2014's 'Big Hitters'

Here's a list of all the big girls and boys this year, musically-speaking. We don't vouch for all of these but any year that features new albums from Aphex Twin, Shellac and Goat is a good vintage we reckon. 
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A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran return with their second studio album inspired by contemporary dance and new instrumentation. After releasing a first glimpse in the form of the ‘Atomos VII’ EP earlier this year, A Winged Victory For The Sullen finally reveal their second full-length album entitled ‘Atomos’, which besides familiar piano, string and drone sounds also sees the duo introduce flurries of electronics, harp and modular synthesisers. IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “As a wise man once said, one who procrastinates their own choosing will inevitably have their choice served to them by circumstance. We had virtually no time for second guessing ourselves. That being said, we tried to balance the discordance between being creative, and fulfilling our duties for a commissioned soundtrack with a very strict deadline, and all the while staying true to our collective melancholy.” – Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie “We never imagined 2013 would be such an explosively creative year. The first record took us two years from start to finish, but in the micro span of time over last summer we were able to change the formula for the way we write, record, liberating.” – Dustin O'Halloran

Andy Stott
Faith In Strangers

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Aphex Twin

Well we'll be blowed. The threats have actually finally come true. Aphex Twin's first proper new studio album for Warp since the divisive confused bulk of 2001's 'Drukqs' is due towards the end of September 2014. The artwork is quasi-cryptic and minimal as you can see. What the material will sound like is the stuff of many an "IDM" fanboy/girl's social networking dreams. What we do know is that this is the most exciting news in electronic music we've heard since the deluge of Analord material for his own Rephlex that seems like many, many moons ago. Yes, he could have written it on his laptop in the bog last month or yes, it could be archive stuff more than a decade old. Will there be a "Windowlicker" on there? Whatever, we can surmise all we like but this is literally amazing news for his countless fanatical devotees around the globe and is bound to hold some surprises. 
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Ariel Pink
Pom Pom

All-nonsense indie rock artist and all-round asshole Ariel Pink continues to make music for cartoons and the adverts you watch in-between with the romantic and also exceedingly irritating 'Pom Pom'. As always, that's probably the point. There's a song -- or jingle -- about Jell-O, so yeah. Good luck with that. Pink says this is his most collaborative work yet despite also being his very own solo record.

Morning Phase

Morning Phase by Beck is his 12th album. It’s his first album in 6 years. It follows up 2008’s Modern Guilt, but is regarded as more of a follow-up to his 2002 album, Sea Change. It features guest appearances from Jack White, Jason Falkner and Roger Joseph Manning Jr of Jellyfish, among others.

Our Love

You reach a point in life where the question of how to stay at the top of your game looms; the only real solution being, you change the game. Our Love, the new album from Caribou, is the sound of Dan Snaith doing just that. Our Love is due October 6th on City Slang and is the sixth studio album from Caribou. The album features collaborations with Jessy Lanza and Owen Pallett. It was mixed by David Wrench and features artwork by Jason Evans/ Matthew Cooper.  

Dean Blunt
Black Metal

This probably isn't the new Bathory album. Dean Blunt, previously of Hype Williams fame, is becoming one of the most singular voices and visionaries in what we would probably call 'experimental' music. He makes records that traverse genre after genre until they all diminish (seriously, though -- 'The Redeemer' is voicemail-core, with plenty of diversions into funk, vaporwave and folk). His newest work is called 'Black Metal', but continues to mix, match and create new sounds that feel both detached and intimate. 

Dirty Beaches

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East India Youth
Total Strife Forever

Seemingly sponsored entirely by the Quietus on release, Total Strife Forever was the debut album from William Doyle under the moniker East India Youth. Much of the hype was justified on an album which blended Animal Collective-like mayhem through to ambient passages and full on thumping techno. Stolen have now re-issued on 2LP/2CD whilst Doyle continues to work slowly now under his own name.   

Flying Lotus
You’re Dead!

Steve Ellison, the experimental wizard of instrumental hip-hop (who occasionally moonlights as the rapper Captain Murphy) is back with his first FlyLo release since 2012's 'Until The Quiet Comes'. Ever popular with the world of music around him, 'You're Dead!' has a whole new roster of features and contributors to its name, including jazz-funk legend Herbie Handcock, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few. Of course, FlyLo will also be joined by Brainfeeder pal Thundercat.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

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First Demo

Fugazi are now lauded as one of the most influential punk bands of all time, both for their contributions to the lineage of hardcore (continuing what Minor Threat started with a little more "post" in the mix for the new era) and for their political standpoints, uncompromising live shows and complete autonomy. 'First Demo', though, charts Ian MacKaye's band before they'd really gotten it together, only a handful of shows in to their inception and without knowing what they sounded like on tape. This reissue takes us back to that turning point in punk rock; there's even "Turn Off Your Gun", an extra, unreleased track from the same sessions thrown in. 


A limited edition re-release on red and silver swirl vinyl with new artwork for Commune, the sophomore record from the enigmatic Goat. Originally released in late 2014, it was the album that broke the masked psychedelic band to a much wider audience, combining heavy riffing with polyrhythms sourced from musical styles across the globe. 
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'Ruins' is the newest record by drone folk artist Grouper. Recorded in a house near a lost, deserted village in Portugal, under the usual reclusive conditions that Liz Harris writes music, the record is the closest her project has gotten to capturing actual songs, each performed on a piano and recorded immediately to a 4-track. 'Ruins' finds Harris either performing spectral ballads, fashioned after her ambient leanings, or thrumming on the piano like it's just another part of the natural environment. It's arguably her sparsest record yet -- right down to the incidental recordings of rain and animals chirping -- and the closest the listener will get to hearing Harris' voice upfront.

Half Man Half Biscuit
Urge For Offal

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The Hum

Third album from Leeds-based psychedelic noise band Hookworms. With a new drummer on board, this is a more confident, leaner and meaner offering from the band Julian Cope described as a "...sub-Zabriskie Point ambient road-movie heat haze-on-the-road sonic wipeout." The limited edition comes on clear vinyl with a free 7" (note the limited edition is long sold out!). Both versions come with free download. 

Jack White

The main thing to note about Jack White's second solo album Lazaretto is that it plays from the inside out. Yup stick your needle in the middle and watch it head towards the outer groove. While you are at it you'll have to listen to Jack's increasingly bloated hair-rock  - sort of the exact opposite thing to what he was doing in the White Stripes. But that vinyl huh? Amazing. 

Johnny Marr

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Kate Tempest
Everybody Down

“Wow”. Not my word but the word of none other than Chuck D. on hearing the debut album by British singer and poet Kate Tempest. Indeed the album was something of a revelation on release. Tempest's gritty street words on prostitution and drug addiction blending uniquely with Dan Carey's lively and inventive production leading to the album being nominated for a Mercury prize in 2014.  

Mac DeMarco
Salad Days

I have a feeling that Mac DeMarco may be a fan of Minor Threat. Because who actually uses the phrase 'Salad Days' any more? This is his second album proper, featuring more of that incredibly casual and personable crooning that he's built his career on. DeMarco is the sort of musician who seems to be enjoying himself so much that it's difficult not to get swept up by it. 

Love Letters

To this writer (and please forgive my bias) this was their best record. Predecessor The English Riviera may have had the consistently great tunes and dance-pop moves that saw it reach near iconic status but Love Letters was a more out-there experimental work that ranged from Motown pop (the title track) to introspective yearning (I'm Aquarius) to superb shimmering jangle pop that brought to mind the likes of Love and the Teardrop Explodes. Not particularly a fan favourite it seems but Love Letters is a diverse and fascinating document. 

Rave Tapes

Rave Tapes was Mogwai's eight studio album released initially in 2014. It showcased the band mellowing softly and introducing krautrock and kosmische textures into their elegant post-rock. The album is available as a box set which includes all kinds of ephemera such as a bonus 12" and 7", a Cd and tape,m a book and art prints. More Mogwai than you'll ever need? Not likely.  

Neneh Cherry
Blank Project

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Parquet Courts
Sunbathing Animal

Jewelcase CD. LP in gatefold sleeve, printed inner bag, download code. An exclusive LP version featuring a bonus one-sided 7” with an unreleased track. Tracks: 01 Bodies02 Black and White03 Dear Ramona04 What Color Is Blood05 Vienna II06 Always Back in Town07 She's Rollin08 Sunbathing Animal09 Up All Night10 Instant Disassembly11 Duckin and Dodgin12 Raw Milk13 Into the Garden

Peaking Lights
Cosmic Logic

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Pye Corner Audio
Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3+4

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Real Estate

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Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels 2

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Ruth White
7 Trumps From the Tarot Cards and Pinions

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Scott Walker & Sunn O)))

Continuing their tireless campaign to work with every single artist and band threatening to be more bizarre and avant-garde than them, 'Soused' is the fifth collaborative record in Sunn O)))'s one-chord arsenal, following splits and records with Earth, Boris, Nurse With Wound and Ulver. This time around, they meet baritone pop singer -- gone crazy experimental musique concrete alien -- Scott Walker, who you at least have to admit is the most suitable Walker brother for Sunn to do an album with. Nicknamed Scott O))), Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson join together to make some lovely evil drone sounds for Walker to brood over. It's fifty minutes long and Walker's producing partner Peter Walsh probably got knocked out while it was being recorded, after maybe saying something like "Sunn Who???". It's the follow-up to 'Terrestrials' for Sunn and 'Bish Bosch' for Walker. 

Dude Incredible

FACTS!This is Shellac’s fifth LP following Axtion Park, Terraform, 1000 Hurts and Excellent Italian Greyhound.  The recording took place sporadically over the past few years at Steve's ELECTRICAL AUDIO studios in Chicago. The record was mastered by Steve Rooke at ABBEY ROAD. There is no comma in ‘Dude Incredible’; like Sir Duke or King Friday, for example. PACKAGING Both the CD and LP version of Dude Incredible come packaged in a chipboard album jacket with two high gloss, full color monkeys on the front cover. The LP includes a CD of the full album. QC Audio quality is paramount, as always, with Shellac. The LP was mastered entirely in the analog domain, using the DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) process. The LPs are being manufactured at RTI  in Camarillo, CA, using their HQ-180 system. The pressings are 180 gram audiophile quality.
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Sleaford Mods
Divide And Exit

Divide And Exit by Sleaford Mods is the follow-up to their breakthrough compilation album, Austerity Dogs. I think it’s fair to say that the Nottingham duo of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearns, mixing beats, samples with sharp, witty lyrics and punk delivery have come up with a bit of classic. Includes the single, Tiswas.

Spiderland (Remastered)

2014 remaster of Slint's beautiful second and final album. It comes with various outtakes and demos, as well as Breadcrumb Trail, the documentary about the album’s creation directed by Lance Bangs. The band's use of dynamics gave them an uncanny ability to bottle emotions; the words "he decided to piss", have never sounded so tragic.
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Sun Kil Moon

When Benji was released it seemed Mark Kozelek had finally cut through to the mainstream. His earlier albums were better but this one touched a nerve with its very personal themes and the beginnings of his scat-singing approach which despite being more unpalatable than his earlier soft burr seemed to him him a whole new listenership....who quickly retreated after the audience halving albums that followed and his career ending recent behaviour.   

To Be Kind

Hold on to your hats, Swans thirteenth studio album is a two hour confirmation of Michael Gira's brutal, complex yet endlessly creative singular vision. It continues their uncompromising path in producing heavy music which is both beautiful, warm and tonal as well as droning, foreboding and relentless. To Be Kind is a crush of the senses by way of twisting blues and experimental pounding rock music. There's no-one quite like them. 


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Sun Structures

Listening to this album six years after release it is remarkable how fresh it sounds. The debut album from Kettering's finest Temples is a tour de force of '60s psych moves shot through with pounding modern day production techniques taking in bits of the Zombies, the Byrds, Iron Butterfly and Tame Impala. A truly great British guitar pop album that shouldn't be ignored. 

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Led by the infamous Anton Newcombe, Brian Jonestown Massacre recorded their 14th album, Revelation in Newcombe’s Berlin studio over 18 months between 2012 and 2014. Eastern influences had started to make their way into the band’s psychedelic groove. The band are a swirling collective helmed by Newcombe, and this time the musicians were Joachim Ahlund of Les Big Byrds, Constantine Karlis from Dimmer and Asteroid #4’s Ryan Van Kriedt.
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The Heads
Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Remaster)

Bristolian psych rockers The Heads have many highlights in their catalogue. There's their ace debut 'Relaxing With', the killer garage-fuzz of 'Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive', and of course 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere', their Neil Young referencing noisy groover'n'mover. Massive Big Muff tones, Stooges-wild style freakouts, acid-fried chaos, tasty riffs and rhythmical induced hypnotism. 
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (ROOSTER20BX)
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The Soundcarriers

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Thee Oh Sees

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Natural Born Killers

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Into The Heart Of Love

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