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Scott Walker, eh? "The fallen angel of easy-listening pop, " according to Jim's 10/10 review's of his somewhat disturbing team-up with Sunn O))). Thirteenth-best album of 2014 according to us. Second-best album of the year according to The Quietus. Anyway, turns out we've got a bunch of his stuff in stock at the moment and we thought we'd offer you a quick 10% off some of it. The recent reissues look especially tasty, yes? So fill your boots with weird baritone goodness below.
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Scott Walker

Out of the ashes of The Walker Brothers, came this, the debut album by one of the most singular and original talents to ever grace pop music. Featuring lush arrangemnts of songs by the likes of Jaques Brel and Tim Hardin, as well as three of Walker's own compositions, all touched by Scott's uniquely dark aura.

Scott Walker
Bish Bosch

‘Bish Bosch’ was Scott Walker’s final solo LP. It may also have been his finest. This 2012 album is the one that really cemented Walker’s legacy as one of the great avant-garde songwriters - there has simply been no-one before or since who’s attempted to fashion songs (arias?) in such ways. ‘Bish Bosch’ herks to metal, drone, post-rock, opera, noise, musique concrete. It prefigures everything from Xiu Xiu to serpentwithfeet to the collaborative LP ‘Soused’ Walker would make with Sunn O))) a couple of years down the line. And it never sounds like anything other than Scott. RIP big man.

Scott Walker
Scott 2

Another classic from Walker's impeccable career, this time his second solo album. Featuring yet more luxuriuant arranngements upon which Scott's charismatic baritone relates alarmingly frank tales of despair and deception. A unique exploration of the dark underbelly of easy-listening schmalz! 

Scott Walker
Scott 3

On his third attempt at being the one and only Walker brother worth a damn, the not-yet-evil Scott Walker got more miserable and eerie, taking his baroque pop disciplines and the usual commanding baritone and marrying them with the darkest of lyrics. He hadn't quite regenerated into the avant-garde trickster who gets soused on the regular, but 'Scott 3' isn't the friendliest of pop records.

Scott Walker
Scott 4

From way back in 1969, Scott 4 is a classic of intense and majestic songcraft; the first set of entirely Walker penned songs combining sophisticated, easy-listening pop with lyrical complexity touching on the darkest of subject matter. Seen as a something of a commercial flop at the time of its release compared to his four previous albums, Scott Walker connoiseurs now consider this to be amongst his best work.