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Christmas records!

Once upon a time, Christmas records were things released by pillars of the community such as Gary Glitter, Phil Spector and Rolf Harris. Children were encouraged to dance with them, and everyone had a wonderful Christmas time. These days, the big lads like One Direction don't bother, leaving it to the bloke out of Ash and everyone's favourite 'grumpy Santa Claus' Mark Kozelek to have a go. Anyway, here's a list of the 'best' Christmas-related fun we have in stock. 
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Brian Wilson
What I Really Want For Christmas

  • CD
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Bright Eyes
A Christmas Album

Who let this happen? My idea of hell is Conor Oberst flopping his fringe over my Christmas turkey. However, he originally recorded this album of seasonal favourites to benefit Nebraska AIDS project, so we'll let him off. In any case, lots of you out there are in love with his sheep-like braying and boyish good looks. He owns two houses you know... and he's recently started eating meat again. More turkey for Conor then. 

Cerys Matthews
Dylan Thomas – A Child's Christmas, Poems And Tiger Eggs

In news that will have our resident Welshman Anthony weeping with joy into his leeks, former Catatonia front lady and soft voiced 6 Music DJ Cerys Matthews releases an album of Dylan Thomas poetry. She collaborates with Mason Neely, a composer and arranger from Chattanooga (home of the infamous choo-choo). I can't tell from the press release whether she is singing or speaking the poetry but whatever way I'm sure it will be lovely as her voice in either case is very lilting.   

Don Christenson, Joel Harris and Julia Heywood
Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out)

Halloween and Christmas go hand in hand when you think about it: Father Christmas dresses in red, just like the blood of thine enemies. Christmas Evil is about a boy who decides that when he grows up, he wants to around murdering people on Christmas -- a pretty limited career path, but really, who are we to judge? The soundtrack was provided by powerhouse trio Don Christenson, Joel Harris and Julia Heywood, who make gruelling sounds but play up to the film's ridiculousness with plenty of melodramatic synthwork.

Hannah Peel
Find Peace / Rebox – I Believe in Father Christmas

Oh shit. There's mention of Christmas. We haven't decorated at all and are completely unprepared for this development. Indie folk artist Hannah Peel has a new 7" out that, as always, showcases her commanding and unwavering vocal and the intricate melodies that go with it. That there's a tune called "I Believe In Father Christmas" is totally worrying, but it'll be okay in the end.
  • Vinyl 7" (SNOWFLAKE5)
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Los Campesinos
A Los Campesinos! Christmas

All I want for christmas is a Los Campesinos christmas album. Thanks Santa! More indie hopefuls reduced to making christmas songs in the vain hope they might be used in Asda's next ad. Dreadful stuff but its christmas and its limited. They've come up with 6 christmas songs. Can't wait for it all to be over. 


Now as much of a christmas standard as "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" by Mel and Kim. Low are the perfect band to soundtrack Christmas, coming as they do from the snow-bound city of Duluth which glistens like Christmas half the year round. This short album combines lovely originals "Just Like Christmas" and "Long Way Around the Sea" with spooky versions of traditional song. It's the perfect soundtrack to my Christmas tradition of driving around the less salubrious neighbourhoods, checking out the houses all ridiculously lit up.  

Mark Kozelek
Sings Christmas Carols

"Happiness and cheer" - Mark Kozelek, 2014. For real, though, the world's grumpiest folkie -- the Scrooge of slowcore, if you like -- has decided to release a record of his very own Christmas carols. Taking after his recent record, 'Benji', with its literal and overwhelmingly simple lyricism, Kozelek continues to be straight-forward with these traditional covers. God rest ye miserable gentlemen.

Nancy Wallace
January / 200 Miles

Travelled folkie Nancy Wallace has released a great deal of rural, naturally motivated material since stepping away from Owl Service and the Memory Band, and now she celebrates the most appropriate of folk seasons: winter. These songs are dedicated to the December period, recorded for the Snowflakes Christmas Club project, and show Wallace acting as both a modern folk songwriter -- with stark original "January" -- and a traditionalist working with standards on "200 Miles".

Perry Botkin / Morgan Ames
Silent Night, Deadly Night

Because everyone's favourite kind of Santa is an axe-wielding Santa, right? Death Waltz continue to find new, shocking ways to say "Boo!", and contributing to the cause is this vinyl issue of Silent Night, Deadly Night, one of those festively confused films about Christmas and death. Perry Botkin and Morgan Ames scored the 1984 film's soundtrack, with crushing distorted works offered by the former and traditional Christmas numbers by the latter, which are given an ironic gravity considering the film's stocking full of gore.

Pulled Apart By Horses / DZ Deathrays
Merry Christmas Everyone / Lonely This Christmas

Pulled Apart By Horses and DZ Deathrays join forces for a special festive split for Christmas, via the ever-reliable Too Pure. The former does a typically noisy version of Slade’s "Merry Christmas Everyone" and the latter channels an equally glam but appropriately sad "Lonely This Christmas".

Sufjan Stevens
Songs For Christmas

How nice it would be to live in Sufjan world. Each year around the festive season he'd gather round with friends to make a Christmas EP. He'll be there in a massive jumper singing away. Heartwarming. Well this tradition went on for a few years and now you can get all the yuletide fruits on this box set of all the songs. Sufjan's folky and melancholy tones are just perfect for Christmas listening. Let it sleet. 
  • Vinyl LP box set (AKR28LP)
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The Flaming Lips
Imagene Peise

Don’t be shocked by The Flaming Lips’ ability to surprise. The jazzy piano tones of their secret Christmas EP (released in 2010) float along on a bed of analogue synth and holiday cheer, filtered through classic Lips melancholy. "Frosty the Snowman", "Do You Hear What I Hear" and "Christmas Waltz" are all given the Flaming treatment, the band meandering their way through in a continuous festive jam.

The Humble Bee & Players

Limited to a mere 280 copies on white vinyl + Bonus CD, from Other Ideas. Stemming from research on the formation of snowflakes Craig Tattersall curates 6 musicians to create individual pieces which are then brought back together. With a bonus CD of the original results, and LP of 6 remixes from Tattersall.

The Miserable Rich
Everything You Wanted / Stop The Cavalry

Brighton 'chamber pop' five piece The Miserable Rich present a Christmas double A-sider as part of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. Original song 'Everything You Wanted' is a jolly festive affair complete with trumpets and a swing vibe. Also features a cover of the Yule classic 'Stop the Cavalry'. Limited white vinyl.

Christmas Joy In Full Measure

Christmas Joy In Full Measure is a compilation of Christmas tunes from twelve very different artists. Offering an original alternative to the usual Christmas music dross, this compilation features disparate styles – from pop and prog, disco and punk -- a dark and dystopian Fall-esque track particularly stands out. Finally, a Christmas album I can get behind. 

merry6mas 2014

Some calming merriment from Yellow6. Merry6mas 2014 is this years installment of searching yuletide vibrations. He creates a multitude of soundscapes based around the guitar and a bucket load of effects - full of careful melodies, drones, reverb and subtle shifts. It's like a stripped down one man space-post-rock-ambient guitar band. Out on CD from Silber.