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30 October pre-orders

As we get closer to Christmas, we hurtle headlong into that time when the entire music industry grinds to a halt - a world dominated by end-of-year Top 50s and stocking filler compilations. For the moment, though, there are still a couple of months left to enjoy some late-flowering gems. So, take a seat and let us take you on a journey through some of the things we are looking forward to hearing before we get all Father Christmas on your ass.
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Tuesday October 14th 2014. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Caught In The Wake Forever / The Sly and Unseen

This 12” split sees the combined talents of acoustic/experimental musician Fraser McGowan aka Caught In The Wake Forever and folk duo Katie English & Jonathan Lees (The Sly and Unseen). This LP captures the former’s reflective and melancholic songs and the latter’s understated extroversion; the result is a captivating collection of fragile and dense soundscapes showcasing their respective deft musical abilities. 


Who's up for some B-sides and loose ends? Hopefully, Cave fans: these kraut-psychers released their colourful new record 'Threace' last year, and they're following it up with a record of unfinished ideas that didn't have anywhere in particular to go. 'Release' brings together tunes that didn't quite fit on anything else the band has cooked up thus far, which, for Caves, is an exciting prospect: it's the sound of a chaotic band letting go of a hundred ideas at once. 

Dorcha Aigeann

Here's something that will sell out quickly. Chris Douglas's Dalglish project has long been a go to for visionary future thinking electronics and as our Ant says in a previous review "Just reading the words Dalglish and vinyl in the same sentence is enough to make hardcore electronic music fans salivate". The label describes this release as  "a web of splintering percussive patterns, arrhythmic textures and amorphous forms, titled in an asymmetrical variant of Scots Gaelic". Run of 300 copies. -On clear vinyl with white label. Enclosed in silkscreened PVC cover containing thumb cut slit.-Includes transparent film insert. -Contains two locked grooves at the conclusion of Side A and Side B. 

Dean Blunt
Black Metal

This probably isn't the new Bathory album. Dean Blunt, previously of Hype Williams fame, is becoming one of the most singular voices and visionaries in what we would probably call 'experimental' music. He makes records that traverse genre after genre until they all diminish (seriously, though -- 'The Redeemer' is voicemail-core, with plenty of diversions into funk, vaporwave and folk). His newest work is called 'Black Metal', but continues to mix, match and create new sounds that feel both detached and intimate. 

La Isla Bonita

Deerhoof have been going 20 years. 20 years! Crazy. Anyhow, this is their latest beast of a record and the general consensus is that it's a groove record, full of killer repeating riffs, the vocals adding a poppy edge that the band hopes will appeal to everyone on the planet not just Deerhoof fans. Bound to be interesting. 'Exit Only' (derived from a rehearsal of a Ramones song) certainly has brim and vigour.  

Einstürzende Neubauten

Blixa Bargeld was in Leeds doing his thing with Teho Teardo the other day and it was quite extraordinary, and now here he is doing what he does best with his legendary avant-garde noise outfit Einsturzende Neubauten, whose new album commemorates the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. With such harrowing subject matter I'm expecting something pretty sombre and hard-hitting from these mallet-wielding mood masters.

Eternal Tapestry
Guru Overload

It's been a couple of years since we've heard anything from Portland psych-jammers Eternal Tapestry, who finally drop a new LP on Oaken Palace Records. Every record on the label is devoted to an endangered species, and the band have chosen for the proceeds from this album to go to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Expect spaced out psych-kraut choogle.

Half Man Half Biscuit
Urge For Offal

Birkenhead's realest and most rambling rock band, Half Man Half Biscuit, occasionally creak out of the woodwork to throw sporadic new tunes and records our way. 'Urge For Offal' is one such moment, a completely spur-of-the-moment record that continues the band's tongue-in-cheek and delightfully surreal take on post-punk.

The Hum

Third album from Leeds-based psychedelic noise band Hookworms. With a new drummer on board, this is a more confident, leaner and meaner offering from the band Julian Cope described as a "...sub-Zabriskie Point ambient road-movie heat haze-on-the-road sonic wipeout." The limited edition comes on clear vinyl with a free 7" (note the limited edition is long sold out!). Both versions come with free download. 

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

Texas is for post-rockers: I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness are just one band to have emerged from the state's thriving instrumental scene, but they've been relatively quiet since releasing their high watermark record 'Fear Is On Our Side'. It's been eight years since their debut, but now they return with the aptly named 'Dust', on Secretly Canadian. Clear eyes, full hearts, post-rock, etc. 

Jane Weaver
The Silver Globe

‘The Silver Globe’ is the sixth solo album from Liverpudlian singer/songwriter and guitarist Jane Weaver. A concept album inspired by past experiences, cosmic imagery and idiosyncratic stories, 'The Silver Glove' combines  influences of mechanical rock with retrofitted European cinema and empyrean vocals, alongside futuristic vintage synths to create something multifaceted, beguiling and truly singular. 

Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks takes a step away from his Advisory Circle work with what promises to be a lovely new LP on the ever great Clay Pipe records. Inspired by hs grandma's house, this record consists of reflective synth laden evocations of the house he lived as a child. As with anything on Clay Pipe the artwork is sure to be absolutely stunning and the last record he recorded for the label 2012's 'Shapwick' sold out quickly.  

Last Ex
Last Ex

Timber Timbre chaps Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield dip their toes into experimental instrumental rock with new project Last Ex, which takes its name from an abandoned film which Timber Timbre recorded a soundtrack for a couple of years ago, which started the pair down this particular avenue. Mixing sweeping cinematic strings and Morricone-inspired guitar with elements of sound collage and tape manipulation and recommended for fans of "early Trans Am, early/mid Tortoise" in the press release, this could be interesting!

Lee Ranaldo and The Dust
Acoustic Dust

Lee Ranaldo is a co-founder of noise icons Sonic Youth, and he continues to make sparks with guitars on his own. That said, 'Acoustic Dust' lives up to its name: the record was made to kill time while on a leg of tour that fell through, and was inspired by recent acoustic shows Ranaldo and his band had performed. The result is a record that stands as a brief document of the time Ranaldo went acoustic -- those days are long behind him now, but 'Acoustic Dust' recalls them.

Mark Lanegan
Phantom Radio

Nice to know old gravel larynx Mark Lanegan is releasing an album he composed largely on his phone. Apparently this is his krautrock/post-punk inspired album. Nice to know the singer from The Screaming Trees was soaking up lots of British and German music in his youth rather than digging Alice Cooper and Blue Cheer. He explains, kindly, that he's waited until impending old-man status looms large over his life before he begins pastiching the music he loved when he wore plaid shirts and had long hair. It cannot be any more cringeworthy or mawkish than that crooner-style mess he forced on us a while back.

New Build
Pour It On

‘Pour It On’ is the long awaited second album from Hot Chip’s Felix Martin, LCD Soundsystem’s Al Doyle and Tom Hopkins. Following on from their 2012 debut ‘Yesterday Was Lived And Lost’, this 10-track LP is unabashedly anthemic; it’s electronic music as its most cohesive and assured, with sonic shades of The Human League and textures akin to that of Dan Avery or Caribou. 

Parquet Courts / Future Punx
LAMC No. 13

Entry number thirteen in the LAMC 7" series sees indie slackers Parquet Courts fight the fittingly titled Future Punx. "This Is Happening Now" is what the Courts have to show for themselves -- who take time out of their busy schedule of writing a riff and playing with it all day from the sofa to send down some music. Future Punx respond with "Spike Train". 

Peter Broderick
Colours of the Night (Satellite)

Singer-songwriter and classical-based instrumentalist Peter Broderick switches things up on 'Colours of the Night (Satellite)', making an EP based around songs proper, fashioned around his own vocals -- hushed or whispered -- as well as dimmed synth, understated percussion and clean, melancholic guitars. The EP hints at the direction of his upcoming record, also named 'Colours of the Night'.

Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels 2

The first Run The Jewels record capped a victory lap of a year for producer EL-P and rapper Killer Mike, who respectively released the bombastic 'Cancer 4 Cure' and poignant 'R.A.P Music' -- they then went on to release their collaborative self-titled record, which showed off the affection and understanding they share for each other's work. They're back now with the blood red 'Run The Jewels 2'.

Sleaford Mods
Chubbed Up +

Here's a Sleaford Mods album on Mike Patton's Ipecac of all labels. This one already came out as a digital-only compilation but this is its first physical release. It features previously unreleased tracks 'Bring Out The Canons', 'The Committee' and 'Fear of Anarchy' alongside crowd favourites like 'Jobseeker', 'Jolly Fucker' and 'Tweet Tweet Tweet'.


This is the first official reissue for Swans' aptly-titled 1983 debut album in nearly 25 years, featuring a foetal incarnation of their brutal no-wave violence in seasick waves of clattering, clanking noise rock and viscerally howled chants. 'Filth' is the blueprint for many years of harsh, damaged intensity that followed and remains a powerfully unsettling listen. "Fun", said Christgau at the time.

Swearing At Motorists
While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth

Blessed with a knack for simple, compact but profoundly affecting songwriting and a voice of pure silk, Dave "Swearing At Motorists" Doughman makes the jump from Secretly Canadian to Anton Newcombe's 'A' imprint for 'While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth', his first full-length since 2006. A welcome return for Doughman's melodic, emotive vocals and raw, stripped back arrangements.

Tape Waves
Let You Go

‘Let You Go’ is the debut LP from South Carolina’s husband/wife dream-pop duo Tape Waves. They make chilled and melancholic, reverb-soaked –basically, think of every cliché associated with dream-pop and that’s them. Alluding to the sunny climes of their homeland, ‘Let You Go’ is 32 minutes of melodic, sun-kissed bliss. 

The See See
Once Forever and Again

This is the third full length studio album from psych poppers The See See. Eschewing the modern day strum and drang of the repeato garage types in favour of a subtle update the sunshine pop of the late 60's movers and shakers such as The Byrds and Love, the band have again put together and album of catchy pop nuggets with harmonies and hooks in plentiful supply. Happy to see comparisons to the wonderful 80's janglings of the Rain Parade and their Paisley Underground brethren as well as their forefathers the Flying Burrito Brothers and Big Star.  Comes on a one time pressing of 750 on white vinyl on the Great Pop Supplement label which won't hang about. 

The Twilight Sad
Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave

Dramatic shoegazers and certifiable sad boys the Twilight Sad made a record with overwhelming emotional scope and weeping guitars back in 2012, known as 'No One Can Ever know'. Taking on different styles of sound but devoting themselves to a full-force, grandiose approach to feedback, 'Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave' is an attempt to bring together other sounds that the band have been interested in, such as synths, playing with an orchestra and everything in between. As long as there's James Graham's voice navigating the gloomy proceedings, it'll sound like a Twilight Sad record.

Thurston Moore
The Best Day

What's been going on with Thurston Moore? Aside from release a new cassette of experimental space rock, it looks like he got a pet dog. 'The Best Day' is the Sonic Youth frontman's first solo record since he released 'Demolished Thoughts' in 2010, a year after Sonic Youth distributed their final document, 'The Eternal'. The record shows off Moore's dedication to ferocious no wave guitars but also flinches for moments of acoustic balladry. Aside from the dog, there are some accomplished indie rock musicians backing Moore on this one -- Steve Shelley, of course, as well as Deb Googe of MBV and James Sedwards of Nought. 


Veteran misery-mongers Tindersticks are back with a new release that's deadly serious even by their standards - a soundtrack they have created for the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres. This is a continuous orchestral score created from a series of interlocking orchestral loops which accompany the visitor on their sobering educational journey through the muddy trenches and pitted landscape and sprawling cemeteries of the site of some of mankind's darkest moments.

Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell

3LP tribute album to the remarkable talent that was Arthur Russell. Rather than incur the wrath of the webmaster and simply paste the tracklist, here are some of the names you can expect to see on here covering Arthur's songs: Jose Gonzales, Hot Chip, Sufjan Stevens, Devandra Banhart, Scissor Sisters, Cults, Autumn Defense, Sam Amidon and, as they say, many, many more. 

Virginia Wing
Measures Of Joy

South London four piece Virginia Wing's debut album promises some slinky and dream-like electronic pop which owes debts to early Krautrock, revered Brum legends Broadcast and the Radiophonic pioneers of wibbly otherworldly electronics. Also see the trance-like post-punk rhythmic drive of, say, This Heat. 'Measures of Joy' is certainly a hazy montage of moody electronics, dreamily sung and sometimes spoken vocals, with subtle musique concrete influences. Indespensible, one of the best 43 minutes of the year. Proper full review to follow shortly but this crystalline beauty could creep onto a couple of end-of-year lists.

William Onyeabor
9 CD Boxset

Nigerian funk sensation and synth party innovator William Onyeabor was recently discovered and celebrated with 'Who Is William Onyeabor', released on David Byrne's Luaka Bop label. The shiny, flourescent '9 CD Boxset' brings together a whole five records he released off his own back from the late 70s on through to the mid 80s. Get acquainted!