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Let's cut to the chase. We have mere minutes until Christmas and you've either done nothing about it or you've got completely confused at the sheer array of stuff out there. Let's narrow it down to 10 things we have in stock (so you aren't waiting anxiously) that we are sure can't fail to light up the eyes of a loved one once that special day arrives. It's too late to mess about now......
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Bill Callahan
I Drive a Valence

Bill Callahan should write more books. The baritone poet has already released one, 'Letters To Emma Bowlcut' -- a collection of random thoughts, barely interconnected, collected into a novella. In true Callahan fashion, the book is a delight to read, even if the reader has no fucking clue what he's talking about: the sentences just sound nice. Now, he's releasing 'I Drive a Valence', a book compiling lyrics from seventy of his songs alongside over a hundred original self-inked images. He really is a man of many talents.

Drew Millward
Drew Millward Poster

Drew Millward is a Leeds-based artist who has done work for the likes of Mogwai, Sonic Youth, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre - as well as for the awesome Brudenell Social Club (possibly the best music venue in the UK). We're huge fans of his imaginative, detailed, and often borderline-terrifying drawings here at Norman Records and we're somewhat in awe of the poster he's created for us.   Also available as an A6 size postcard with accompanying gift voucher.

Fela Kuti
Vinyl Boxset 3 Curated by Brian Eno

I think we can all agree it would have been pretty cool if Brian Eno had done one of his iconic collaborative records with Fela Kuti. Unfortunately, that never happened, but 'Vinyl Boxset 3', curated by the ambient artist and pop producer himself, does allow them to collaborate in a small way: Eno selects seven Fela Kuti records to go into one huge boxset. Contained among the walls of this boxset are 'London Scene', 'Shakara', 'Afrodisiac', 'Gentlemen', 'Zombie', 'Upside Down' and 'I.T.T.'. It's like you're listening to Brian Eno listen to amazing Afrobeat. 

Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Tape Archive 1973-1978

Krautrock pioneer Hans Joachim Roedelius drove the engine for Harmonia, one of the genre's most drone-oriented acts, and was responsible for helping popularise Komische music. The 'Tape Archive' illustrates the extent of his creative energies through a period in the mid '70s where he was practicing and experimenting with tape machines, synth and an organ. 'Tape Archive' is a surprisingly personal and intimate collection of tunes from a musician who made clinical, often detached sounds. It's the kind of electronic music where you can hear hands hitting the keys. 

Ian Curtis / Jon Savage
So This is Permanence

'So This is Permanence' is an incredibly personal insight into post-punk’s most enigmatic pioneer. This collection of intimate writings is filled with lyrics and previously unseen, unpublished replicas of pages from Ian Curtis’ notebooks. For the most ardent of fans, there's also a limited edition of just 200 copies, all of which are signed by all of the surviving members of Joy Division, plus Jon Savage, editor of the collection, and Deborah Curtis who contributes a foreword to the book. 

Mark Burgess
View From A Hill

View From A Hill, the story of Mark Burgess -- singer and founding member of legendary post punk band The Chameleons –- was previously only published in very limited print runs, but here it gets the attention it deserves with a revised, definitive edition. Complete with a full discography, family tree and an introduction by fanzine legend Karren Ablaze. 
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Lead Kindly Light: Pre-War Music and Photographs from the American South

This collection of 20s-30s gospel and old unearthed photography came together as the project of a married couple attempting to document the American South before WWII. 'Lead Kindly Light: Pre-War Music And Photographs From The American South' is an educational journey through the traditional music of the time and photos that give these songs their sense of place. 

The Deeply Vale Box Set

6 CDs and a 272 page book documenting the legendary Deeply Vale Festivals that were held in the 1970s near Bury. If you didn’t go, this box set may not mean that much to you, but if, like members of Doves, 808 State and Chumbawamba, Deeply Vale formed a key part of your musical growth, this is the motherload. Packaged with incense sticks, for extra atmosphere.

7 and 7 is

Compilation by Fruits de Mer bands covering (sorry, 'reinterpreting') tracks from seminal bands from the 1960s (see tracklisting). This innovative and exciting recording is available as a box set of 7 x 7" singles (which explains the name) and includes songs by 13th Floor Elevators and The Byrds. Groovy!