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March pre-orders

Ok we can all stop worrying now. It might be freezing outside but spring is on its way. Sunshine, daffodils, eggs and all that type of stuff.....and great records. Yup several of our favourite bands have emerged out of hibernation to present their wares in the month we now know as BRSD (Before Record Store Day). 
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Tuesday March 10th 2015. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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(Sandy) Alex G

It's the new one from Alex G. Trick is the thirteen tracker from the Philadelphia based musician and songwriter. This is one for all the indie weirdos out there, with each track lead by Alex's wonky melancholic croon over an acoustic guitar, with some bits of casio keyboards and other lo-fi bits and bats. Think Mac Demarco & Elvis Depressedly. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Lucky Number.

Aidan Baker
The Sea Swells A Bit

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Benoît Pioulard

An intimate album of warm melodic droning. Benoit Pioulard started the process of making this album by recording unexpectedly musical tones from animal or mechanical sources (eg. extractor fans), and then transposing those sounds to his guitar. Released on almost-identically-priced vinyl and CD by the ever-loved Kranky label.

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat
The Most Important Place In The World

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Back from Iceland, Björk is bringing another piece of her wild and crazy pop history to us. Vulnicura is released on double vinyl, in a deluxe digipack or a classic CD, but as far as we know none of the editions includes any fancy Björk swanmade dresses. We tried to make it happen, we really did.

The Magic Whip

The first album from Blur in twelve years, born from a chance cancellation of a gig back in 2013, much to the disappointment of fans at the time but to their unbridled bouncy joy today. With original members Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn, Alex James and Dave Rowntree, returned from cheese dreams and high musical art to produce the twelve tracks of The Magic Whip. Vinyl double LP and CD from Parlophone.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s lounge folk sophomore album 5:55 gets the reissue treatment here on double vinyl. Wispy vocals meet with the staunch Frenchness of Air and the expansive production of Nigel Godrich to create a piece of work that sits out of step time and the weight of expectation. Out on 2LP vinyl from Because Music.

Courtney Barnett
Sometimes I Sit And Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit is the debut album by Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett. It follows on from the brilliant Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas which was released in 2013. Filled with lyrically sharp, catchy songs, this album confirms Courtney Barnett as a genuinely brilliant and unique artist.

D'Angelo and The Vanguard
Black Messiah

Returning after an almost fourteen year absence, D’Angelo finally follows up his influential ‘Voodoo’. This is a politicised record of soul, funk and hip-hop hybrids, of daring lyrics combining eroticism and state-of-the-nation pleas and of warm R&B backing from his long-term band. The pieces on this vinyl double LP are so confident and natural it’s difficult to imagine he’s been gone at all.

Death Cab For Cutie

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Managing to come back from being really, really uncool after being mentioned in the resignation letter of a Labour shadow cabinet member, Drenge release their second LP, Undertow. Loud, one for fans of the Libertines and fast, rhythm-fuelled 90s Britpop.  The album deals with big themes such as love, loss and Arabic food. On vinyl, CD, cassette tape on Infectious Music.

East India Youth
Culture of Volume

Less than a year after his debut, the appallingly titled Total Strife Forever, burst onto the scene in a wave of hype, electronic whizzkid and social media busy body William Doyle is back after signing to big label XL. This is sure to be one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year; his euphoric live shows have helped build him an excitable fan base who will be slavering right now. This better be good, right?  

Fawn Spots
From Safer Place

Fast incredulous punks Fawn Spots take a spot on the floor and listen to the sounds of Husker Du and their likes, hoping one day they can make something half as punx. Forward however many years and From Safer Place tears things up in all the right ways, maintaining that screeching, unfiltered energy but tempering it with honest-to-god pop music.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress

We thought we'd lost them forever but here they are with their first single length album since their very earliest days. Recorded in late 2013/14 with Greg Norman (not the golfer but the Electrical Audio engineer), 'Asunder, Sweet and other Distress' is described as Godspeed's most focussed and best sounding record to date. Clocking in at an anaemic (for them) 40 minutes, all the usual touchstones are in place, so expect enormo-crescendos, strings and guitars in glorious unison and exhilarating noise and drone explorations. For those with an interest in stats, track count is at 4 this time whilst exclamation mark total is at a lowly 2.    

Jane Weaver
The Silver Globe

‘The Silver Globe’ is the sixth solo album from Liverpudlian singer/songwriter and guitarist Jane Weaver. A concept album inspired by past experiences, cosmic imagery and idiosyncratic stories, 'The Silver Glove' combines  influences of mechanical rock with retrofitted European cinema and empyrean vocals, alongside futuristic vintage synths to create something multifaceted, beguiling and truly singular. 

Laura Groves
Committed Language

The follow-up EP to Laura Groves’ previous release, Thinking About Thinking, Committed Language is a four track EP of sensual R&B style rhythms with some nice grooves and beats which flirts with electronic lounge music. It’s all brought together by Groves’ crisp voice which is both vulnerable and empowering.   On 12” vinyl.

Lilacs & Champagne
Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh

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Why is this lady a LoneLady? Scaring off potential suitors with sick music? Probably. Or maybe she is just off into the Hinterland, trying, somehow, desperately, to bring some back for the listeners, eagerly awaiting her return. Featuring single "Bunkerpop" and then another eight sweet tracks! 

Make Up
Save Yourself

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Matthew E. White
Fresh Blood

Matthew E. White presents his second record, full of big arrangements and radiant tunews. And, given that you are purchasing from a wholesome independent record store like ours, you can get your hands on the special, indies-only double LP edition, which exclusively includes a minimalist re-working of the entire album! Deluxe indeed.

Modest Mouse
Strangers To Ourselves

Growling indie rock merchants Modest Mouse have detailed surreal car trips, painted cities, floated on and sailed doomed expeditions, and then they took a sabbatical. Now their buzzing guitars and the howl of Isaac Brock are back for Strangers to Ourselves, a much postponed, much anticipated new album. It's the closest thing I can get to hearing a Wolf Parade album in 2015, and it's an event to behold for all of us.

Sleep's Holy Mountain

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My Dreams Dictate My Reality

Produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (The Cure), ‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’ is singer songwriter Soko’s follow up to her melancholic folk album debut ‘I Thought I Was An Alien’. The album includes two hypnotic collaborative tracks (‘Monster Love’ and ‘Lovetrap’) with lo-fi troubadour Ariel Pink.

Damogen Furies

Expect the unexpectedly expected from this new work from nightmare-inducing sound weirdo Squarepusher. On Warp on 21st April, Damogen Furies is the usual fare from this pioneering UK artist who blends analogue and digital to create monster-summoning tracks from the depths of his frankly terrifying psyche. On vinyl double LP or CD.

Stealing Sheep
Not Real

Stealing Sheep’s second album, Not Real, comes packaged within enticingly curious cover art: you know that these are legs, but how many, whose, and in what configuration? The music may prompt some of the same questions, as Stealing Sheep’s sound is a surreal and colourful form of pop music.

Sufjan Stevens
Carrie & Lowell

Sufjan Stevens left behind the folk game a long time ago, declaring his plan to write fifty records for fifty states a mere joke -- a sentiment that failed to wash away the beauty of the ornately composed Michigan and the pantomimic Illinoise. In the years since, he's been writing song cycles dedicated to the solar system, conducting orchestras in tributes to American highways, making fun of people on his blog and releasing records that betray deep existential crises -- All Delighted People and the synth-mad Age of Adz. He returns now with Carrie & Lowell, a record which promises a retracing of footsteps, back to the days when Stevens was about acoustic guitars, banjos and soft sadness. It's dedicated to his mum and step-dad. Argh. Crying.


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The Declining Winter
Home For Lost Souls

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The Leisure Society
The Fine Art Of Hanging On

The Fine Art Of Hanging On is the fourth album by The Leisure Society. The album has a theme of hanging on running through its songs although the band did not intend to make a concept album. As with previous albums, the complexities involved in their songwriting, arrangements and musicianship are all present. This, coupled with the band’s penchant to use a wide range of instruments makes for a confident band recording one of the best albums yet.

The Myrrors
Arena Negra

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Toro Y Moi
What For?

With a background in punk bands, South Carolinian producer/ singer songwriter Chaz Bundick began making bedroom music under the name Toro Y Moi in 2001 and went on to pioneer the sludgy electronic sound that pre-empted chillwave. ‘What For?’ was recorded during an intermission from working on a record for his dance project Les Sins, and is a new direction for this musical adventurer, exploring lose themes of love and nature in a way that is intentionally vague and beautiful.

Elliptic EP

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Los Angeles psychedelic warriors Wand return with their second album of heavy, heavy jams. Whereas their debut for Ty Segall’s God? imprint was heavy on the ol' synthetic texture, this one has more of a live feel. In short, it rocks, as you might expect given that it's the group's inaugural release for their new label In The Red.
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This album is not about the Baltimore drug scene. It’s not about how to transfer money. It’s not about insulating your house. It’s our first submission for UnGoogleable Album of the Year 2015. Wire’s 13th album, their first self-titled, is the return of a punkband that has been going for almost 40 years. That’s above the average life expectancy of anybody in a punk band, and hence an impressive feat in its own right. Hopefully the album is equally impressive.

Wu-Tang Clan
A Better Tomorrow

After years of putting it off and asking each member if it's gonna happen -- and RZA saying it'd only happen if he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted and take the project wherever he could -- the Wu-Tang announced not one album, but two (though you'd have to be earning a lot more right now to own the second). A Better Tomorrow sees their reunion and the vinyl offers five instrumentals on top of it all -- though you're probably mostly excited to hear these dudes rap together again, I presume?

Young Fathers
White Men Are Black Men Too

Boldly titled follow-up album to Young Fathers’ award-winning debut, White Men Are Black Men Too. This group are not afraid to stir things up with their lyrics, their politics and their productions, which continue to mix hip-hop structures with all sorts of not-so-expected sonics. Released by the Big Dada label.