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There's a remarkable number of exciting releases on the pre-orders pages at the moment. The new Goat album has been the big one but there's also stuff from Mogwai, Ty Segall, Moon Duo and good old Morrissey to consider.  
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Aerial M
Aerial M

  • Vinyl LP (DC114)
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This Is All Yours

'This Is All Yours' is experimental rock act Alt-J's first record since their  conceptual debut, 'An Awesome Wave', and was mostly written in free time around touring that record. "Hunger of the Pine", the record's first single, features a sample of Miley Cyrus' "4x4".    Tracks Intro Arrival in Nara Nara Every Other Freckle Left Hand Free ❦ (Garden of England) Choice Kingdom Hunger Of The Pine Warm Foothills The Gospel of John Hurt Pusher Bloodflood pt.II Leaving Nara

Brian Reitzell
Watch_Dogs (Original Game Soundtrack)

Brian Reitzell's score to the highly-anticipated computer game WATCH_DOGS. Full of infectious beats and atmospheric, retro-futuristic synths, the score is a further achievement from composer Reitzell, who has previously written music for the highly-rated U.S drama series HANNIBAL as well as working on multiple scores with acclaimed director Sofia Coppola, the latter of which has featured collaborations with French band AIR and Kevin Shields of MBV fame.

Cocteau Twins
Blue Bell Knoll

Released in 1988, ‘Blue Bell Knoll’ is the Cocteau Twins’ fifth studio album.  A beautiful record that showed the band’s continued maturity, it also included one of their most enduring songs, ‘Carolyn’s Fingers’. Now re-issued on heavyweight black vinyl and are being cut from brand-new HD 96/24 masters.

FKA Twigs
LP 1

Former Jessie J dancer releases her debut prosaicly titled album. Is it the future of r&b or a trendified Beyonce rip off? Mike will be along soon to tell you.   Preface Lights On Two Weeks Hours Pendulum Video Girl Numbers Closer Give Up Kicks


Written over the space of a year, but recorded in a fortnight, straight to tape, in Ryan's central Manchester flat, 'Horsebeach' is a gorgeous journey through Northern, jangly, dreamy guitar pop. From as far back as The Wake, through the now de rigeur C86, and of course via The Smiths, this is bedroom introspection gone widescreen. Gorgeous songs of love and longing, this music has a lilting, drifting quality, sometimes reminiscent of Felt, or of a meandering, jangletastic Real Estate, of whom Ryan is clearly a fan. Chiming guitars, brooding melodies, thoughtful words. 'Horsebeach' is a very lovely record indeed.

Jamie xx
All Under One Roof Raving

"I made All Under One Roof Raving whilst on the tail end of another year on the road with The XX. I was missing life in London and trawling through any music and videos that reminded me of home. One in particular I found very inspiring, Mark Leckey's 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore.' I made this track in order to play out back home as I knew the year to come would be spent largely in the UK, DJing and making my own album. It serves as a reminder, not to take any time for granted at home or away." Jamie xx

Max Richter
The Congress OST

Based on the novel “The Futurological Congress” by Stenislaw Lem (1971), this futuristic partial animated film explores the stakes of our digital world, its dehumanisation and man’s obsession with chemical substances.   Max Richter composed for “The Congress” a wonderful dreamlike classical score, which perfectly fits the animated, dreamy and hallucinogenic mood of the picture.  In addition, there are two classical pieces by Schubert (“Trio in E-Flat Major, D. 929”) and Chopin (“Nocturne Op. 27/1 in C# minor) along with two marvellous covers of Robin Wright performing Leonard’s Cohen “If It Be Your Will” and Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”.  

Come On Die Young

This deluxe edition of ‘Come On Die Young’ has been painstakingly put together by the band and label, unearthing more than an hour of bonus material, including: Previously unreleased takes from early Chem19 sessions of ‘Waltz For Aidan’, ‘Christmas Steps’, ‘Rollerball’ and ‘7-25’, which featured on ‘Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait’. Seven remixed and remastered album tracks from CAVA sessions pre-dating the final Tarbox recording sessions. Two previously unreleased tracks - ‘Satchel Panzer’ and ‘Spoon Test’. Rarities ‘Nick Drake’, ‘Hugh Dallas’ and the three track ‘Travels In Constants’ EP. The original, previously unreleased version of ‘Helps Both Ways’. Available on double CD, 4LP box set and digital download. Box set details: Four 180gsm LPs featuring the original double LP, plus two LPs of bonus material and a download code for all audio. Two exclusive Chem19 demos: ‘Christmas Steps’ and ‘7-25’. Limited to 1500 units for the UK and Eire.

Moon Duo
Live In Ravenna

Before heading to Europe in the summer of 2013, Yamada and Johnson decided to change things up and for the first time ever, tried adding a drummer. That drummer ended up being John Jeffrey, who was hired sight unseen after meeting Moon Duo’s manager in Berlin. As it happened, Jeffrey joined the band just in time for a tour that “was defined by sweltering heat”. Despite shows every night during the most brutal stretch of summer, Yamada, Johnson and Jeffrey soon realized Moon Duo as a three-piece was gelling through the hot and hazy weather, and having a drummer in the mix added a dynamism and flexibility they had never experienced before on stage. They decided to document this new incarnation of the band and asked engineer Mattia Coletti to record the Italian leg of the tour. Live in Ravenna, due out as a limited, one-time vinyl pressing of 2,000 and digital only on August 18th on Sacred Bones, is the result of one of those nights of recording. It does an incredible job of capturing the emerging sound of Moon Duo as a three-piece.

World Peace is None of Your Business

'World Peace Is None Of Your Business' explores the tragedy of human apathy in our turbulent, modern era. Produced by Joe Chiccarelli at La Fabrique Studios in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, the album is available as a standard (12 track) and a deluxe edition (18 tracks) as well as on double vinyl.

Pye Corner Audio / Not Waving

Intercepts is a split album between Pye Corner Audio and Not Waving, available on limited edition pink vinyl. Taking inspiration from the world of espionage, most specifically spy rings, both artists provide four tracks each, creating a thrilling musical call and response between these kindred producers.

Sinioa Caves
Beyond The Black Rainbow

JAGJAGUWAR & Death Waltz Recording Company release the soundtrack to Panos Cosmatos' BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW. Posited as a "lost film" of the 1980s, the film is inspired by classic dystopian fiction and the obscure SF movies you used to see on the shelves of the local video store when you were a kid. The soundtrack by Sinoia Caves - aka composer Jeremy Schmidt - blends seamlessly amongst its influences of Tangerine Dream, Wendy Carlos, and of course John Carpenter, with the latter's mark heard on the oppressive synth percussion of the main titles and the catchy melodies heard throughout. Using familiar elements such as the mellotron and the processed vocal samples, Schmidt puts it in that 70s- 80s aesthetic and then builds a beautiful and terrifying score with those tools.  The Death Waltz Recording Company version is exclusive to Europe & housed inside a super glossy Stoughton tip on (Casebound) sleeve complete with an Obi strip, and comes on clear vinyl with sleevenotes From Jeremy Schmidt.

Swell Maps
Archive Recordings Volume 1: Wastrels And Whippersnappers

Swell Maps were one of post-punk's noisiest and most irreverent start-ups, oblivious to song structures and exercising pop music quite accidentally. What's weirder than a weird Swell Maps song, though? Try their blueprints: Archive Recordings Volume 1: Wastrels And Whippersnappers is the band in home studio mode, throwing off demos and estranged cuts. Twice removed pop music is what it is.

The Fall
The Unutterable

The only Fall studio album not released as vinyl LP...until now!!

Manchester Standards Sides 3 & 4

Following on from the inspiringly titled ‘Manchester Standards – Sides 1 & 2’, comes the middle instalment of the Manchester Standards trilogy of Mancunian musical majesty. Whereas the first LP focused on the more established DIY groups (Side 1) and the noisier elements on the flip side, ‘Sides 3 & 4’ turns its ear to the DIY New Breed (Side 3), and those acts that have already established themselves outside of the city on their own terms (side 4). The intention is that the LPs serve as artefacts, and reminders, of just how artistically fruitful Manchester has been in recent years. And, a great introduction to those outside the city limits who are curious to hear what all the fuss is about. The run will be of 250 pressings, vinyl only, and featuring a Savage Wolf art print! Manchester Standards Sides 3 & 4 features local favourites such as MONEY, Pins, Egyptian Hip Hop, Mistoa Poltsa, Great Waves, Naked (On Drugs), Queer’d Science, Irma Vep, Fruit Tones and many more. 

Voices From The Lake
Voices from the Lake

One of the most wanted albums in 2012 now finally on vinyl. Pitchfork sayed “It’s a triumph”, Resident Advisor rated the highest review score with 5 out of 5, Little White Earbuds say “one of the albums 2012”, Playground Mag say most magnetic electronic music albums of 2012 and still on Discogs in the list of best albums ever. Prologue is happy and more than proud to present the Vinyl version from Voices from the Lake which includes 2 fresh tracks with In Giova Alternative Mix and 01.12. N.. Thanks to Donato Dozzy and Neel for this amazing piece of music.

White Fence
For The Recently Found Innocent

'For The Recently Found Innocent' is many things: the fifth White Fence album the first White Fence album to be recorded outside the bedroom fence (with live drumming!) the first White Fence record to be produced for Drag City the second time that Tim Presley and Ty Segall have met to record music. Inevitably, the collision at the intersection of all these winding roads is a beautiful pile-up of deep impacts, graceful lines and open space embodied in sound. 

Young Conservatives
Young Conservatives

‘Not young. Not Conservative. An analogy for the modern state. The diluted mediocrity of 21st century British politics. Endless rhetoric and vitriol on what we are against because of our fundamental inability and unwillingness to actually define what it is we stand for. Who are Young Conservatives? The group’s line-up will prick the ears of anyone with an interest in the British hardcore and post hardcore scene from the 90s to the present day: Andy Bryant (Imbalance, The Horror) on vocals, Dave Allen (The Horror, Voorhees) on drums, James Islip (That Fucking Tank, The Magnificent) on bass and Adam Smith (Matadors) on guitar. Their debut EP is a concise, lean statement of intent: musically and lyrically. Six tracks - none of which break the three minute mark - written and recorded in the no nonsense style of early Dischord and SST punks who knew the clock was ticking down. Melodic, fast, catchy, brutal. The EP manifests a sense of urgency and politicised directness that cuts through the present day fug of retro-obsessed reverb-soaked introspection. Communicated with the most economic of means, Young Conservatives make you feel the need for change.