggests acceptance. Playing both electric and acoustic guitar, Robertson captivates. Released on Feeding Tube Records in an edition of 300.


The second album from British Brainfeeder representative Lapalux is mood music of the highest order. Lustmore blends shuffling rhythm, simple melody and crisp production to fill the environment with a lush, modern atmosphere. Out on CD and vinyl double LP (black and orange splatter) from Brainfeeder.

Michael Price

This is the first album proper from Michael Price, composer of the music to the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’. The list of recording media used on Entanglement reportedly includes mobile phone, vintage microphones, and 1940s magnetic recording device: Price is very much interested in the context these media impart on the sound. On the Erased Tapes label.

Nadine Shah
Fast Food

Transparent red vinyl LP on Apollo. Sophomore album from Nadine Shah which she wrote the entirety of in two months, with in studio contributions with Pete Johnson (I am Kloot) it’s a brooding smoke-filled  affair. For fans of PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, The National and there maybe a bit of Scott Walker in there as well.

Papir Meets Electric Moon
The Papermoon Sessions live at Roadburn 2014

Two psychedelic forces meet and push against each other until they realise it's hopeless, and start jamming instead. Papir are a Danish psych 'n' kraut trio with surprisingly clean haircuts, and their friendship with established acid legends Electric Moon led to a live collaboration in which two tracks were playing, seemingly endlessly, to a crowd willing to suspend time itself and be hypnotised by the guitars. A classic story, relived on The Papermoon Sessions. 


Anyone up for an indie rock supergroup with a ridiculous name that isn't The New Pornographers? If so, might I interest you in Pfarmers, who of course, with their very Menomena-esque name, are led by Danny Seim. Other members include Bryan Devendorf of The National and Dave Nelson, an additional musician for the likes of Sufjan Stevens and St. Vincent. Look how many people we just put in bold font type -- you know what I mean? Gunnera is quite literally a dream pop record, in so far as it's a concept album based around one of Seim's dreams, though it delves into an ambient framework with its opener before opening up into a bunch of irresistible and uncomfortable pop songs to rival Menomena's Moms.

Ralegh Long

‘Hoverance’  is English singer/songwriter Ralegh Long’s debut album on the London based Gare Du Nord records. Heavily influenced by seventies folk songwriters such as Nick Drake and Laura Nyro and the pastoral English countryside surroundings Young looked out over across his piano as he wrote the album, ‘Hoverance’ is an intimate composition of rich instrumental arrangements awash with deep longing and heartbreaking piano tones. Featuring contributions from artists such as Tom Dougall (TOY), Jack Hayter (Hefner), Louis-Phillipe (El records, The Clientele) and indie-pop orchestra A Little Orchestra.
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Richard Youngs
No Fans Compendium

Who likes Richard Youngs? I'm told that it's Richard Youngs fans, who have dealt with a lot of sound experiments in their time: beyond the sometimes sprawling, sometimes internalised folk music, they've listened to D-beat and minimal, plus some tape stuff. All of it's good, in its way, and No Fans Compendium suggests there are a lot of people after a lot of different Youngs vibes: this 7-disc bundle of joy issues very limited pressings: 20th Century Jams, 21st Century Jams, Live In Salford, Somerland/No Home Like Place, Three Handed Star/Garden of Stones, plus an extra two discs called Harpenden! and Thought Plane. No fans? Many.

Speedy Ortiz
Foil Deer

On gatefold 12” Vinyl or CD  both with pull-out poster, or as a limited edition gold 12” w/ chapbook and sticker. A cleaner, clearer, and almost less angsty sophomore album from Speedy Ortiz. Maybe Sadie Dupuis is all of the above as well. Pushing their sound away from something akin to Silkworm, and maturing with songs that are from a less unhappy place pushing into almost Pixies like territory.

Damogen Furies

Expect the unexpectedly expected from this new work from nightmare-inducing sound weirdo Squarepusher. On Warp on 21st April, Damogen Furies is the usual fare from this pioneering UK artist who blends analogue and digital to create monster-summoning tracks from the depths of his frankly terrifying psyche. On vinyl double LP or CD.

Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart
Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart

Available on 12” vinyl LP or CD from Secretly Canadian. Sunns and Jerusalem in my Heart is the result of a seven day collaboration session from 2012 between Sunns and Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in my Heart). After a couple of years they revisit the material, edit, re-work, and mix it for a full joint release. Analogue synths, arpeggiator filled, with an arabic mentality, would go nicely with Oneohtrix Point Never and Blanck Mass.  

Tal National
Zoy Zoy

Niger’s favourite band, Tal National have gathered a strong Western audience since the release of their previous album Kaani. Zoy Zoy is their latest effort which blends African folk together with some electronic elements, melding fantastically together to create a twist on traditional African folk tunes.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Musique de film imaginé

The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcome here produces, not the soundtrack to a film, but a ‘soundtrack’ to the idea of a non-existent film in the vein of classic French New Wave directors. You know that'll sound lovely. Musique de film imaginé includes the vocals of SoKo and Asia Argento, and is released by ‘a’ Recordings on dashing pink vinyl (or less dashing CD).

The Lilac Time
No Sad Songs

Available on either 12” vinyl or CD from Tapete. Stephen Duffy has had quite the journey being a founding member of Duran Duran and then moving on to creating Simon and Garfunkel esque melancholic folk pop with The Lilac Time, and becoming obvious influences on Belle and Sebastian and The Kings of Convenience.

Useless Eaters
Singles: 2011-2014

Dry, lo-fi punk thrashing from Useless Eaters. Singles: 2011-2014 contains guess what? Lots of this material was originally released in small runs on different labels, so it is good of Slovenly to compile them all for us. Catchy tunes bashed out with a snarl, just how you like it. Fourteen tracks, on vinyl or CD.

Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1: 1979 - 1984

Adrian Sherwood has made a name for himself through his innovative sound development throughout the 80’s and 90’s, learning his trade from dub warriors Prince Far I and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and later working as a live sound engineer to legendary acts such as The Clash and Public Image Limited. ‘Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1’ is a compilation of Sherwood’s early work as a producer/remixer which reflects all of his influences in an eclectic blend of disco, dub, post punk and electro. Features classic tracks from Maximum Joy, The Fall, The Slits and Shriekback.


This album is not about the Baltimore drug scene. It’s not about how to transfer money. It’s not about insulating your house. It’s our first submission for UnGoogleable Album of the Year 2015. Wire’s 13th album, their first self-titled, is the return of a punkband that has been going for almost 40 years. That’s above the average life expectancy of anybody in a punk band, and hence an impressive feat in its own right. Hopefully the album is equally impressive.

Young Fathers
White Men Are Black Men Too

Boldly titled follow-up album to Young Fathers’ award-winning debut, White Men Are Black Men Too. This group are not afraid to stir things up with their lyrics, their politics and their productions, which continue to mix hip-hop structures with all sorts of not-so-expected sonics. Released by the Big Dada label.