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The Destruction Of Small Ideas

Often glitchy and often fuzzy, these post-rockers didn't get the memo about the genre's twinkly limitations and monotonous guitar arrangements, so they never became Explosions In The Sky. 'The Destruction Of Small Ideas', arguably their best and most definitive work along with 'The Fall of Math', was originally released in 2007, but gets a reissue here from Monotreme. It deftly shows off a band who could be aggressive from up on high and gentle on the ground, but who always sounded more urgent than your average post-rock landscapers.

Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy
Hypnodrone Ensemble

A collaborative record combining the searing guitar of Nadja’s Aidan Baker and the prolific Eric Quach, or thisquietarmy, with not one or even two, but three drummers. Documenting a live, semi improvisation, the group combine guitar drones and complex polyrhythms into a brilliant, almost unclassifiable hybrid of Rhys Chatham and post-rock, kraut-metal.

AJ Davila Y Terror Amor

Puerto Rican fuzzed out groove rock 'n' roll explosions and pounding South American trips from AJ Davila Y Terror Amor. Solo effort from the main wildhead behind Davila 666. If you like your sugar with a sharp hit of lime, then this one is for you. Disfrutar! out on Vinyl and CD from Burger Records. 

Andrew Liles
Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens and Wicked Witches

Andrew Liles' new work stands in thrall of horror films, conjuring all things macabre at the same time. Horrific vocals are smeared through 'Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens and Wicked Witches', evoking a siren song leading us to unwanted shores. Strings and harp play out of tune with one another in a cursed, disorientating swirl. Some other scary things manifest, too, into a droning, queasy affair that protests for Halloween all year long.

Black Lips
In & Out

The ‘In & Out’ 7” documents Garage Rockers Black Lips’ early existence and is the second in a duo of repressed singles from the band’s very first recording sessions in 2000 at Die Slaughterhaus. Showcasing the band just as they are today – though everything here sounds more raw and unpolished – and ‘In & Out’ is the kind of dirgy, bluesy garage rock we’ve come to expect from Black Lips.

Black Lips
Does She Want

The ‘Does She Want’ 7” documents Garage Rockers Black Lips’ early existence with two songs from the band’s very first recording sessions in 2000 at Die Slaughterhaus. Showcasing the band just as they are today – though everything here sounds more raw and unpolished – ‘Does She Want’ is the kind of dirgy, bluesy garage rock we’ve come to expect from Black Lips, while B-side ‘Stoned’ sees the boys tearing shit up, with a stomping, pummelling mass of noise. Best listened to loud. 

Black To Comm
Black To Comm

Straight out of Hamburg, Germany, Marc Richter’s Black to Comm isn’t an MC5 tribute project, instead you’ll find a gloomy mixture of samples, field recordings, tape manipulation and extended drones. This double-vinyl LP is released on Birmingham’s Type, a follow-up to his 2009 Type release Alphabet 1968, and, it’s promised, is even “deeper” and “more challenging”

Giant Lizards On High

Sometimes you just have to Blurt it out. These guys have had to for the past 35 years! Now that’s a long time to keep blasting on your saxophone, but these geezers manage without a cough. Ballsy, punky, jazzy, they're here to please you on a nice 7” piece of vinyl called Giant Lizards On High. Just don’t lend the single to your dad or you might trigger an '80s flashback.

Carcass / Godflesh
Grind Madness At The BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions

A sweaty pork belly from Carcass / Godflesh. Grind Madness At The BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions are some brutal ear infections from these noisy nutters. Full of all your favorite grind-ism such as grave digger vocals, breakneck drumming, ridiculous guitar riffs and solos. The hospital-bin styled song titles set the tone, such as "Crepitating Bowel Erosion" and "Cadaveric Incubator Of Endo Parasites". Out on vinyl LP from Earache.


Ambient hero Aidan Baker, known for his work in the prolific drone purveyors Nadja, plays guitar for the outfit Caudal, which also features bassist Gareth Sweeney and drummer Felipe Salazar. On 'Ascension', meditative guitar textures are combated with invigorating rhythms from Sweeney and Salzar, which take Baker out of his ambient confines into a world of possibilities -- from prog rock to punk music. Lots of noisiness, lots of love.

Tank / Beaviane

Only the third release on the Mistry label, Chevel's newest 12” is here to treat all you early Monday-night party-seekers to the time of your life. Accessible by virtue of its fat bass and dirty drums, the two tracks released by the funky Italian will have you moving your feet no matter the time of day.
  • Vinyl 12" (Misty003)
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Machine Conspiracy

Extra modern science waves for your listening pleasure from Conforce aka Boris Brunnik. Machine Conspiracy is a series of deep and sultry techno crème brulees. Boris mixes the classic extraterrestrial aesthetic of 'the D' in a minimal euro manner. Tump it out on the F1 or schmooze it around for a sunday lunch .. possibly. Out on triple vinyl LP and CD from Delsin record.

What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?

Tjinder Singh of Cornershop has been working on this fantastic project alongside sleeve artist Nick Edwards. It’s a read along book and 7” vinyl featuring spacecraft, dragons and even cult literary hero Kurt Vonnegut. A must-have collectors’ piece for Cornershop fans and a delightful piece for anyone else. You don't even have to read the book yourself.

She's All Over You

There’s a lot to be said for two piece bands. It’s a challenge to get an original sound when there’s just two of you. Thankfully, Cowbell have got round the issue by having two members playing multiple instruments in this garage rock track, including hand drumming, guitar, keys, shakers, multiple voices and some stylish melodies. 7” vinyl.
  • Vinyl 7" (DAMGOOD435)
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Fanatic EP

The prolific, ever metamorphosing Willie Burns returns for sub-label Second Circle, joined by low-key producer Jordan GCZ for this three track 12" that plays to their talents in crafting floaty and ethereal ambience to go along with their pounding rhythms. At this point, Burns is making textures in his sleep, and 'Crotocosm' is the proof. 

Davila 666
Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos

Puerto Rican garage punk with plenty of Satan worship, we presume: Davilia 666 are using 'Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos' to share their blasts of noise with the as-of-yet unwilling world. Describing their tunes as "top shelf quality sit", their wonderful squalor is likely to appeal to fans of scuzzy and silly punks who just enjoy fucking shit up.

A Box of 78s

A Box Of 78s in box on 12 inch vinyl. Over 50 sound documents, field recordings and vibrated memories. All captured to maybe document the lives and times of people in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. This leather box was owned by DinahBird’s grandmother. Lovingly cared for and shared within her family. It is now here on a limited 300 edition run. Share inside time.  
  • Vinyl LP (Gruen 148/14)
  • £19.49 £11.69 (saving: £7.80)
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FF (shoegaze band)

‘Lord’ is the debut LP from Seattle-based punk trio FF. They claim to make gloomy, ethereal punk anthems inspirited by the Northest DIY underground scene of their hometown. Their sound has be likened to My Bloody Valentine, Wipers, Sonic Youth and the Flying Nun Records cabal by lazy journos. Apparently this band is different though, as they’ve broken away from the current tedium of 90s revivalism. That’s what the press release says though so I suppose they would have to say that. 

Francois Tusques With Barney Wilen
Le Nouveau Jazz

An apprehensive black pudding comes from Francois Tusques With Barney Wilen. Le Nouveau was initially released when the Europeans were getting their teeth into the improvised avant-garde free jazz scene. This is densely packed with ideas and themes, all pretty dark. Think Cecil Taylor and Albert Ayler on Halloween. This was a mega rarity, but luckily for us it's been repressed on vinyl LP by Cacophonic.

All Ends

The '90s meet 2014 from Fraxinus. All Ends is a rework of a '90s house B-girl jam "Knuckleheadz" by Big Ria. He's added some pretty goofy gun loading noises, techy percussion and hand claps. Where the original is minimal, Fraxinus fills in all the gaps. It's been given an aggy south London make over. Out on 12" vinyl form Her Records.

Fruit Tones
Some Strange Voodoo

There might not be all that many beaches around here, but there's a wave to catch right round the corner: Stolen Body keep the surf (and garage, too, but never-mind that now) dream alive on 'Fruit Tones', a collection of watery rock tunes to bask in the sun with. If you've been missing that jangly guitar tone in your life, look no further.
  • Vinyl 7" (SBR-012)
  • £5.99 £3.00 (saving: £2.99)
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Waiting for a Sign

The fourth album from experimental indie supergroup Githead is more surprisingly melodic post-punk and rich, sunny instrumentation. Robin Rimbaud AKA Scanner mixes his experimental tendencies with the skills of Colin Newman from Wire and Malka Spigel and Max Franken of Minimal Compact. Improvised music has never sounded so immediate and memorable.

Hannah Peel
Find Peace / Rebox – I Believe in Father Christmas

Oh shit. There's mention of Christmas. We haven't decorated at all and are completely unprepared for this development. Indie folk artist Hannah Peel has a new 7" out that, as always, showcases her commanding and unwavering vocal and the intricate melodies that go with it. That there's a tune called "I Believe In Father Christmas" is totally worrying, but it'll be okay in the end.
  • Vinyl 7" (SNOWFLAKE5)
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Jaga Jazzist
Jaga Jazzist - '94-'14

Post-rock wasn't always this drab; there was a time when it could sound like it was made by a jazz band living in a beanstalk. Jaga Jazzist's inventive and ever-curious sound infused nu-jazz with the climactic disciplines of Talk Talk and Tortoise. They're pretty old now, though, and this year marks their twentieth anniversary, so they've reissued their most bombastic and jazz-dominated work, A Livingroom Hush.

John Cale
The Academy In Peril

Ex-Velvets member and founded John Cale used 'The Academy In Peril' to think outside of the punk rock box and make music informed by classical and instrumental compositions. It answers a fundamental question of life: what would it be like if John Cale played with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra? 'The Academy In Peril' plays high and low at the same time, fusing more conventional rock music with subtle orchestral arrangements. Cale is joined by a bunch of old rockers, including the Rolling Stones' Ron Wood, who turns up to play guitar.    Tracks: The Philosopher Brahms Legs Larry At Television Centre The Academy In Peril Intro Days Of Steam Faust The Balance Capt. Morgan's Lament King Harry John Milton

Luke Vibert
Halloween (Part Two) EP

More tardy spookiness comes from Luke Vibert, who clearly hasn't got the memo: Halloween is a one in, one out deal. Part 2 of his post-festivities EP goes in for more of an acid vibe, harder and stronger than its predecessor and complemented by some fitting feature remixes: FaltyDL is out to play, as is Tom Demac, who gives Vibert's work his own special workout.

Molly Drake
Molly Drake

Molly Drake is Nick Drake’s mother, and these are home recordings made in the 1950s, never intended for public consumption. Of course, we cannot escape the Nick context when listening, but Molly is a bewitching musician in her own right, and although the songs are her own, she imbues them with the feeling of familiar standards. Also, one of the crispest accents you’ve ever heard sing.

Muck And The Mires
Dial M For Muck

‘Dial M For Muck’ is the latest from Boston’s garage rocker’s Much And The Mires. Teaming up with Kim Fowley of The Runaways and Jim Diamond of The White Stripes, the album features 12 songs reminiscent of The Beatles circa 1964 and the Ramones in 77. The result is a pleasing mixture of hit-worthy British Invasion style '60s bubblegum and '70s power-pop.

Nancy Wallace
January / 200 Miles

Travelled folkie Nancy Wallace has released a great deal of rural, naturally motivated material since stepping away from Owl Service and the Memory Band, and now she celebrates the most appropriate of folk seasons: winter. These songs are dedicated to the December period, recorded for the Snowflakes Christmas Club project, and show Wallace acting as both a modern folk songwriter -- with stark original "January" -- and a traditionalist working with standards on "200 Miles".

Sigma / Tau

Some double cream & mash from NPLGNN. Sigma / Tau is a slab of gut emptying technological rhythms. Straining to contain all the clobbering percussion, severe low-end and euphoric synthetic fuzz, most of the record sounds as if NPLGNN is battering down the door because he is bursting for a piss. Luckily, the last track, 'K', captures his final elation of taking said wee. Out on 12" vinyl from Where II Dance.

Peter Zummo (featuring Arthur Russell)
Lateral Pass

Heavy weight; old made new on this beautiful first ever pressing from Peter Zummo (The Lounge Lizards) and Arthur Russell (Arthur Russell). This remastered recording also features Guy Kluvecsek (Alvin Lucifer, John Zorn collaborator). These emotional spaced out soul adventuring trips were recorded live at Battery Sound in 1985. The past has been brought to the present. Artwork by Nancy Graves. Music for the whole of your body.

Computer Love

Some exuberant binary from French man Poborsk. Computer Love sounds like an ode to our favourite modern day best pal, the computer. This one is especially romantic, full of elation inducing synths -- painting the sonic canvas in all sorts of bright and bonkers noises. Squishy electro-pop for the discotheque. Out on 7" vinyl from Computer Club.

Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy

  • Vinyl 12" (DIAG015)
  • £8.99 £4.50 (saving: £4.49)
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Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
Jane and Serge 1973

One for you collectors out there. A limited edition boxed set of the Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin albums “Di Doo Dah” and “Vu De L’Exterieur” on CD. The latter came in 1973 and was the next album from the French master after the forever brilliant “Histoire de Melody Nelson” while “Di Doo Dah” is Birkin’s 1973 solo album which is obviously lathered in Gainsbourg style. 2CD, DVD and a book of other goodness.

Shiny Two Shiny
When The Rain Stops

Back in the early 80s, Gayna Florence Perry and Robin Surtees combined to form Shiny Two Shiny, a moniker they worked under to craft tight synth jams with the occasional foreboding moment --- it never got too serious, though. They only released one record, 'Halfway Across the Rainbow', and another single left off it. Now their short-lived career is documented in this discography overview, courtesy of Captured Tracks. 

Smashing Pumpkins
Monuments To An Elegy

Now that Billy Corgan is done composing and performing eight-hour tributes to Herman Hesse novels -- and making Oneohtrix Point Never laugh in the process -- he's decided to return to that little side project of his, also known as the Smashing Pumpkins. Monuments To An Elegy is their eighth record and hold the indie rock: we want it as pretentious as we know you can make it, Billy.

Sylvie Simmons

Light In The Attic, who have released long forgotten gems from acts such as chirpy vocal group the Free Design and legend Karen Dalton, have unearthed another treasure trove. 'Sylvie', though, only sounds old: Sylvie Simmon's brand of soft, modestly sprinkled folk is actually brand new. Simmon sings tunes of isolation while lethargically strumming on ukulele, with little flourishes of piano creasing around the edges.

The Rewipes Pt. 2

Shockingly influential, the abrasive, yet spacious techno of Teste’s The Wipe is here remixed by producers whose own sound is indebted to the hypnotic rhythm. Handling the famous material with care, Claudio PRC provides a sharp reworking whilst Edit Select makes the minimal material even sparser. 12” vinyl from Edit Select.

The Emperor Machine
Pop The Lid

A sickly liqueur soaked gateau from The Emperor Machine. Pop The Lid is a slap-happy venture jammed with a big ol’ bass hook, not-quite-jagged guitars and a flood of over-the-top synths. The vocals sound similar to an updated Blonde mixed with an understated Uffie. It's nu-disco meets electro-post-punk. It's out on 12" vinyl from Southern Fried.

The Knife
Shaken-Up Versions

‘Shaken-Up Versions’ is a mini album featuring classic tracks by Swedish electronic music duo The Knife. The tracks here are reworked especially for their recent North American tour of 2013’s ‘Shaking the Habitual’ LP. Just as 'rejuvinating' as their live shows, it's sure to be mandatory listening for fans of the band. 

Tuff Sherm / Dro Carey
Scope EP

Uniting two aliases on a 12” vinyl split EP, the rough, mechanical house of Tuff Sherm competes with Dro Carey’s off-grid experimentalism. Despite the different titles, nothing Eugene Hector produces ever really conforms to genre distinctions. Samples are mangled, jackin’ drums are raw and its all threaded with strange melancholy. New on Sydney’s Templar Sound.

The Deeply Vale Box Set

6 CDs and a 272 page book documenting the legendary Deeply Vale Festivals that were held in the 1970s near Bury. If you didn’t go, this box set may not mean that much to you, but if, like members of Doves, 808 State and Chumbawamba, Deeply Vale formed a key part of your musical growth, this is the motherload. Packaged with incense sticks, for extra atmosphere.

Lead Kindly Light: Pre-War Music and Photographs from the American South

This collection of 20s-30s gospel and old unearthed photography came together as the project of a married couple attempting to document the American South before WWII. 'Lead Kindly Light: Pre-War Music And Photographs From The American South' is an educational journey through the traditional music of the time and photos that give these songs their sense of place. 

Decadubs 5

It’s been a weird year for hyperdub’s Kode 9 - losing two of his closest friends, one being his greatest collaborator, just as hyperdub reach their creative and critical peak, and the grand old age of ten. Decadubs 5 (decade dubs, geddit?) is part of a series of compilations and EPs released to commemorate the label’s birthday, and this double 12”, the fifth and final, features the near legendary Burial track ‘Lambeth’, released here for the first time.

Millions Like Us - The Story Of The Mod Revival 1977-1989

In keeping with Cherry Red’s tendency to release successful genre-defining compilations and box sets, Millions Like Us documents the mod revival scene of the late 1970s and '80s. It's so comprehensive that even the most well-versed mod revivalists might discover a forgotten gem. With its roots in punk and new wave -- through to its commercial peak in 1979 -- essential bands like Secret Affair, The Lambrettas, The Untouchable and Makin’ Time all feature, alongside many, many more. The box set includes extensive sleeve notes and rare photos. 

Wil Bolton

Some subtle expansions from Wil Bolton. Whorl is a series of slow burning ambient compositions from the multi-medium artist. The tracks blend some acoustic instruments and sounds with deeply soft electronics to create an ethereal dream zone experience. Definitely one for the Eno heads. Out on CD from Sound In Silence and limited to 200 copies.

Youth Code
A Place to Stand EP

Youth Code fit snugly in the LA punk scene, but aren't about settling for its tacky promises. They show off their reverence for hardcore, New Wave, industrial and all the things that happen in between on their A Place To Stand EP. The first four tracks have the band shooting some brand new shit, while the flip offers remixes from artists such as Silent Servant.