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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, record-lovin' people of the world! Hope you all had a good Christmas. We haven't actually got any 2015 releases in yet, of course. Expect the usual deluge of goodies next week. In the meantime here's a list of all the stuff that's been added to the site since just before Christmas...and that you have probably therefore missed due to sherry-and-roast-potato-induced blindness.
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Aine O'Dwyer
Music For Church Cleaners Vol. I & II

Aine O’Dwyer moves from the harp, her prime instrument, to the full-sized organ of a church in Islington. The title refers to the fact that she was only able to use the organ when the church was being cleaned, and this accidental pseudo-audience of cleaners affected both the playing and the recording of O’Dwyer’s pieces. Double LP on MIE.

Al Lover
Cave Ritual

Producer Al Lover continues to extend the inexplicable fondness musicians have for diamond shapes on their album covers with Cave Ritual, which I believe also has some music: a fascinating mix of fiery psych riffs, gooey synth and real producer shit makes this one up, the beats as firm and thrilling as ever. If Michael Bay ever makes a film on a handheld camera, he knows who to call.
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Amen Dunes
Cowboy Worship

12” Vinyl EP from Amen Dunes, made up of the bits that didn’t quite fit or make it onto his album Love. Alternative versions of songs from the album display the raw sound of Damon McMahon’s voice, coming out somewhere between Rolf Klausener of The Acorn and Tim Buckley - fitting as here there is also a cover of This Mortal Coil’s version of the Buckley Track Song to the Siren.

Regional Treasure / Padded Posts

7 inches of UK skronk-rock from Luton’s finest, a band named Arndales. ‘Regional Treasure’ features the repeated insistence that “I hate noise”, but I’m sure you can forgive them for that. ‘Padded Posts’ on the B-Side. Also features a cover that becomes more uncomfortable the longer you look at it.

Black Moth Super Rainbow + The Octopus Project
The House of Apples and Eyeballs

A reissue of the out of print vinyl of 2007’s collaborative album between Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Octopus Project, here we have The House of Apples and Eyeballs, a rather majestic record of swooning psychedelia and storytelling shoegaze. Lots of far off synth sounds crash into vocoder distortion and a constant beat but the array of instruments sound pretty impressive. It’s got echoes of something childish and fun, like Bruce Haack or Melody’s Echo Chamber. Something incredibly interesting has been created here. Edition of 1000 on blue and white splatter vinyl.

Boduf Songs
Stench of Exist

Sparse, chilly electronica and guitar underpins this record from Mat Sweet aka Boduf Songs on The Flenser. Intimate, and definitely a headphones sort of album, it conjures up images of opium hazes and anxious, languorous evenings. Eleven tracks move into one another like a slow moving river, meeting everything from post-rock and death metal all with a sonorous yet sparse sound. CD and Vinyl.

Boxed In
Boxed In

Self-titled album from Boxed In. Funky numbers from the chaps Oli Bayston (vocals, keyboards), Liam Hutton (drums), Mark Nicholls (bass). It's already getting good airplay thanks to its catchy and upbeat nature. For fans of New Order, Hot Chip and Francis Bacon, who painted the picture that the band are named after. On CD and vinyl on Nettwerk.

Carmen Villain
Quietly / Let Go

Galactic reverb-heavy dream pop from US via Norway via Mexico artist Carmen Villain. Out on the excellent Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound and mixed by Helge Sten of Supersilent it’s an intriguing, glacially-paced precursor to her second album due out later in the year. Out on 7” vinyl.

Carter Tutti
Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey

Them out of Throbbing Gristle revisit their early, post-Gristle days as Chris & Cosey. This release is a studio run-through of the live set they have been playing out for the last few years, to enormous audience reaction. That old Chris & Cosey synth-pop sound, with lashings of the more contemporary Carter Tutti approach.

Chihei Hatakeyama
Too Much Sadness

Ambient that has just enough melody and modulation to simulate the movements of your breaking heart. Chihei Hatakeyama's Too Much Sadness shimmers and lets tragic sounds that resemble vocals swim in the distance, a la Grouper in her Alien Observer era. Hatakeyama claims that between the tape crackle, found sounds and shimmering soundscapes, he found himself fading away while recording, essentially forgetting who he was. The music has the same effect on its listener.

Claude Speeed
Sun Czar Temple

Rich textured electronic noises from Scotland’s Claude Speeed. FAO fans of the softer side of Tim Hecker, Fennesz et al. At times recalling the bleepy arpeggios of early Emeralds yet with a much more synthetic edge, Sun Czar Temple is well worth diving into. Available on 12” vinyl from Planet Mu.
  • Vinyl 12" (ZIQ339)
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Daniel Knox
Daniel Knox

Like stepping back in time to when men wore hats and women wore dresses and heels, Daniel Knox captures an older time period with his haunting, beautiful songs. Influenced heavily by the soundtracks to old movies as well as his work with people such as Rufus Wainwright, The Handsome Family and Nina Nastasia. CD and Vinyl on Carrot Top.

Danny Kroha
Angels watching Over Me

Gories punk Danny Kroha does what any self-respecting punk will after a few years of tearing shit up -- he goes in at the roots. Like Chuck Ragan forgetting he's in Hot Water Music, Kroha looks at the traditional strands of folk music, giving tribute to the frenetic primitivism of John Fahey and Six Organs of Admittance. There's banjo aplenty and it's called Angels Watching Over Me -- ah, the past.

Del Shannon
The Further Adventures of Charles Westover

Cult classic from Del Shannon finally released again on vinyl after a wait of 44 years. While audience at the time perhaps didn’t gel with the chap’s sound, but thankfully we can. Featuring tracks including "Silver Birch" and "Colour Flashing Hair", as well as the must-hear Animals-esque track "Runnin' On Back." On Trouble In Mind.

Echo & The Bunnymen
Echo & The Bunnymen

Album number five from Liverpool’s finest Echo & The Bunnymen, newly reissued on vinyl by Weatherbox! This was the band’s follow-up to the legendary Ocean Rain, and moves away somewhat from that album’s stringed masses to a more keyboard-led sound. Get in quick and your 180g double LP will be cut on clear vinyl!

Father John Misty
I Love You, Honeybear

With a slew of understated folk records secured under his own name and a hell of a fun time had playing soft percussive noises for Fleet Foxes, J. Tillman returns to his Father John Misty project, where he mixes esoteric lyricism with brazen folk rock arrangements. I Love You, Honeybear follows on from Fear Fun.

Father Murphy
Blue Fifteen

Creepy Italians Father Murphy return with this cassette release on Blue Tapes. Naturally there is a rigorous conceptual framework behind Blue Fifteen, themed around the crucifixion of Christ (also naturally for this band). Enticingly, one of the main sound sources is a recording of wood being assembled into a cross! Pretty cool eh?

Ghostwriter & Michael Paine

Mark Brend, better known under his spooky alias of Ghostwriter, is joined by collaborator Michael Paine on a collection of compositions that evoke empty English houses where people once used to live but have since evacuated; sentimental piano is at the fore, along with flourishes of guitar, xylophone, abstract percussion, found sounds and other loose ends. Morrow is a chilling and melancholy work of art.

Half Japanese
Volume 2 : 1987-1989

Wow, three whole Half Japanese records in one set! Volume 2 provides you with ‘Music To Strip By’ (1987), ’Charmed Life (1988) and ‘The Band That Would Be King’ (1989). I’m sure you would agree that that is a very healthy portion of these arty-punky-silly legends. Nicely designed booklets and packaging from the band’s own Jad Fair.

Hanni El Khatib

Stripped-back garage rock, with a dash of hypermasculine rock and roll and a touch of the blues from San Francisco-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hanni El Khatib. On his third album and still heavily influenced by his work with Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. On both vinyl and CD.

Justin Townes Earle
Single Mothers / Absent Fathers

Justin Townes Earle has created this double album titled Single Mothers/Absent Fathers, a record where we can hear him dealing  with his own demons faced in both his family life and in toxic relationships with those around him -- as well as drugs and alcohol. The albums are a fantastic glimpse into the troubled yet brilliant mind of this alt-country act. Vinyl Double LP on Loose Music.

Mahogany Brain
With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger)

A reissue of some underground French freaky psychedelia by Mahogany Brain. It’s got a free-jazz feel to it and is similar to the album The Feed-Back by the Italian avant-garde group, Il grupo di improvvisazione di nuova conosonanza which boasted Ennio Morricone as a member. It’s a shambles of guitar riffs, jumbled drums and disconcerting spoken vocals. It’s a bit like the Velvet Underground jam with Goat and it’s all produced by an off-his-face Syd Barrett. Limited to 300 copies on clear purple vinyl in a gatefold.

Marquis Hawkes
Sex, Drugs & House

Fun and funky house from the unknown Marquis Hawkes. As serious as its title, Sex, Drugs & House is aimed squarely at the dancefloor spitting out repetitive samples and 4/4 kicks like nobody’s business. Be warned - it’s chock full of cowbells. Best wait until the early hours. Out on vinyl 12” from Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.

Fantastic Planet

Quite a CV Sarah Lipstate of Noveller has: I’ll leave you to look up the details, but suffice to say that she has played with or alongside at least half of the interesting American musicians you like. Noveller is her solo project, and Fantastic Planet finds her sifting synths into her usually guitar-dominated atmospheres.

Right Tonight

Pampers make in-yer-face punk music that demands the usage of the word "yer" were "your" would be. For real. Right Tonight is a new EP following on from the straight-and-narrow garage antics of their self-titled record, and shows them identifying as proud members of the worldwide pop-punk collective.

Red Noise

Impervious, cartoonish krautrock was Red Noise's game, a French underground who proved that prog rock wasn't just the hobby of middle-class English schoolkids and artsy Germans. Sarcelles-Lochres brought together rock 'n' roll with a jazz discipline for a strange record that helped unearth new avant-garde textures and legitimise noise music. 

Roberto Cacciapaglia Ensemble

Italian composer Roberto Cacciapaglia (and indeed his Ensemble) adapts a work by Tito Lucrezio Caio, who I was suprised to find was not a fellow contemporary composer, but a Latin poet who has been dead since before the birth of Christ. Excerpts from his poem De Rerum Natura can be found on the handsome cover of this release on the MiruMir label. Italians old and new, its all here!

Delayed Summer

180 grams 12" LP on Grains Of Sand from Saaad, a Toulouse-based ambient drone band fronted by Romain Barbot and also featuring Greg Buffier, Tony Llados and Jean-Henry Lapart. Inspired by a visit to the home where Roman grew up, the album explores memory and souvenirs through creative musical exploration between him and his friends, recorded on lo-fi microphones to capture the sounds of yesterday.

The Dub Album They Didn't Want You To Hear

Since the late 70s, The Scientist has been treating the world to bass-heavy dub tunes on the renomated Jah Life label. From their old dusty boxes they have now uncovered these high-resin dub mixes that have that old school vibe and that tasty deep bass mix. Come hit this shit and listen yourself right off the deep end.

Shabazz Palaces
Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces, whose Lese Majesty has been a pretty big deal this year, have elected to reissue this early self-titled mini-album from 2009, on red vinyl no less! Features the earlier, more embryonic version of the experimental hip-hop duo’s sound, valuable both for Shabazz historians and straight-up interested listeners.

The Hunter

Gritty cool kids Slaves hail from the dull placid towns of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells -- both part of the garden of England that is Kent -- and attempt to fuck shit up with angular riffs and shouty vocals that suggest a tamer, less coughing 'n' wheezing Sleaford Mods. The Hunter is their new thing and you will like it if you think Kasabian + psych rock = the musical apex.

Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake
Modern Surf Classics

Reverb and beach sand go hand in hand, and Swami John Reis and the Blind are here to assure you that it's a winning combo. This surf record, rather proudly and unassumingly titled Modern Surf Classics, is made out of all the usual fret-frenetic riffs, but is covered over with saxophone freakouts and tight percussion. The Beach Boys have nothing.

Team Me
Blind As Night

Team Me have found Grammy-winning pop success in their homeland of Norway, and Blind As Night finds them darkening their sound somewhat, not to mention recording in both an old farmhouse and one of the nation’s oldest analogue recording studios. But they retain the sheer girth of their sound. Also, contains a song named ‘Riding My Bicycle (From Feddersengate to Mollerveien)’, good stuff.

Terry Riley and Roberto Cacciapaglia
In C

Terry Riley originally composed the urgent and enthralling "In C" -- characterised by minimal layers of percussion, oboe, flute, trombones and whatever -- back in 1964. Riley intended for the piece to be played for over thirty people, offering a boisterous and intense sound from very incremental, almost non-existent melodic segues. On this record, he's joined by Robert Cacciapaglia in a live 1988 performance of the piece at the Aterforum Festival in Ferrara.

The Rewipes Pt. 3 (Steve Bicknell and Mike Parker Versions)

Of course, everybody knows about The Teste’s classic techno track The Whipe. Don’t you? Haven’t you heard of this? You should. Now the infamous Steve Bicknell and Mike Parker do their take on cult classic techno heritage for your dancefloor thumping pleasure. Never refuse when offered a delicious treat!

The Telescopes
As Approved By...

As Approved by… The Telescopes is a compilation of The Telescopes’s less in-print works, many of them from the beginnings of their time as a band. As part of Creation’s roster in the early 90s the band mined similar shoe-space-noiserock territory to Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine, to as great an effect (if not as much acclaim). Really quite good.


Garage punk from a band once populated by members of Hookworms. From Wales, to Leeds and, then back to Wales comes Twisted, drawing heavily on punk influences from the 70s and 80s including the Buzzcocks and Rites of Spring with an unmistakable raw, young edge, rightfully angry at what the world is coming to in 2015. Vinyl LP on Art for Blind.

TX Connect / CT Trax
DABJ Allstars Vol. 1

A side each from CT Trax and TX Connect, DABJ Allstars Vol. 1 continues the good work of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Opening with a hearty 303 workout, with rough synths and house-y chords, it’s a nostalgic opening. The flip side delivers driving rhythm and a slice of distinctive Detroit quality. Out on 12” vinyl from Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.

Ty Segall Band
Live in San Francisco

Garage punk went down a wormhole when Ty Segall turned up -- it's never coming back. On about his ten thousandth release by now, Live In San Fransisco spans two shows in the eponymous San Fran. Segall and his band fight an enamoured crowd with as much feedback as you can double pack in a shopping bag.

Underground Resistance
Inspiration / Transition

Oh ye! Squelching, shimmering, beeping, bopping - it’s bleedin’ good fun from Underground Resistance, who here have two belting great Detroit Techno tracks, Inspiration/Transition. Bound to make any dancefloor a happy one, it’s full of dreamy synths, a great melody and a constant beat to soundtrack your best parties. 12” vinyl.   

Universal Togetherness Band
Universal Togetherness Band

Universal Togetherness Band are the interesting consequence of a number of fresh-faced  university students being given access to state-of-the-art studio facilities as part the audio-engineering program at Columbia University circa the turn of the 80s. All manner of esoteric genres delved into and combined into new forms.

Ye Nuns
Nun More Black

​TUFF ENUFF RECORDS ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE, FEMALE TRIBUTE ACT TO THE MONKS, YE NUNS!​ Ye Nuns are the world's premier all-grrrl Monks tribute act. Taking the legendary music of The Monks (60s garage-perverts/american GIs) and giving it a fierce lady sensibility, Ye Nuns suceed where so many have failed, they add something vital and fresh to The Monks sound. Reverse-board printed black vinyl LP, run of 300, download code included. Debut album Nun More Black grinds, grooves and assaults. Recorded in two days flat on old-fashioned tape at Gizzard studios, there are proper tunes, moments of astonishing avant-garde sonic assault and lashings of righteous ire. Which you can dance to. Again, Ye Nuns are more than a tribute band.