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Bad History Month / Dust From 1000 Years
Famous Cigarettes

Their name must be hip, because it’s ironic: Dust from a 1000 Years doesn’t sound old at all, but rather fresh. Which is really just a crazy coincidence because it’s not a Bad History Month at all, seeing as it brought us this swell split EP! Which, I might add, is limited to 308 (curious number right) copies in colors and everything!
  • Vinyl LP
  • £16.99 £8.50 (saving: £8.49)
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BC Camplight
How To Die In The North

Unsettlingly serene synth pop returns under the cover of night as BC Camplight check back in to the twilit hotel. How To Die In The North is another night-time pantomime of sorrowful vocal performances, beats that sound like shoes dashing down the street, sparkling electronics and untraceable guitar riffs. Dream pop of the darkest variety. Good night, and good luck.

Broughton's Rules
Anechoic Horizon

A post-rock band with a bit of the Don Caballero in them (literally and figuratively), Broughton's Rules are ready to unleash their second record of emotive guitar signalling and climactic skyscraping. 'Anechoic Horizon' is a purely instrumental work that evokes the genre's blank and beautiful heydays. Post-rock, I want to believe.

Hold On It's Easy

Interesting release here. Cornershop have elected to take their debut album Hold On It Hurts, from way back in 1993, and remake it for 2015. But! You will notice that this album is titled Hold On It's Easy, which signifies that the style of these versions is a lot smoother, a lot more orchestral: a lot ‘easier’ (according to dominant assumptions about music anyway).

Mind Holding Pattern

Cuticle's techno is sliced into as many pieces as is humanely possible, creating tunes that metamorphose over their course, stuttering in and out with flourishes of silence and ambient haze. 'Mind Holding Pattern' has hints of a dated krautrock aesthetic as well as signs of Jason Urick's influence, while retaining a propulsive rhythm you'd only find in the world of Cuticle.

Dez Williams
Strength In Numbers

When it comes to acid-drenched techno, Dez Williams knows what he's doing. He's got a storied history in dystopian global funk, derelict industrial assaults and burbling squelchy electro, and he's going to school us in it with 'Strength In Numbers'. This is the soundtrack to a ride across UK's finest wastelands. 

A Box of 78s

A Box Of 78s in box on 12 inch vinyl. Over 50 sound documents, field recordings and vibrated memories. All captured to maybe document the lives and times of people in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. This leather box was owned by DinahBird’s grandmother. Lovingly cared for and shared within her family. It is now here on a limited 300 edition run. Share inside time.  
  • Vinyl LP (Gruen 148/14)
  • £19.49 £11.69 (saving: £7.80)
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DMX Krew
Galaxy Love / Didn't I

Electro-boogie-funk from Englishman Ed Upton aka DMX Krew. Ed has been pumping out his electro productions since the 90's and Galaxy Love / Didn't I are two dance floor fillers. Crammed with squelchy synths, funky disco drums and tight guitars, these tracks ooze P-Funk, Prince and Dam-Funk. Repress out on 7" vinyl from Fresh Up.

Cigarette Machine

I wonder if they ever were in an actual cult? Ex-Cult is what this group of hard, moshing rockers call themselves and Cigarette Machine is the LP. It’s rough, it’s Doc Martens wearing, it’s leather jacket clad bikers blowing bulbous balloons of pink gum, it’s head banging to the heavy drums, eye rolling to the woozing, scratching guitar and phlegm spitting to the drunken vocals. It’s here to stay.

Expo '70
July 18, 2004

Tenth anniversary edition of July 18, 2004 by Expo ‘70. Heavily influenced by Kosmiche and the surrounding ambient music, it’s a journey into the potential of guitars and FX. Think the beatless excursions of Popol Vuh and Ash Ra Tempel. Out on Cassette and vinyl LP from Sonic Meditations.
  • Vinyl LP (SM059LP)
  • £17.99 £9.00 (saving: £8.99)
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Fucked Up
Sun Glass

The trendiest punks around Fucked Up have another 7" out. Sun Glass is a psych drenched punk rock tune with folky pop overtones. The title is sung through as a response to all of Damian Abraham's kaleidoscopic poetry. Full of their signature euphoric layered guitars and propulsive drums. Out on 7" vinyl on Matador.

Fucked Up
Paper The House

Canadian punks Fucked Up have another 7" release from their Glass Boys record. Paper The House is an angst fuelled monologue from front man Damian Abraham, about the realities of being in a punk rock band, growing up and the existential issues he faces. His signature wail is spilled over Fucked Up's relentless drums and interweaving melodic psych-punk guitars. Out on 7" vinyl on Matador.

Gene Hunt
Freddy's Dead

Eerie Nightmare on Elm Street themed Chicago house from the golden age of raw and jackin’ drum machines. Protege of Chicago legend Ron Hardy, Gene Hunt blends a love of disco and reel to reel editing, complete mastery of the Roland 909 and an ear for unforgettable synth lines. The vinyl 12” comes complete with Freddy Krueger on the cover and on the B-side another glorious unreleased song from the same period.

Ghostwriter & Michael Paine

Mark Brend, better known under his spooky alias of Ghostwriter, is joined by collaborator Michael Paine on a collection of compositions that evoke empty English houses where people once used to live but have since evacuated; sentimental piano is at the fore, along with flourishes of guitar, xylophone, abstract percussion, found sounds and other loose ends. Morrow is a chilling and melancholy work of art.

Hanni El Khatib

Stripped-back garage rock, with a dash of hypermasculine rock and roll and a touch of the blues from San Francisco-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hanni El Khatib. On his third album and still heavily influenced by his work with Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. On both vinyl and CD.

The Prepared Piano (10th Anniversary Edition)

Rearranging the rules of the piano, Hauschka creates pieces which are interested in viewing the instrument in a different way. Wedging bits of leather and other such things into the piano strings, adding guitar strings or covering the piano hammers in bits of tin-foil, the result is a band of pianos which jangle along in a childlike manner with some fine tunes on The Prepared Piano.


More unique constructions on this double vinyl from JK (aka Jodey Kendrick). Clattering, stiff-but-funky drums come under attack from swooping bass bombs while spectral synths hover in the distance. A singular take on dark electronic music which is suffused with groove and a freewheeling sense of adventure rather than po-faced attitude.

Jenny Wilson
Demand The Impossible!

A reality check from Jenny Wilson. Demand The Impossible! is the introspective twelve tracker from the Swedish artist. Written while Wilson was receiving cancer treatment, the album features aggy synths, swooping vocal falsettos and wails, angular drums and squidgy bass lines. It's indie-art-disco-pop from Scandinavia, pick it up on on vinyl LP and CD from Crunchy Frog.

M Is A Shape

With M is a Shape, L/F/D/M will hopefully bring us more of the minimal acid house that we’ve grown to appreciate. Reminiscent of the warm, comfortable house we remember from the sadly defunct Basic Channel label, L/F/D/M has brought us artful, cozy masterpieces before and may well do so again!

Last Harbour

Gloomy rock from Last Harbour in their latest release, Caul. After taking some time out from their last album and tour, they have created another beautiful album which merges bleak experimentation with moments of joy and transcendance. Featuring the band’s most epic piece yet, a 13-minute epic cinematic piece. CD and vinyl on Gizeh.


Getting ready for the apocalypse with Marreck. Cetology is the new eight tracker from the man also known as Michael Hann. Taking you higher and lower than you've ever been, Marreck jacks up the bpm, doubles the layers and increases the intensity to breaking point, with these esoteric cosmic industrial tech-noise abominations. Out on CD Nute.

Home Everywhere

Medicine make songs and then sabotage them until they're buried under a dusty pile of rocks, taking after the Perfect Pussy punx with the whole mission statement of "write pop, fuck it up later". Unlike the fuzz of their peers, 'Home Everywhere' has little interest in nostalgia, making the noise the main attraction and the tune under it a secondary affair -- it's kind of like listening to Magik Markers with shiny structures underneath.

Nozinja / Tessela
Wa Chacha

Some intercontinental music making from Nozinja / Tessela. Wa Chacha is the new double A from these two contrasting producers. After a single drink they hit the studio to make these two opposing cuts, with Nozinja supplying the track and them both having a pop at producing their own version of it.  Nozinja goes for the up-tempo Afro-centric percussive electronics, whilst Tessela slows it down and strips it back. Out on 12" vinyl from Bleep.

Nu-Sound II Crew / Magnus I
Spilt EP

Both a reissue and a split EP, this is one of the things we love most at Norman Records. Throw in the fact that we’re talking about oldskool experimental 90s synthesizer driven electro, and we might be tempted to keep all these beautiful vinyl 12”s, including the sweet postcard of the Nu Sounds crew djing.

Live At The Music Hall

Taking inspiration from Bob Dylan’s Hard Rain, Matthew Houck decided for the live Phosphorescent album, rather than churn out a "greatest hits live" collection that he would show the songs in a new light, demonstrating how his songs have an amorphous quality,and how they have been able to develop since their original recorded versions. The song selection spans the 10 year career of Phosphorescent and includes songs from all four albums. Live At The Music Hall is available on triple vinyl LP and double CD.

Finding The Floor

It's protocol to call it "industrial-strength" when you're talking about industrial work these days, but Noah Anthony makes crackly sounds that sound wonderfully fractured, as if he'd hunted down scraps and pieced them together the best he could. 'Finding The Floor' takes cues from pulsating genres with serious micro-aggressive tactics, from techno to dub at their most extreme and polarising.

Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy

  • Vinyl 12" (DIAG015)
  • £8.99 £4.50 (saving: £4.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Purity Ring
Another Eternity

Purity Ring are a Canadian duo made up of Megan James and Corin Roddick. Another Eternity is the duo’s second album and follows on from the critically acclaimed 2012 debut, Shrines. Their debut also reached No.1 on the iTunes electronic chart. It was recorded whilst the pair were in separate cities of Montreal and Halifax. For Another Eternity, the James and Roddick returned to their hometown of Edmonton, Alberta where most of the self-produced and recorded album took shape.

Ricardo Donoso
Sarava Exu

Available on 180 gram 12” vinyl LP with special 3D print in various colors with download code included, as well as CD digipak. Brazilian composer Ricardo Donoso who currently lives in Boston draws on his disparate compositional projects of Scuba Death and Ehnahre to create these violently evolving dark pieces which you could neatly file alongside Demdike Stare and Raime.

Ruby The Hatchet
Valley Of The Snake

Remarkably, given the state of this album’s cover, Valley Of The Snake is actually a brand new album, not a reissue from 1972. Singer Jillian Taylor presides over a dramatic landscape of psych-metal: Ruby The Hatchet sound much as you might expect from the cover, but that need not be a bad thing.

Russell Haswell
Double A

Russell Haswell recently came down to earth to shatter teeth and ruin lives with his new noisy record 'Conceptual nO!se', which was not only gleefully abrasive, but also kinda infuriating to type. Ever prolific, he returns now with 'Double A', a squelchy, more contentedly dance-oriented record consisting of two ten minute workouts. It's still intense, but a little less gruesome. 
  • Vinyl 12" (DIAG013)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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A group from the Wirral, Sundowners proudly proclaim their inspirations as Tame Impala, Goat, Can, Neu! and Velvet Underground and they have toured with Cat’s Eyes and Kasabian. Intrigued as to what that collision of heavy-weight psych/kraut might sound like? Sundowners is an album of psychedelic pop and folk rammed with some delicious guitar hooks and a cheerful drum beat topped with some chill-out vocals in the style of Slapp Happy. Carefree psychedelic pop.


Not Not Fun delve further into new-age weird-loner America with this evocative LP from Swanox. Duskrunner marks the first vinyl transmission for Anthony Orion, and contains more heady, heavy, abstracted vibes. Only 299 copies pressed of this blissful Californian detritus exist. Sounds like another indispensable slab from this essential label.

Taylor Deupree
Lost & Compiled

Taylor Deupree's take on the lost-and-found compilation format is a little different: Lost & Compiled rests on the idea that each iteration of a Deupree composition is different based on when and how it was drafted, and so each song has older, more primitive counterparts -- call them test-runs, clones, mutations, whatever, this record offers ex-versions that are often better, sometimes worse, but always different.

Terry Riley and Roberto Cacciapaglia
In C

Terry Riley originally composed the urgent and enthralling "In C" -- characterised by minimal layers of percussion, oboe, flute, trombones and whatever -- back in 1964. Riley intended for the piece to be played for over thirty people, offering a boisterous and intense sound from very incremental, almost non-existent melodic segues. On this record, he's joined by Robert Cacciapaglia in a live 1988 performance of the piece at the Aterforum Festival in Ferrara.

The Gate

The Gate's fourth record, the not at all repulsively-titled 'Stench', was recorded out in New York and birthed a few good twists and turns in the time between its inception and release. The power metal band went overboard with this one, bringing in touches of psych and funk, as well as their usual love of jazz. Weird world, my friends.

Truth & J:Kenzo
Devil's Hands / Invaders

Taking you into the black hole with Truth & Youngsta. Devil's Hand / Invaders are two new remixes of tracks from Truth and J:Kenzo. On then A side, Youngsta spooks out 'Devil's Hands' with some eerie synths, minimal tribalism and low hertz. On the flip Truth dabbles with some heavy samples, crispier than Gary Lineker percussion and total dread. Out on 12" vinyl from Tempa.

Terror & Healing

Marja Johansson of Kemiallset Ystävät creates a record of abstracted and hard-wired beauty, bringing together a dense palate of sounds around motifs that circle inwards and then outwards, samples that get cut and fucked up, and a lot of electronic configuration. If "Animal Negatives" is anything to go by, with its tumultuous percussion and foggy effects, then Terror & Healing is the sound of rain tumbling down a pixelated mountainside. 
  • Vinyl LP (NI23)
  • £20.99 £10.50 (saving: £10.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Wild Beasts
Present Tense Remixes

Indie rockers Wild Beasts went all sensual and synth on 'Present Tense', their fourth record. For the special edition issue of the record, some honest-to-god electronic types move in to show them what's what, reworking their tunes after their own warped visions. Foals offer up a cut, as does everyone's favourite experimental constant, East India Youth. There's also a barely recognisable remix of "Wanderlust" from industrial groovers Factory Floor. 

Yannick Dauby
Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol. 1

French sound composer Yannick Dauby spent several months in Peng-Hu (located in the Taiwan strait) composing this record which documents the environment using sounds of underwater fauna, waves shortwave radio and sounds collected from harbours. He used analog electronic instruments to create a haunting sketchbook of his time on the island. Like previous records (one where he collected the sound of frogs) it will appeal to fans of unusual sound collages.