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Is summer over already? Perhaps it is, but one thing about this time of year is that there are loads of really exciting records about to hit the shelves! September sees enormous releases from the likes of Shellac, Goat, J. Mascis, Thurston Moore and many more than we could possibly write about here. So we've made a list...and here it is.  
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A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran return with their second studio album inspired by contemporary dance and new instrumentation. After releasing a first glimpse in the form of the ‘Atomos VII’ EP earlier this year, A Winged Victory For The Sullen finally reveal their second full-length album entitled ‘Atomos’, which besides familiar piano, string and drone sounds also sees the duo introduce flurries of electronics, harp and modular synthesisers. IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “As a wise man once said, one who procrastinates their own choosing will inevitably have their choice served to them by circumstance. We had virtually no time for second guessing ourselves. That being said, we tried to balance the discordance between being creative, and fulfilling our duties for a commissioned soundtrack with a very strict deadline, and all the while staying true to our collective melancholy.” – Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie “We never imagined 2013 would be such an explosively creative year. The first record took us two years from start to finish, but in the micro span of time over last summer we were able to change the formula for the way we write, record, liberating.” – Dustin O'Halloran

Outside the Circle

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Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead are one of those slow burning bands, getting slightly bigger, slightly slicker on each release. Their previous 'Penny Sparkle' was a little too slick for my tastes so it will be interesting to see where they go next.  They are to be admired  -  21 years and still going strong  - as their press blurb states -they're making music, simply, because they have to. This blurb suggests a more organic approach - melodies occasionally flirt with folk music; outdoor sounds, a suite of field recordings that they made in London’s Kew Gardens, are woven gently into the mix; a cursory listen to 'No More Honey', guitars swirl back into the mix showcasing their recently dormant Sonic Youth influences. Yes it sounds polished but its grittier than before and in fact there is the odd moment where the band lets down their guard and leaves imperfections in the finished track such as on the slinky “Cat On Tin Roof”.  Released on a limited Edition vinyl package with accompanying "Peel and Reveal" sticker insert.

Murder By Guitar

No good rock 'n' rollers with a punk attitude, Crime were a San Francisco band made famous by their 1976 single, "Hot Wire My Heart". 'Murder By Guitar' is a compilation of the early, snarling singles that caught the attention of San Fran, as well as nine tunes they recorded around the same time. There's a song on here called "Piss On Your Dog", which in title alone is indicative of the kind of band Crime were.

Dopplereffekt / Objekt

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Primitive and Deadly

Earth, worshipers of all things slow and the band responsible for Sunn O))), are releasing their new record - it's called, with amazing precision, 'Primitive and Deadly'. It's their fifth release for Southern Lord, and continues their ascent into focusing on building subtle arrangements around the focal point of Dylan Carlson's guitar work. On 'Primitive and Deadly' Earth welcome some guests into their doomy mists, the record featuring vocals from Screaming Trees' fellow Mark Lanegan as well as Rabi Shaheen Qazi. There's also bass work courtesy of Sunn O))) collaborator Bill Herzog.   Tracks: Torn By The Fox of the Crescent Moon There Is A Serpent Coming From The Zodiacal Light Even Hell Has Its Heroes Rooks Across The Gate Torn By The Fox Of The Crescent Moon There Is a Serpent Coming From The Zodiacal Light Even Hell Has Its Heroes Rooks Across The Gate Badgers Bane

Four Track Mind

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Electric Wurms
Musik, Die Schwer zu Twerk

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Where Were You Then?

Further were an early 90s indie rock band indebted less to the wordy, snarky bands around them and more to the slow, sludgy guitar jams of bands like Dinosaur Jr; just listening to "Filling Station", the guitar duelling instrumental that opens to 'Where Were You Then?', is proof of that. Further were super lo-fi and fit snugly into an indie rock scene that went on to eclipse them. Their own brand of noisy, no frills rock fun is available again with 'Where Were You Then?', courtesy of Bad Paintings.   Tracks: Filling Station Over & Out Generic 7 She Lives By The Castlr 5. Surfing Pointers California Bummer Quiet Riot Grrrl Springfield Mods Spheres Of Influence Wett Katt I Wanna Be A Stranger Be That As It May Grandview Skyline

God Help The Girl
God Help The Girl Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

God Help The Girl is a musical feature film, written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of the group Belle and Sebastian. It was produced by Barry Mendel and stars Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray. The music takes centre stage and many songs resemble in their musical aspect the other work of Stuart Murdoch and Belle and Sebastian. The film was shot, edited, scored and mixed in Glasgow and is released theatrically by Amplify Releasing.

El Pintor

Well, they're now five albums old but one of the most influential (in both good and bad ways) bands to stumble from NYC in the last 15 years are back with their anagram-tastic new big record. The lead track from this, "All the Rage Back Home", is a strangely addictive blast of energising emo-tinged radio-rock that totally retains that oh-so-very-special Interpol essence and their eternal debt to underrated Brit outsiders Kitchens of Distinction is still apparently a major factor in their sonic appeal. Whether there are more gems to be found on 'El Pintor' (jeez...) is something to anticipate. It's always gonna be an uphill struggle for these lads after that flawless debut......


According to Ital, things are about to get psychedelic -- whatever that's supposed to mean. The important thing is that he's done releasing EPs and is delivering his first full-length, the ominously titled 'Endgame'. According to Ital himself, the record is something of a dancefloor horror flick, working with warm, welcoming electronic tones before going to gruesome, reverb-drenched places that leave the listener insecure. Ital's minimal arrangements make 'Endgame' sparse and uneasy. Dark techno? What next?

J Mascis
Tied to a Star

Dinosaur Junior frontman J Mascis opts for a laid back and acoustic feel with his new offering, featuring guest appearances from Cat Power among others. The prolific singer / guitarist's output has been particularly impressive over recent years, with his 2011 debut solo album 'Several Shades of Why' gaining critical acclaim, and more recently Dinosaur Junior's excellent 'I Bet on Sky'. Available on pink vinyl (exclusive to independent retailers) or just your usual black, complete with download code. 

Jamie xx
All Under One Roof Raving

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Romantic Times

There's something about the Lewis myth that just doesn't stack up. I'm not entirely convinced that the whole thing is not an elaborate hoax. If the story they are telling is true - then its completely insane. Unbelievably since the recent re-issue of Lewis's 'L'Amour' album someone has found another album by a man who allegedly disappeared after cutting 'L'Amour'. This is apparently the 1985 issue of an album credited this time to Lewis Baloue. The sound is similar, a tortured voice wracked over languid synths, the sleeve sees him posing next to a private jet. Its the same man. This was remastered from a sealed, vinyl copy of the ultra-rare album discovered in the vaults of DJ and collector Kevin “Sipreano” Howes in Vancouver. For the moment the man remains a complete enigma. The record label claims they can't find him- it could well be true. In any case what we are left with is another shimmering album of eerie late night evocations that a certainly more David Lynch than the debut but have exactly the same naked threadbare appeal 

Loscil / Fieldhead
Fury and Hecla

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Memory Drawings
There Is No Perfect Place

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Monotonprodukt 02

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Side Piece EP

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Island is reissuing Portishead's seminal trip-hop album, 'Dummy'. Originally released in 1994, their first record is a collection of dark and sonorous electronic tunes inspired by rock music , jazz and hip-hop alike. 'Dummy' helped synthesize a new sound that became essential to the Bristol scene, coinciding with bands such as Massive Attack to put West Country trip-hop on the map. It also garnered a few hits, including "Numb". 

Dude Incredible

FACTS!This is Shellac’s fifth LP following Axtion Park, Terraform, 1000 Hurts and Excellent Italian Greyhound.  The recording took place sporadically over the past few years at Steve's ELECTRICAL AUDIO studios in Chicago. The record was mastered by Steve Rooke at ABBEY ROAD. There is no comma in ‘Dude Incredible’; like Sir Duke or King Friday, for example. PACKAGING Both the CD and LP version of Dude Incredible come packaged in a chipboard album jacket with two high gloss, full color monkeys on the front cover. The LP includes a CD of the full album. QC Audio quality is paramount, as always, with Shellac. The LP was mastered entirely in the analog domain, using the DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) process. The LPs are being manufactured at RTI  in Camarillo, CA, using their HQ-180 system. The pressings are 180 gram audiophile quality.

The Bug
Angels & Devils

Plenty of big-name collaborators on The Bug's latest, 'Angels & Devils'. Billed as a "battle between utopian and dystopian" (but definitely not a "concept album", oh no) you get Liz Harris (Grouper), Warrior Queen, Gonjasufi, Miss Red, Death Grips, Manga (Roll Deep), Copeland and Flowdan for your money. Pulling together "the fringes of all outsider music into a common voice" according to the press release, the 'Angels' side is described as "the heady/heavy dubbed out Angels side of the equation" whilst 'Devils' "brings The Bug's grime/ragga bass beat downs back into play". Should be interesting!

The Heads
Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Remaster)

The 2nd album in The Head’s impressive canon, was originally released on Sweet Nothing Records (SNLP007/CD) in July 2000; now, 14 years later “Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere” has been repackaged with a full compliment of bonus material from that period (7” tracks, B- sides, Mans Ruin 10” / CD tracks, Radio 1 session tracks, and compilation tracks). All the tracks have been fully re-mastered by Simon Price and Shawn Joseph. Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere is the bands favourite album. It represents the full force of the Heads’ psychedelic pummel, their trippiest most psyche collection, brutal yet beautiful. THE BOXSET: The Hardcover / full colour boxset is limited and numbered to 1000 copies only: it features the remastered original double album in its gatefold sleeve, the double album of extra material from the time - also in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. A single live album "bootleg" (pressed on neon yellow vinyl) from the 2000 USA tour called "California Jams", and a 70+ minute CD of material that is previously unreleased, culled from the dozens of rehearsal / demo archival CDrs that Simon Price has from this time. Various items of ephemera are also included in the box. a full size 8 page booklet will be inserted in album one with sleeve notes, pictures, track information, in the live album will be a full size 8 page photo /tour diary attempting to detail some of the USA 2000 tour. a huge 4 foot by 2 foot folded poster with the classic blue/red girl tshirt image, a vinyl sticker of same image, and a Download code postcard with a link to Download the two LPs as MP3. The box itself with then be wrapped in a specially printed Heads tote bag. The 2LP version: Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve: the album (remastered) in the format it was originally released, with full DL postcard. The 2CD version: Double CD, wth 12 page booklet (same as the first LP booklet), CD has the album, CD 2 has all the bonus tracks from LP two in the boxset. Wrapped in a full colour O-Card.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (ROOSTER20BX)
  • Limited edition

The Pop Group
We Are Time

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The Vaselines
V For Vaselines

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Thurston Moore
Sun Gift Earth

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Adrian Thaws

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