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Brian's big tape collection

It's January, and I've just completed a stock take of ALL our cassette tapes. I've reduced a lot of them: some titles are one-off long-deleted things which were mis-filed or just misplaced...lost, poor, wee wandering things that need your love and fondling. Some are real old obscurities. Others are just plain weird, esoteric nonsense. For lovers of these archaic, hissy, stubborn, immortal gremlins of the audiophile world this list is possibly worth a brief perusal... The titles that state "limited stock" in the description are probably just that - our last ever copy so don't snooze!! Brianxxx
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Thursday February 5th 2015. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Acrid Lactations
Aura Mirror Come Fickle, Anachronous Law and Manner

Acrid Lactations turn out this green tape to an unsuspecting world. Aura Mirror Come Fickle, Anachronous Law and Manner is filled with strange this and odd that, field recordings mixing with broken jazz sounds and unhinged vocalisations. Not suitable for anyone who thinks Acrid Lactations is a troubling-sounding name. On Sheffield’s Singing Knives label.

Alistair Crosbie/ BM/ Divine Coils/ Family Battle Snake

  • Tape (SOUND HOLES #010)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Annapurna Illusion / Hellvision

  • Tape (WSR19)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Zeit Der Aufklärung

Aufklärung, I’m sure you’ll remember from high school, is German for Enlightenment (first E either lowercase or uppercase). This British duo is all about enlightening their listeners by way of deep, slow and meditative piano and guitar, because they feel that today is truly the Zeit der Aufklärung (you can google that I’m sure).

Big Sister
Lets Go Fly A Kite / Step Outside

Big Sister are Nico and Joahnna Curwood on vocals and guitar and Remi Lamarcq on bass. Loud noise-fired guitars fuelled by a love for the wah wah pedal not matched since the heady days of Eddie Hazel of Funkadelic. On Crocodile Records, who have vowed to smooth the edges off raw bands and send their music out just the way it should be. A fine sentiment indeed. On cassette tape.

C Joynes
Unitarian Dee / Oto Gee

A pink cassette in a bespoke limited edition wooden box (limited to just 89 copies… he must've run out of wood). C Joynes, a highly technically-able acoustic guitarist from South East England can widdle with the best of them. This features two 30-minute medley performances of mind-bending pickery. In wood. 

Circuit Breaker

Cornered Yet Climbing
Reclaiming Fire

From free-percussion master Pascal Nichols and multi-instrumentalist David McLean comes Reclaiming Fire. Under the Cornered Yet Climbing name, they have collected hours of jam session material to create a 70 minute album exploring a range of moods and textures. Cassette tape on Tombed Visions Records with download code and spent matchbook.

Dale Cornish & Phil Julian
Two Warhol's Worth

Dale Cornish and Phil Julian are renowned for a number of solo works on a variety of labels. Dale Cornish was intrigued by the Hewlett Packard test tone generator that Phil Julian had recently acquired. Dale Cornish wrote the words and sang them over Phil Julian’s HP generated electronic noises to create Two Warhol's Worth. Two Warhol’s Worth is available on cassette.

Mario's Flaming Whiskers III / There's That Grin

Mathed up rock crew Deerhoof have made enough half-baked and overcooked song souffle in their time, but they're happily unleashing a bunch more in a new EP compilation, with Mario's Flaming Whispers III and There's That Grin featuring. Collecting a couple of previously released tracks and offering some remixes (including one from mainstay Silver Apples), this is probably the most standard thing Deerhoof have ever done.

Dinner Party

  • Tape (LD-002)
  • £5.99 £3.00 (saving: £2.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Ford Foster & William Watts
Ford Foster & William Watts

Some danceable terror from Ford Foster & William Watts. Ford Foster & William Watts are the new sounds from these two chaps. Having a half each, the tape kicks off with Ford Foster tumping out his gloomy peak time grit with enough kick to beat Schmeichel in the 90s. On the second half William Watts soothes you with some Italoesque electronics before bring it up with 'Palladium At Night = THETA', to then twist your mind with the trippy synths of 'Skull Crusher'. Out on cassette tape from Opal Tapes.

Freddy Ruppert

Gabor Lazar/Russell Haswell

Gabor Lazar’s and Russell Haswell’s musics sit well alongside each other on this split cassette, as both are obsessively keen on wrenching messed-up sounds from their synthesiser set-ups. Lazar’s tracks are stuttering permutations of patterns, while Haswell’s tracks are typically noisy, but there is a shared intensity of sound running down the middle of this tape. Limited edition c46 on Last Foundation.

Government Bookshops

Appreciate a cold minimal aesthetic? Of course you do. This cassette tape from Government Bookshops is untitled, and contains exactly ten minutes of music on each side. And just check out that cover artwork. The sounds are as stark as you might expect, and good thing too. Released by The All-Clear in an edition of 50.

H. Grimace
I Am Material

Despite the cover looking like one piece of South-East Asian rap, I Am Material is actually a modern piece of London punk. H. Grimace, releasing their music on cassette for that true punk authenticity, are treating us to a tasty cross section of their musical preferences. Also the record’s got quite the, shall we say, subversive cover.

Imaginary Forces

Jakob, Mads and Mathias
Live In Ringkobing / Hesselballe

You might find yourself listening to the soundclip below and wondering: what is this? But then the dreamy and happy synth sets in and the tape just takes off. Jakob Mads and Matthias' two live recordings - Live in Ringkobing and Hesselballe are both on this sweet little tape which is for sale for next to nothing. Get on that!

Joseph Lawrence Quimby Jr

Moon Rabbit

From Kohn comes this collection of recordings taken from his live shows. The artist name of Jürgen De Blonde, this album is an exploration of synths and psychedelic sounds of the mind, building up from almost nothing to a transporting harmony of calm and space. On cassette tape. Limited edition.

Lisa Bouvier & Allt ar musik
Indien är död

Monster Killed By Laser
Tender Crawler EP

‘Tender Crawler’ is the latest release from progressive Leeds quarter Monster Killed By Laser. Released on cassette, the tape features four ambitious instrumental movements built around deft, cocksure fret work and synths. The intention was to squeeze as much as possible into every minute, the results being something akin to a dizzying mixture of Goblin, Rush and even John Carpenter in places. 

My Carapace Is Leaking / Astral Social Club
Split Cassette

  • Label(s):

Cloud Appreciation / Sea Ice

  • Tape
  • £2.99 £1.79 (saving: £1.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Odd Nosdam
Music To Psychic Drive By

A cheese board of remixes from production large dog Odd Nosdam, aka David Madson. Music To Psychic Drive By is a series of vast chasm-like reworks, expanding into all possible space, with synths, drones and hints of elation. He is doing the business on tracks from Blade Runner, Saroos and Our Sleepless Forest. Out on cassette tape from BARO. Get yer weed out.

Absolute Elsewhere

The fragmented and meandering electro of Ondness resurfaces for videogamemusic with new tape 'Absolute Elsewhere'. As always, the nuts and bolts of his sound come and go, oscillating at patient speeds as his dark sound effects conjure up a dark landscape -- on this one, there's the sound of a chain-link fence being aggressively rattled. Thanks for all the isolation, Ondness -- welcome back from the underworld. 

Our Love Will Destroy The World
Jet Plane Joy

Pascal Babare
Thunderclap Spring

  • Tape (BM003C)
  • £7.99 £4.00 (saving: £3.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Paul H. Williams

Aeroforms 1 & 2 were recorded using a BBC microcomputer and Music 500 outboard synthesizer around 1984/85. Paul H. Williams says that he wrote a programme to make music within a certain set of parameters. Sounds of differing quality, length and frequency were selected then the programme randomly selected order and length. This meant that each time the programme was run, different sounds would result. This cassette features the first 45 minutes of parts 1 & 2 which are essentially never ending.

Pete Swanson / Scott Goodwin ‎

Pleq / Quinn Walker

Public Image Limited
First Issue

Following the demise of the much lauded, game changing punk-rock pioneers The Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten sought to undo some of the preconceptions his audience (and the wider public in general) may have had about him when choosing the configuration and direction of his new outfit PiL. No longer would he be known as Johnny Rotten reverting back to his birth name John Lydon and stripping back the inherently rock'n'roll traits of his current outfit, instead replacing them with elements of dub, dance, pop and folk to help usher in a new era of post-punk and new wave, genre styles that helped re-imagine punk rock as a flexible entity capable of more than just spit and vitriol. Along with bassist Jah Wobble, guitarist Keith Levene and drummer Jim Walker Lydon's outfit PiL issued their opening statement in the UK in 1978 (originally deemed to uncommercial 'First Issue' was robbed of an official US release) that not only helped refine the musical landscape, post punk rock invasion, but questions the very relationship between artist and consumer, attacking the british tabloid press and the like for their unjust take on Lydon's own public image as a member of the notorious Sex Pistols. 'First Issue' not only wipes the slate clean, it ushers in era of profound creativity for Lydon and his group which now spans well over 20 years and ten studio LP's.  Overseen, co-ordinated and approved by Lydon and his personal management the re-release of their classic 1978 debut 'First Issue' has been meticulously reproduced and naturally expanded upon. The 2-disc CD set includes and un-editing interview with our protagonist conducted in 1978 by the BBC radio plus a rare B-side 'The Cowboy Song' as well as sticker reproductions of the iconic PiL logo. The LP edition includes the interview, b-side and stickers plus a replica fold-out poster, tabloid adverts from the time of it's original release and the obligatory download code.  

Rainbow Valley / Wind In Willows

For those slow melancholic days, during which you want to do nothing more than necessary - for example, turning around a cassette tape - we have just what you need: the split release by Rainbow Valley and Wind in Willows. The artists from UK/Russia complement each other splendidly on these slow and pretty tracks.

Rale/ 3 Headed Monster

Rev. Edward W. Clayborn
I Have a Home in the Sky

Little is known about Rev. Edward W. Clayborn. He’s most likely to be an Alabama native and he recorded 40 songs. Everything else apart from what is evidenced in these recordings remains a mystery. I Have a Home in the Sky is a compilation a twelve of his blues/gospel songs. I Have a Home in the Sky is available on cassette and limited to 100 copies.


Much needed re-issue of the debut LP from these Austin based electronic wizards, two of whom went on to compose the soundtrack to 'Stranger Things'. Back in 2012 though they were combining vintage and modern synthesisers to concoct their original brand of atmospheric soundtrack influenced compositions. Very influential record this one. 

Saturday Looks Good To Me / Milk Teddy
Split Live Cassette

Seeds Of Doubt

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