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35 Things You May Have Missed

It's been hot, you've been on holiday. We get that. But now it's September and everyone is back at work or school, and the nights are very quickly drawing in. So what better time to look at a few releases from the past couple of months you might have not been made aware of? Things move fast, y'know?
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Anthony Naples

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Ashrae Fax
Never Really Been Into It

One for all you fans of gothy ethereal 80's referencing music that in another world would have emerged on 4AD with a Vaughan Oliver sleeve. This is a duo from North Carolina who use the regulation drum machine, affected guitars, wobbly bass and octave leaping vocal delivery of the Cocteau Twins. Its a little bit more straightforward than the Cocteau's but uses all their tricks to make some really ecovative music. This is their first new record in 10 years following a successful re-issue of their overlooked at the time 2003 release 'Static Crash' For fans of: Lush, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, The Cure

Moving Along

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Collapsed View

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One Hour

This was originally released in 1994 by the legendary electronic duo who consisted of Dieter Moebius & Hans-Joachim Roedelius following an earlier comeback album 'Apropros Cluster'. This album condenses essential passages from jams into 60 minutes. Just imagine how long it was originally? What results is an oddball take on impressionistic electronica. The production is as clear as a bell, the compositions themselves are eerie and disconcerting.   

Com Truise
In Decay

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Dag Rosenqvist
Fall Into Fire

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Dam Mantle and the Free Association
Heavy Velvet Affair

  • Vinyl 12"
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Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura
Thinkin' Game - Live Europe 2014

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Dorian Concept
Draft Culture

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DZ Deathrays
Black Rat

Like many bands these days, these are a two piece but sound like there are about a million of them on the recording. They make a brash noisy grungy effort that compares with the likes of Royal Blood and touring partners Blood Red Shoes but they have a metal sheen to them, not grungy as such but like hair metal gone pop punk. Like many people, they are from Australia. 

Fela Kuti
Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense

'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense' offers up three massively long compositions from Fela Kuti that delve deeply into his interest in mixing Afrobeat with soul, while still maintaining a strong amount of horns. There's also signs of the politically charged artist listeners of Fela Kuti will have come to expect in the thirty-minute, two-part "Look and Love", which is about an attack on his hometown from Nigerian soldiers.

Garek Jon Druss
Music For The Celestial Din

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Golden Teacher

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Half Japanese

Shambling dissonant geek-rock/fidelity-eschewing godheads Half Japanese shock the indie world with their first new studio album in 13 years. Always an acquired, divisive taste, this brother-led band of envelope-pushing ragamuffins nevertheless are hugely influential on the US underground and way beyond. This is a real treat for haters of contemporary music who yearn for the brighter, less studious days. The thinking man's GBV are back! Get involved. Yes, we know Kurt adored them yada-yada. Judge them on their own merits though.

Hamish Kilgour
All Of It And Nothing

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Harald Grosskopf

Legendary electronic guy Grosskopf (large head in German) made the switch from drummer in rock bands to electronic music specialist very early doors before the end of the '70's. This was his second solo effort, neither this nor his debut 'Synthesist' sold well at the time but have since been picked up by a younger generation, fascinated by the pulsing electronics and live drumming. Will appeal to those into the kraut rock travellers and 70's kosmische music. 

Holly Herndon
Body Sound

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Joel Gion
Apple Bonkers

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King Ayisoba
Wicked Leaders

Ghanaian musician King Ayisoba speaks truth to power on his incendiary fourth LP. Ayisoba is the sun around which Wicked Leaders revolves, a hugely charismatic presence up-front who is blessed with a voice so piercing it could cut metal. Leading his group with vocals and kologo (a two-string instrument similar to a guitar) in a sound that blends the Dagaaba and Frafra styles, Ayisoba’s revolutionary fervour carries this record of ramshackle protest songs.
  • Vinyl LP (MR11LP)
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Lee Gamble
Kuang EP

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Lightning Glove
Radical Zoo

‘Radical Zoo’ is the collaborative work of musicians and artists affiliated with the KlangundKrach and Red for The Colour Blind collectives in Prague. Known collectively as Lightning Glove, they made a name for themselves with their rough, menacing electro, casting abrasive, nightmarish soundscapes that would be at home on the darkest of David Lynch films.


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Mr Bungle
Disco Volante

Disco Volante is the second studio album by American experimental Rock band Mr. Bungle. Released in 1995, it is considered by many to be the most experimental of all their albums, picking up inspiration from a wide variety of musical styles including Death Metal, Techno, ‘50s space age Pop, musique concrète and Italian avant-garde.

Pastacas & Tenniscoats
Yaki​-​Läki Versions

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Side Piece EP

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Robyn Hitchcock
The Man Upstairs

Robyn Hitchcock has been prolific in recent years, releasing a slew of singer-songwriter records with the Venus 3, but 'The Man Upstairs' takes on a different tack, billed by Hitchcock and collaborator/producer Joe Boyd as an intimate and varied performance: some of these songs are rock standards reworked, others are obscure favourites Hitchcock has covered, and there are a couple of his own originals in the mix, too. The record took a week to record; it's Hitchcock's sparsest and quickest work in a while, backed only with flourishes of cello, piano and additional vocals.    Tracks: The Ghost In You San Francisco Patrol To Turn You On Trouble In Your Blood Somebody To Break Your Heart Don’t Look Down Ferries Comme Toujours The Crystal Ship Recalling The Truth

Rory Storm
Low Fidelity Electronic Music

If the album cover for 'Low Fidelity Electronic Music' doesn't look quite there, it's because Rory Storm wasn't, either: during the making of the record, he was all blocked up, and struggling to hear things as a result of his flu. The result is that his techno is a little bit warped, a little bit loud and a little bit gruesome. Overall, though, 'Low Fidelity Electronic Music' continues the New Zealand artist's attempt to home record some odd little electronic tunes. 
  • CD (ES036)
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Stephen Vitiello / Taylor Deupree

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Pressure Wassure

Old dub-ambient-space-face Strategy is a long running artist for this particular establisment. Once found propping up the Kranky roster, we now find him fiddling with the much-lauded sound of UK hardcore from back in the day. No longer making music merely for home perusal it seems, this sounds like a Strategic dancefloor-munching platter to me.....
  • Vinyl LP (Peak 06)
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Sun Ra
The Nubians Of Plutonia

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The Posies

Here is a nice re-issue of The Posies’ 1988 debut. It was originally released on cassette back in 1988, later to appear on vinyl and then CD. this vinyl re-issue contains 8 bonus tracks on a doanload card. There's also a booklet including press clippings and essays from the band. A nice package for what was a landmark album, the duo performed a very straight down the line brand of catchy power pop with nods towards The Hollies, Marshall Crenshaw and Elvis Costello. Yet they had really, really long hair. Later on they became integral members of the reformed Big Star but this is where it all started.