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It's not just about Record Store Day, you know? Many of you have expressed disillusionment at the RSD thing. Fair enough, and here's the answer: ignore it and continue buying all the other wonderful records that are being released. Records you stand an actual chance of getting and that you won't have to queue up for. Yup, April sees some great non-RSD stuff coming in from the likes of Holly Herndon, Mountain Goats, Pinkshinyultrablast, The Go Team, Super Furry Animals, Ryley Walker and loads more. Let's take a look shall we? And remember, you can order these from the comfort of your armchair. No stress.
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Clock-themed solo album from Phil Hartnoll of Orbital fame, also featuring special guests including Cillian Murphy, The Unthanks, Ed Harcourt, and The Cure’s Robert Smith. Partly instrumental, and partly with spoken-word accompaniment, the self-titled 8.58 debut album is released on deluxe  double CD and deluxe double vinyl formats!
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Alex Cobb

Students of Decay have been showing us pure drone bliss recently, and now it's bossman Alex Cobb's turn to shine with a work that stands as a culmination of his career: Chantepleure is a work motivated by contentedness and serenity, with the noise elements of Cobb's work being reduced and shifted to serve a calmer, more affectionate end. Full of guitar tones, except not "full" of them because this is minimalism at its best.


DIY mainstay and Night School label owner Michael Kasparis takes his industrial strength synth-punk project Apostile to the next logical place by self-releasing his debut full length LP. You may know him as a member of Please or perhaps The Lowest Form but anyone who has stumbled upon his releases for Clan Destine and Goaty Tapes will be aware of the Apostile’s inherent might as a entity within itself, fiercely independent and driven as the man is, you’d expect nothing less from his solo outlet. ‘Powerless’ taps into Kaparis’s chosen field with new insights, giving the de-composted slurry of Suicide-esque trash punk aesthetics a new lease of bewildered life. Kasparis’s intense live performances are a testament too his continued mission to bridge the gap between audience and performer and it’s great to hear some of that energy translate on record, which, if Soundcloud preview ‘Good Man’ is anything to go by, will be immense.

Into Memory

'Into Memory' is artist Mark Rowley’s debut album under the pseudonym Component#4. Building on the sharp, economical electronic rhythms of his 2012 EP release on Wayside and Woodland records ‘Barbed Wire Sunday’. ‘Into Memory’ is a collection of songs inspired by Rowley’s childhood in the post-industrial, socially deprived West Midlands of the 1980’s. Each of the atmospheric pop songs paints a landscape of different aspects of the artists environment or an experience encountered during this period and is as much a historical document as it is a stunningly crafted work of musical composition.

Young Ones

‘Young Ones’ is South London twin brothers Formation’s debut EP. Hot on the heels of their highly acclaimed, dancefloor storming single of the same title, the album combines the varied influences of grunge rock wailers Dinosaur Jr, vintage disco punk legends ESG and the early releases of dance rock crossover label DFA records, resulting in an energetic, percussive sound that pays homage to, whilst at the same time transcending their wide range of musical influences.

Fort Romeau

The sophomore release from UK house diva Mike Greene promises more pillow-stuffed loveliness floating over four-to-the-floor beats that'll probably send you completely Plato in the middle of the dance floor. He's a (presumably) self-confessed practitioner of "slow listening", so if you want to know what the hell that means then get this.

Francis Macdonald
Music For String Quartet, Piano and Celeste

Recorded and mixed by Iain Hutchison (Julie Fowlis, Transatlantic Sessions) at Mogwai’s Castle Of Doom studio, featuring a quartet from the celebrated Scottish Ensemble, ‘Music For String Quartet, Piano & Celeste’ is songwriter/composer Francis Macdonald (Teenage Fanclub)’s composition of minimalist contemporary music influenced by his work in film and TV soundtracks.

Grey Hairs
Colossal Downer

Originally conceived as serial two EP set: A side ‘Man Gulps’ and B side ‘Little Fingers’, Nottingham post punk, post grunge, post rock four piece Grey Hairs (Featuring members of Lords, Fists, Cult Of Dom Keller, Fonda 500 and Kogumaza.) attempt to provide some listening convenience by packaging the concept neatly on to one piece of orange vinyl. Recalling the reckless, riff heavy, sonic assault and deeply distorted guitar fuzz of pre-hype era 90’s alternative rock/grunge, ‘Colossal Downer’ represents a concerted effort to return to the very beginning of the bands musical origins.

Weird Little Birthday

'Weird Little Birthday' is the self produced follow up to the critically acclaimed eponymous debut EP released earlier this year from South London trio Happyness. Drawing of the influence of college rock bands such as Sparklehorse, Pavement, MGMT and Yo La Tengo, ‘Wierd Little Birthday’ is a record which plays on the difficult balance between naive enthusiasm and introspective melancholy.

This Is Your Captain Speaking… Your Captain Is Dead: The Albums & Singles 1970-1974

This brand new Hawkwind box set is a complete discography of one of the bands most productive and iconic periods of their career from 1970 – 1974, beginning with their  1970 self-titled album and covering four years of output across seven live studio albums, the compilation also includes a bonus disc compiling all their singles including the prog classic ‘Silver Machine’.


Quartet Heat hail from Montreal, and their sound shifts around from laid-back Velvetsy vibes to almost shoegazy productions. The most unique feature is probably the baritone vocals, often shimmying from way-at-the-back of the mix to the very front. Rooms is a reissue of their first EP, back by popular demand on Kitsune.

Holly Herndon

The eagerly anticipated second album from San Francisco's Holly Herndon, here at last! With Platform, she continues to investigate technology and surveillance society through the prism of glitched electronic avant-dance-pop. Dense productions swirling with digital detail, Herndon is a talented and exciting musician. Delve in.

No News From Home

Not the eccentric label who have the audacity to release all your favourite records, but an equally exciting band of psychedelic-influenced mavericks. Houndstooth continue to define their sound with No News From Home, which sees the band follow up Ride Out The Dark with another record of confessional and strikingly personal works, made real and relatable by way of Katie Bernstein's songwriting.

Jacco Gardner
Find Yourself

Having released his debut album Cabinet of Curiosities in 2013 to favourable reviews, Find Yourself is Jacco Gardner’s debut single from the new album, Hypnophobia. It continues on the dutchman’s deeply layered and airy psychedelic dreamy pop which eases in and out of focus in a haze of fairytale and wonder. A limited 7” with an exclusive track on the B-side, Mixed Feelings.

Jane Weaver / Tender Prey
Don't Take My Soul / Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of My Heart

Jane Weaver’s Don't Take my Soul is an exposition of her gentle electropop and pretty, can’t-quite-put-your-thumb-on-it vocals, delivered appealingly and at high pitch. The 7” is split with Tender Prey, whose Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of my Heart is a promising sneak preview of their upcoming full-length.

Joanne Robertson
Black Moon Days

Black Moon Days is Joanne Robertson’s second record. Her sound is very intimate, singing of troubles and dark thoughts in an untutored but pure voice that suggests acceptance. Playing both electric and acoustic guitar, Robertson captivates. Released on Feeding Tube Records in an edition of 300.

Jozef Van Wissem & Domingo Garcia-Huidobro
Partir To Live: Original Soundtrack

A vinyl release for Jozef van Wissem’s soundtrack to the 2012 Chilean film Partir to Live from director Domingo Garcia-Huidobro. Van Wissem’s soundtrack is dark, brooding and fuzzy drone combined with some classical guitar music. It’s disconcerting and seemingly volatile. The vinyl lp comes with a copy of the film on DVD. An edition of 1000.


Jangling instrumental guitar pieces from Lanterna. Sensitive and mellow, you could criticise Lanterna’s work for slotting too easily into the background, but that wouldn’t really be fair, as there is a lot going on in here. Besides, Backyards makes a really nice background. On Independent Project Records.

Laura Marling
Short Movie

The ever-prolific Laura Marling only recently offered us her mythical folk master-stroke Once I Was An Eagle, but she returns with more on Short Movie, an equally but differently expansive work focused on electric guitars and scorched rock energy. Same serious, intense work; different approach.

Lower Dens
Escape From Evil

New album from Lower Dens, that features a sound that maintains the cold distance of their earlier work whilst also somehow feeling warmer. Single ‘To Die In L.A.’ sets the tone with a beautiful melody and arrangements sweeping around Jana Hunter’s gorgeously stark voice. Escape From Evil is released by Ribbon Music.

My Morning Jacket
The Waterfall

Recorded in Stinson Beach CA, ‘The Waterfall’ is Louisville Kentucky based rock quintet My Morning Jacket’s seventh full length album, due for release on ATO Records/Capitol Records. Following in the footsteps of their highly acclaimed Grammy nominated 2011 release ‘Circuital’, ‘The Waterfall’ is a focused, psychedelic homage to the beauty of nature.

Pere Ubu
The Pere Ubu Moon Unit

Pere Ubu Moon Unit, amazingly, is a version of Pere Ubu formed so that the band could support themselves on tour. As well as saving them the trouble of organising / watching support bands, it also opened up new angles and raw possibilities in their sound. This release captures the Moon Unit performance from Leeds’ beloved Brudenell Social Club.

Ravestar Supreme

Russian shoegazers Pinkshinyultrablast excerpt two tracks from their recent Everything Else Matters album for this natty little transparent blue 7” on Club AC30. Big washes of guitar swathed over everything, as you’d expect, but the vocalist’s falsetto and the jumpy tunes stand out.

Richard Youngs
No Fans Compendium

Who likes Richard Youngs? I'm told that it's Richard Youngs fans, who have dealt with a lot of sound experiments in their time: beyond the sometimes sprawling, sometimes internalised folk music, they've listened to D-beat and minimal, plus some tape stuff. All of it's good, in its way, and No Fans Compendium suggests there are a lot of people after a lot of different Youngs vibes: this 7-disc bundle of joy issues very limited pressings: 20th Century Jams, 21st Century Jams, Live In Salford, Somerland/No Home Like Place, Three Handed Star/Garden of Stones, plus an extra two discs called Harpenden! and Thought Plane. No fans? Many.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma
FRKWYS Vol. 12: We Know Each Other Somehow

‘We Know Each Other Somehow’ is a collection of original compositions by Robert Aiki Aubery Lowe (aka Lichens) and French born, multi genre composer Ariel Kalma. Recorded in a remote area on the outskirts of the Eastern Australian coast, the album consists of two electronic synthesised compositions of ambient spiritual exploration.

Ryley Walker
Primrose Green

Harking back to an era of technically proficient folk guitar, Ryley Walker brings a high level of craftsmanship to his work. Hailing from the Chicago scene that brought an exquisitely understated fusion of jazz and prog (Tortoise et al), Primrose Green brings a pastoral flavour to an area of rich musical heritage. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Dead Oceans.

Super Furry Animals

It’s reissue time for the alt kings of Wales. The fourth album by Super Furry Animals is a lo-fi effort that’s packed with pop sensibilities. Notably their first release with lyrics entirely sung in Welsh, Mwng was described by Rhys as their ‘pop strike’ after failing to make chart headway in English. An essential document in the evolution of musical heavyweights and it's catchy as hell. Out on CD, deluxe 2CD, vinyl LP and LTD deluxe 3LP from Domino.

The Go! Team
The Scene Between

‘The Scene Between’ is the latest album release from Brighton indie, garage rock six piece The Go! Team. Following a hiatus during which the other members dispersed to explore various musical projects and life commitments, this record marks a return to the bands origins with founder member Parton writing and recording by himself, creating a vocal/melody driven record utilising his love of sample collection and songwriting, full of catchy hooks and varying production styles.

The Mountain Goats
Beat The Champ

Wordsmith, genius song-writer, metal enthusiast and all-rounder nerd John Darnielle has released roughly ten billion records as The Mountain Goats, and since transitioning from lo-fi cassette underdog to established folk hero, he's released classics such as Get Lonely and Transcendental Youth, dealing with what it feels like to be hauled up inside your own head, even when there's a world of stories out there. Beat The Champ is a concept album based around pro-wrestling, because of course, and it comes swiftly after the release of his debut novel, so promises narrative prowess of the highest.

The Soft Moon

The reclusive tones of The Soft Moon betray its humble origins: the project was never meant to be heard. But private press doesn't remain private for long, in most cases, and Luis Vasquez soon shared his melancholic wasteland of cold synth and post-punk with the world. Deeper is what it says: another additive work that offers more details to his personal truths using the same downbeat but forcefully melodic sound.