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40 tasty and sweet February pre-orders

February, lets face it, is a pretty drab, pointless month. The Tuesday of months. Still set deep in winter, spring some time away. We need some excitement in our lives so here's a list of some forthcoming things we think will help get you through. Don't blame us if you remain in a pot of malaise. We tried. 
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Tuesday February 3rd 2015. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Alex G

Previously only available from Alex G’s bandcamp, Lucky Number announce the release of ‘Rules’, the most recent album by the Philadelphia-based songwriter. Following in the footsteps of his highly acclaimed 2014, fifth album release ‘DSU’, ‘Rules’ -which was recorded before ‘DSU’- has been remastered for vinyl release for the first time and is a well deserved document of the prolific songwriting personality that is Alex G.


Back from Iceland, Björk is bringing another piece of her wild and crazy pop history to us. Vulnicura is released on double vinyl, in a deluxe digipack or a classic CD, but as far as we know none of the editions includes any fancy Björk swanmade dresses. We tried to make it happen, we really did.

Black Yaya
Black Yaya

Singer, songwriter David Ivar aka Black Yaya used to write, record and perform under the name Herman Dune, recording more than ten albums and travelling far and wide. Black Yaya was born out of David Ivar’s desire to go back to recording everything himself without the pressures of time or cost.

Work & Non Work

The wonderful wonderful sound of Broadcast, brought back onto vinyl again at last by Warp Records. Work & Non Work compiles the singles released by the band prior to their Warp signing, and there are plenty of excellent slices of their alternate universe pop sound here: a universe that is at once shiny future and eerie past. Includes download code.

Carlton Melton / Kandodo 3

Get spacey with the latest release from Carlton Melton, those well-regarded purveyors of stretched-out psych-rock jams. They take three tracks of this 12” split: the other side belongs to kandodo 3, a spin-off from The Heads, taking an even more spaced approach to music than the mother-band do. On Creepy Crawl.

Comet Gain
Fingerprint Ritual

Comet Gain return and pour us a shot of twee with Fingerprint Ritual, an EP of four new tracks, including the overwrought epic "Breaking Open The Head Part 2 (The Eye-Shaped Room)", which runs at eleven minutes and continues the narrative weaved in the song's first part. Beyond that there's fuzz, laughs, tears and plenty of your favourite DIY nonsense.

Courtney Barnett
Sometimes I Sit And Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit is the debut album by Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett. It follows on from the brilliant Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas which was released in 2013. Filled with lyrically sharp, catchy songs, this album confirms Courtney Barnett as a genuinely brilliant and unique artist.

Damon & Naomi

The former Galaxie 500 rhythm section, Damon Krukowski & Naomi Yang have been making music now as a duo for a significantly longer than Galaxie 500’s three album run over two years. Damon & Naomi’s new album, Fortune is a companion piece to Naomi Yang’s short film, the music is so involved with the film and the film with the music, together they play out more like a long-form music video. The music and the film deal with Yang’s feelings following the death of her photographer father. She compares and contrasts his great work as an artist with his not-so-perfect role as a parent. The title then, is a nostalgic yet sardonic one. Fortune is available on vinyl LP and CD.

Darren Hayman
Chants for Socialists

This record is inspired by finding a leaflet written by William Morris, mainly famous for his interior designs, although he did a plethora of things, and whose house you can visit in north London for a good day out. It's entitled Chants for Socialists. Here, Darren Hayman puts them to music with the help of some of the Walthamstow locals to singalong. Intended as a comfort to ageing lefties, Chants for Socialists is a warm, swaying collection of folk type songs which create a sense of community within its melodies.

Dominic Waxing Lyrical
Woodland Casual

Dominic Waxing Lyrical is a guy called Dominic from Edinburgh who ...erm..waxes lyrical...i.e writes lo-fi folky indie pop that so far has only produced one much-loved and now highly sought after record released in 1996. Just 18 years later he's back with a brand new album joined by a raggle taggle band of semi-famous Edinburgh musicians (members of Aberfeldy, Oi Polloi et al) making another attempt to capture his diy baroque folk sound on record. 

Entropik EP

Tough and twisty analogue rhythms combine with heavy drones in the latest from Bristol’s Ekoplekz (a.k.a Nick Edwards). The Beltram referencing Entropik EP boasts two side long tracks stretching over 10 minutes each and building into melodic lo-fi conceptual symphonies. Out on 12” vinyl from Planet Mu.


Exit, end, do no twerk. Extension double D, not work. Is this album called Untld for Untold or for Untitled? Andrew Fearn’s moniker raises more questions than feet with this scary and paranoid 10”. There’s only a few going around, so don’t miss out. Extended Network. Maybe that’s it.

Fawn Spots
From Safer Place

Fast incredulous punks Fawn Spots take a spot on the floor and listen to the sounds of Husker Du and their likes, hoping one day they can make something half as punx. Forward however many years and From Safer Place tears things up in all the right ways, maintaining that screeching, unfiltered energy but tempering it with honest-to-god pop music.


With music that is more stretched out than the country they come from, Föllakzoid are now back with their third LP. On III, the band tries to focus on creating long and minimal soundscapes, combined with their musical ancestors, which yields a haunting and hypnotizing endresult. Now that's föllaked up.

Shedding Skin

In football terms Ghostpoet has gone from mid-table Championship to nailed on Champions League place with this, his third record. In short: he's really upped his game. Where previous records were interesting but a little niche, Ghostpoet has now made a record everyone can enjoy. It's bold, it's bright, it's tuneful. With a background in UK hip hop, this album uses those influences and marries them to the best bits of forward thinking indie (say, Radiohead, TV on the Radio). Looking forward to it.   

Everything Ever Written

Scottish indie rockers Idlewild started off as punks, shifted to alt-rock and spent their final days crafting pastoral folk records about Scottish islands and tortured romances. After that, frontman Roddy Woomble struck out as an acoustic act, leaving the band in deep hibernation. Now, they're back, with a follow-up to Post-Electric Blues that stitches together each incarnation of the band's sound. Fittingly, it's called Everything Ever Written. Expect heart-throbs and lyrics that don't make any sense, and are all the better for it.

Iron and Wine
Archive Series Volume No. 1

All the fans are always happy with a new Iron & Wine release, and this is a very special one. 16 tracks from before your boy Sam Bean was even known as Iron & Wine, now out on vinyl, from the time the tracks on the Creek Drank the Cradle were composed. Archive Series Volume No. 1 is like an invitation to meet your loved one for the first time again. If your loved one has a huge beard.

James Blackshaw
Summoning Suns

James Blackshaw has previously released nine albums of his lushly arranged virtuoso guitar finger picking. Summoning Suns is his 10th album, and this time he appears as a singer/songwriter. The arrangements are just as lush and the songs are beautiful. At times they recall giants of the genre such as Elliott Smith, Harry Nilsson and Jim O’Rourke. Summoning Suns is available on vinyl LP and CD.

Jonas Munk
Absorb / Fabric / Cascade

From one of Causa Sui’s finest, another solo release - Absorb / Fabric / Cascade is a three song 37-minute exploration into the world between drone and rock. Jonas Munk’s previous solo releases have proven this man’s capabilities, and we are eager to find out what his next step will be. There’s only 500 going around, so get your hands on your own quick!

Jose Gonzalez
Vestiges & Claws

It has been just over seven years since In Our Nature, the last solo record by Jose Gonzalez, but in that time he has been quite busy. He has recorded two albums with his band, Junip, co-written the score to The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty and contributed a song to the Red Hot Charity album. Vestiges & Claws is Jose Gonzalez’s third solo outing and completes the set of his acoustic trilogy with his trademark hushed vocals and complex guitar playing.

Silver Apples Of The Moon

By giving a big shout-out to Morton Subotnick with the title of this record, Laika set the tone for their brand of sonics, willing to experiment and move forward into new territory. Silver Apples Of The Moon must have been pretty thrilling when it landed in 1995: it remains pretty thrilling today to be frank. Back on vinyl after too long out of print, thanks to Medical Records

Martha EP

These young scamps from Durham are always flying about playing and making their merry brand of power-punk-pop. Martha is Martha’s debut EP, but it is only now seeing proper, serious vinyl release. We have Tuff Nuff Records to thank for that. Contains ‘1978, smiling politely’, a real gem of a track title.

Michael Chapman

Window had always been Michael Chapman’s one that got away. A masterpiece that was coming along according to plan, but never finished properly and thus never released with his blessing. Reminiscing like a fifty year-old at a high school reunion, Chapman’s gone back and remastered the album for all true believers.

Moon Duo
Shadow of the Sun

Get your bong in hand and enter the riff filled land with Moon Duo. Shadow of the Sun is the San Franciscans next trip into orbit. Filled with Ripley's fuzzed out driving riffs, Sanae's creepy organ drones and hypnotic rhythms from new addition John Jeffrey. It's ominous psychedelic rock which will inspire a spooky boogie. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Sacred Bones.

Petite Noir
The King Of Anxiety EP

Fitting nicely in the row of bass-heavy, vocally high-pitched and electronic artists like Seekae, Chet Faker and James Blake, Petite Noir adds his own brand of South African rhythm to build unique and captivating songs. The King of Anxiety is only a teaser EP for his upcoming full length, but we’ll be playing it on repeat!

Sylvester Stallone / Smut

Big boy Powell delivers two new tracks ("Sylvester Stallone" and "Smut"), not for his own Diagonal Records, but for the more indie-ish XL. Perhaps signalling forthcoming crossover appeal? Let's hope so, because Powell’s tracks deserve a good-sized audience. On this 12”, Sylvester Stallone hits as hard as it ought to with a title like that, and Smut is suitably murky.

Ryan Teague
Last Known Position

A single track from Ryan Teague’s last album is expanded and extended into an evolved form of the original on this EP release on Village Green. Minimalism as played by synthesisers. Furthermore, he has enlisted remixers to try their hand at the track: Plaid, Errors, and The Field! Imagine being remixed by The Field...

S. Carey

Absorbing all the natural spirituality with S. Carey. Supermoon is the new EP from the Wisconsin based musician. This EP features some reworks of previously released tunes and a cover. It's full of his trade mark ethereal croon, accompanied by himself on piano with some other bits and bobs. If you are a breaded indie fan then this will not disappoint. Out on vinyl LP from Jagjaguwar.
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Sam Prekop
The Republic

Humble titan of understated exquisiteness Sam Prekop is back with his first solo record since 2010’s Old Punch Card. The Republic continues his explorations into modular synthesis and fuses meticulous methodology with wide-eyed wonder and melodic beauty. Fans of The Sea & Cake will appreciate the consistent high quality of his output, making any new album a real event. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Thrill Jockey.

Sneaky Feelings
Send You

Sneaky Feelings’s debut is a tiny relic of pop history. Released in 1983, Send You set the stage for these New Zealand rockers’ further escapade. The record has a classic upbeat indie-pop feel, with only a little taste of the sweetness that often goes too far with most twee bands. This remastered edition also includes a bonus 12” with songs released throughout the rest of the decade.

I Wasn't Born To Lose You

Formed in Oxford in 1989, shoegazers Swervedriver consisted of founder members Adam Franklin and Jim Hartridge who combined energetic, guitar driven melodies with heartfelt songwriting reminiscent of some of their contemporaries from the time such as Dinosaur Jr or Sonic Youth. ‘I Wasn’t Born To Lose You’ is their fifth studio album as well as their first new album in seventeen years.

The Amazing
Picture You

The Amazing's nine minute "Picture You" sounds like a blissed-out, stretched version of Real Estate, trying to keep hold of the pleasantness of living for as long as it can. On the record of the same name, the band navigate warm bass tones with interspersing guitar riffs, post-rock asides and warming keyboards. It's a meandering slab of indie rock that's as soothing as it is epic.

The Cribs
For All My Sisters

Like if Batman were responding to the Bat Symbol after years of retirement, only he lived in Wakefield and played in a gruff indie rock band that had faded from memory, The Cribs are back. An incomplete analogy, I know, but For All My Sisters sees the band return after three years to see if this indie rock thing is still viable. Rock 'n' roll from snarling ex-kids with jaunty guitars.

The Prodigy
The Day Is My Enemy

The Day Is My Enemy is the new album by The Prodigy. It’s an album for people who like The Prodigy, like Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe who saw fit to award his accolade of Hottest Record In The World to the typically uncompromising new single, Nasty. Today Is My Enemy is available on triple vinyl LP box set, double vinyl LP and CD. Both vinyl versions come with download code.

The Wolfhounds
Middle Aged Freaks

Middle Aged Freaks is the first LP in 24 years from indie/C86 veterans The Wolfhounds. Initially forming in 1985, the band reformed in 2005, and other than an EP in 2012, which collected tracks that pre-dated their first single, they've been relatively quiet since their reformation, though releasing a scattering of recordings and working on new material behind the scenes. The results of which feature here, on Middle Aged Freaks, which brings together all of their recordings since they reunited. 'Bout time! 

Travis Bretzer
Waxing Romantic

There's already one Mac Demarco out there, creating great records and causing chaos in the live arena. From the sounds of the opening track here, we have another. It's identikit. However Travis proves he has more in his locker with some sweet '80s influenced jangle pop that nods towards Orange Juice and maybe Felt. Depending on how it grows this could be this years jangly summery treat. 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Some twenty first century scorn from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Multi-Love is the next instalment from the art-pop freaks. This one is full of Ruban Nielson's dreamy croon, swaying synthesisers and grooved out bass & drums. It sounds like Steely Dan, Tame Impala and Deerhunter somehow collaborated in New Zealand. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Jagjaguwar.

Wolfgang Voigt
Protest – Versammlung 1

Some people need their own space to do their own thing. That’s why Wolfgang Voigt set up Profan, for those productions that Kompakt thought were outside their techno and ambient focus. Using his new freedom, Voigt has produced a bunch of sweet tracks. And this compilation features the very best of them.

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)

IDM adventurer µ-Ziq drops another sound bomb on Planet Mu. On XTLP however, the tone is a little less frantically experimental than a lot of µ-Ziq work. The press release even speaks of emotion! This is appropriate though, as parts of XTLP may conjure up blissful rave memories in the heads of some of the older among you. First time on CD for previous vinyl only releases.