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Phil is a man. But round here we also know him as a 'phil'anthropist - and he's been reducing a whole load of titles just to save you money. Heart of gold that guy. Here they are in case you fancy a browse...
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Boduf Songs
Internal Memo

Mat Sweet's hushed indie rock has the heightened dramatic tone of his arena peers, echoing The National but in a lo-fi underworld where his voice is barely heard. It's sparse but ornamented music at once, and Internal Memo documents his move overseas with the usual sombre, dissatisfied atmospherics. Gloom on.

Charles Cohen
A Restrospective

Retrospective of enigmatic synth innovator Charles Cohen. Preferring to focus on performing his Buchla free-improvisations live rather than recording, it has taken analogue techno figurehead Morphosis to compile a definitive two CD selection. Cohen combines early electronic experimentation with complex rhythms and rough edged composition, to get something completely unique.

Machine Conspiracy

Extra modern science waves for your listening pleasure from Conforce aka Boris Brunnik. Machine Conspiracy is a series of deep and sultry techno crème brulees. Boris mixes the classic extraterrestrial aesthetic of 'the D' in a minimal euro manner. Tump it out on the F1 or schmooze it around for a sunday lunch .. possibly. Out on triple vinyl LP and CD from Delsin record.

Damo Suzuki
Seven Potatoes: Live in Nanaimo

Nanaimo may be known as the Bathtub Racing Capital Of The World, but it's also host to some other offerings of culture, and while there's a bit of bathtub racing on 'Seven Potatoes: Live In Nanaimo', it's mainly just a live performance by Can's famed second vocalist Damo Suzuki. He's joined by his backing band -- the "Sound Carriers", who have included prominent members of many a Canadian post-rock band, including Do Make Say Think -- to craft hypnotic jams in the fashion of his old krautrock band. 

In Advance of the Broken Arm

‘In Advance of the Broken Arm’ is the new 12” from Parisian techno heads December, released via A14, a new 12” imprint dedicated to “delinquent dancefloor gear”. Presented here are two new tracks from December, ‘In Advance of the Broken Arm’ and the dubby ‘Collapse’. Limited edition of 300 copies available. 
  • Vinyl 12" (A14-01)
  • £7.49 £4.49 (saving: £3.00)
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Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby - Volume 2

Jack Ruby were one of the missing links between Fun House era Stooges and the eventual No Wave of the late 70s. They basically sound like what would happen if J.G Ballard started a proto-punk band; electronic noise throughout with dirty rock n' roll. This is the 2nd volume of LP reissues which is the more noisy and experimental side of the band, and it features an appearance by free jazz sax player Pete van Riper and some electric viola reminiscent of some of the Velvet Underground's most dissident work. Limited edition of just 600 copies, it also includes a download card. 
  • Vinyl LP (FTR158LP)
  • £16.49 £8.25 (saving: £8.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Jesse Ruins
Fractured Holy Symmetry

'A Film' was a record by shoegazing, pop dreaming, electronica-tinkering band Jesse Ruins, and 'Fractured Holy Symmetry' is a companion piece for all those who loved it, featuring remixes by artists such as Soft Metals, Naliza Moo, Radio Friends and Diane Halls, as well as six new Jesse Ruins tracks. A varied offering of noise and synth pop. 
  • Vinyl LP (DSR118LP)
  • £18.99 £9.50 (saving: £9.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Lotus Plaza / Nice Weekend

Mark Lanegan
Phantom Radio

Nice to know old gravel larynx Mark Lanegan is releasing an album he composed largely on his phone. Apparently this is his krautrock/post-punk inspired album. Nice to know the singer from The Screaming Trees was soaking up lots of British and German music in his youth rather than digging Alice Cooper and Blue Cheer. He explains, kindly, that he's waited until impending old-man status looms large over his life before he begins pastiching the music he loved when he wore plaid shirts and had long hair. It cannot be any more cringeworthy or mawkish than that crooner-style mess he forced on us a while back.

Toro Y Moi
June 2009

  • CD (CAK073CD)
  • £10.99 £5.50 (saving: £5.49)
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Bush Taxi Mali

Travel through the heart of Mali with this field recording taking you on a journey through the hot country which reaches deep into the Sahara desert. Perfect for gingers who love the idea of visiting an African country but who will burn to a crisp five second after arriving there. Flutes, chants, ngosi and Jalimusa Amanita Diabaté make this a real piece of the country.