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Time to get scared! We've chosen 30 of the most bone-chilling records ever to terrify your ears as you ignore that eerie knock at the door that can only be the trick 'n' treat kids. So turn all the lights off, wipe the cobwebs off the gramophone, and spin some bloodcurdling wax in the knowledge that you got your 10% off before you got pulped.
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Alessandro Alessandroni
Killer Nun

On translucent red vinyl with lobby card and obi strip. Death Waltz present another first on vinyl with Alessandro Alessandroni’s bizarre (fitting I guess, considering the theme of the film) score to Giulio Berruti's video nasty Killer Nun. Phased and layered guitars, dissonant electronics and even the odd chilled and wistful downtempo track….?! Features 3 unreleased tracks.

Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt Kickers
Monster Mash

The original and best version of Monster Mash, the ultimate graveyard smash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt Kickers. Recorded in a lab late one night. Good for Halloween and playing on repeat over and over for really young goths, a la Let It Go but cooler. Limited splatter vinyl 7" on Rock Melon. Edition of 300 copies.

Brooke Blair and Will Blair
Blue Ruin - Original Soundtrack

Brooke and Will Blair are spooky brothers who actually had nothing to do with that witch project everyone goes on about. They scored the film Blue Ruin and filled it with crystalline drones that shimmer over the scenes as if wind were feedback. It's fitting, all this ambient fear-mongering, for a film focused on the strong-bonding tensions of revenge.

Caballo Tripode
Horror Vacui

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Chuck Cirino
Chopping Mall (Original Score)

'Chopping Mall' is, of course, a film about some teenagers who get lost in a shopping mall and then have to deal with the consequences: robots will come and kill you. The gleefully corny horror flick originally came out in 1986, and now its soundtrack is getting a full release. This original score is the work of Chuck Cirino, who provided some suitably eerie sounds that fit nicely into his oeuvre of dark ambient.

Dennis Michael Tenney
Night Of The Demons

A ghoulish offering from cult hero Dennis Michael Tenney, the Night Of The Demons soundtrack from 1988 gets reissued on Lunaris Records. Keen horror fans will notice the new artwork from Devon Whitehead and each edition includes liner notes from director Kevin Tenney. Out on CD and Limited red vinyl deluxe gatefold 2LP from Lunaris Records.

Ennio Morricone
Spasmo (The X-Ray Version)

The vinyl is transparent, and so is the sleeve (this is the The X-Ray Version after all), but the soundtrack itself is anything but. Ennio Morricone’s work for Spasmo, a 1974 Italian thriller, is a mysterious collection of music, beautiful on the surface but with an uncanny feeling lingering beneath it. On Dagored.

Profondo Rosso / Death Dies

Exclusive RSD 7" cut of yet another astonishing piece of feverish prog rock from the giallo horror soundtrack masters. Apparently Dario Argento wanted to book Pink Floyd to write the score but had to settle for Italian progsters Goblin- luckily for us! Two tracks that go from haunting melodies to delirious bombast and furiously angular funk.


Waxwork Records love a bit of Goblin. Their latest reissue drawn from the archives of the legendary Italian film-score band features some of their most beloved work - the music for 1985’s Phenomena. Goblin head-honchos Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Pignatelli pulled out all the stops for this one. Across this expansive record we get John Carpenter-esque machine music, blissful ambiences, library funk, lush synth-pop and everything in-between. This release is the first time that Simonetti and Pignatelli's Phenomena score has been presented in full on one record, and if that's not enough it also includes a load of bonus material. Nice!

Four Of A Kind

I think Goblin are one of those bands torn over the rights to the name, with several variations touring about… But nevermind that, here is some music presented as Goblin, and sounding quite a lot like Goblin should sound. Four Of A Kind has the ornate proggy feel in place, compositions creeping around sinisterly before erupting.

Harry Manfredini
Friday The 13th (Original Score)

'Friday the 13th' is one of the first ever horror slasher flicks, so bless it for that. It came out in 1980 and it involves lots of people being murdered, probably in not very nice ways -- also Kevin Bacon is in it, so there's that. The soundtrack is now being reissued by Waxworks, given the vinyl treatment for the very first time. The film was scored by Harry Manfredini, responsible for making a soundtrack as iconic as the innovative movie it came from. 

Harry Manfredini
Friday The 13th Part II

Available for the first time on vinyl, Henry Manfredini's score to the classic horror sequel, Friday the 13th Part II is mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes. Available on 180g vinyl picture disc with Mrs. Voorhees sweater and blood splatter. This definitive vinyl edition also comes with a poster of the cover art.

James Bernard, Philip Martell, Peter Cushing
The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires

A lovely bit of old-school horror here. This is the soundtrack to the classic Hammer Horror film The Legend Of The 7 Vampires, but it is an unusual soundtrack album in that it essentially tells the story afresh. That means we get the joy of Peter Cushing’s dramatic narration, backed with the musical accompaniment of James Bernard and Philip Martell.

James Horner

The soundtrack to what is probably director James Cameron’s finest hour here: Aliens! James Horner applies suitable amounts of sonic creep and audio terror, firmly implying the presence of the terrible double-mouthed beasts. The soundtrack has been released before, but this double LP version includes stacks of previously unreleased tracks and cues. On Mondo.

Jeff Grace
House Of The Devil - Original Score

Ti West's 2009 Satanic panic-themed slasher 'The House of the Devil' paid homage to '70s and '80s horror in both its look and sound, with a score that holds its own against similar films of the time with simple vintage synth chills, and chugging '80s electrofunk building up to a thrilling climax of synths and violins. It's so good that horror experts Death Waltz are pressing it on vinyl even though it's only five years old.

Jeff Grace
I Sell The Dead

The film I Sell The Dead is both a horror and a comedy, something that obviously needs to be captured by Jeff Grace in his soundtrack. This means that Grace often builds up tension only to slightly undermine it (or to undercut a jaunty section with sudden fear-sounds). Red and purple coloured swirl vinyl on Deep Focus.

Jim Manzie
From a Whisper to a Scream

From A Whisper To A Scream was the last film of Vincent Price, and it could fairly be described as a macabre, lo-fi stab-em-up. Jim Manzie provided the soundtrack, keeping his pallette frighteningly minimal: he mostly uses simple synth patterns. The vinyl is limited edition, pressed to coloured wax, and gatefolded. On Terror Vision.

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
Prince Of Darkness

  • Vinyl LP (DW6RP)
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  • Limited edition

Luke Vibert
Halloween (Part One) EP

Spooky vibes! The press release for this one tries to impress upon us what Halloween is, though I think I can do it one better: it's when scary shit happens but you're too busy eating pizza in your house to notice. Luke Vibert is releasing his EP on that famed day, a collection of gruesome acid tunes that bring to mind the grittiest and bloodiest side of Halloween. With lots of zombiefied 303 bassline and vampiric vocals, Vibert gets nice and festive.

Michael Perilstein
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a film that you already know everything about simply from reading the title. This slice of vinyl provides you with Michael Perilstein’s original soundtrack to the production, full of vampy cues and cheesy horror grooves. Good fun all round. Gatefold LP, 180g vinyl, on the Death Waltz Recording Co.

Riz Ortolani
La Danza Macabra

La Danza Macabre is a 1964 Italian horror film that, in English, is named Castle Of Blood. Suitably, the soundtrack, produced by Riz Ortolani, is a dramatic, nerve-wracking rollercoaster ride of spookiness, something well worth listening to on its own. Remastered from the original tapes, and in a gatefold sleeve with poster-themed artwork.

Shooting Guns

Evil shit soundtracked by more evil shit: Shooting Guns helped give the gnarly Wolfcop its elemental stride, blending together punishing electronic whirring with doom metal precision, the juxtaposition making for a cacophonous, disorientating sound that takes you out of the world you knew into one you'll never understand.

Tim Krog
The Boogeyman (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Boogeyman was, of course, a spooktacular slasher flick from 1980. And no such film from that time would be complete without a flash electronic soundtrack, which was provided here by Tim Krog. One Way Static have pressed up a new 180g black vinyl edition, in a run of 300 hand-numbered copies with obligatory obi strip. Features exact reproduction of the original chilling artwork plus an insert with in-depth liner notes.

Machete Kills

The soundtrack for Robert Rodriguez’s 2013 retro-exploitation sequel has been lovingly rendered by Music On Vinyl on coloured 180g vinyl in a limited edition of 1000. Which means 1000 of you can thrill again to the film’s sonic collision of Latin rock and stirring orchestration in the finest sound quality with a bloody red revolving object to marvel at while you do so. Can’t say fairer than that.


2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic 1980's move "Ghostbusters" & its classic soundtrack. This x10 trk, 120gm, LP Vinyl format is being reissued after a long time out of print & is limited to 1k units. Tracks: 1. Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr.)2. Cleanin' Up The Town (The Bus Boys)3. Savin' The Day (Alessi Brothers)4. In The Name Of Love (Thompson Twins)5. I Can Wait Forever (Air Supply)6. Hot Night (Laura Branigan)7. Magic (Mick Smiley)8. Main Title Theme - Ghostbusters (Elmer Bernstein)9. Dana's Theme (Elmer Bernstein)10. Ghostbusters (Instrumental) (Ray Parker Jr.)

Fore Hallowe’en

Creepy spin-chillers from Folklore Tapes on their new release Fore Hallowe'en. This is a continuation into the Folklore Tapes label's search for various roots music from around the UK, this time with sinister undertones. Utilising a great mixture of acoustic and electronics, Fore Hallowe'en features unsettling songs and titles such as 'The Summons of Death" and "Lullaby for Nosferatu" from various artists. Out on cassette tape, limited to 200.

Criminale Vol .4 - Violenza!

Yet another vibrant compilation from a rich wealth of Italian composers responding to the world around them, Violenza! (the fourth in the Criminale series) embraces the decade of shifting cultures between 1968 and 1978. It’s a colourful, full-bodied selection of fuzz-heavy rock and highly charged funk from very intelligent musicians. Out on CD & vinyl LP from Penny Records.