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50 Things to Check Out While the World Cup Is On

Who will win the big jug? We don't know, but while the teams kick their way to glory (or infamy) what better time to have a browse through some of the records that have slipped under the radar in recent weeks? So if you find yourself bored during a particularly snooze-inducing stalemate or simply, like many people, hate football, then have a look at our list and see what you may have missed...
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Black Narcissus

Daniel Menche & William Fowler Collins
Split LP


Dolman are Bristol duo Scott Hendy, of Malachai on Domino Records, and Ben Salisbury, who is in DROKK on Invada Records with Portishead’s Geoff Barrow. Salisbury also composes film and TV soundtracks, ranging from David Attenborough's 'Life of... 'series to Beyoncé’s recent self-directed documentary. Dolman’s self-titled debut album is a highly cinematic affair featuring a variety of guest vocalists.

Ford Foster & William Watts
Ford Foster & William Watts

Some danceable terror from Ford Foster & William Watts. Ford Foster & William Watts are the new sounds from these two chaps. Having a half each, the tape kicks off with Ford Foster tumping out his gloomy peak time grit with enough kick to beat Schmeichel in the 90s. On the second half William Watts soothes you with some Italoesque electronics before bring it up with 'Palladium At Night = THETA', to then twist your mind with the trippy synths of 'Skull Crusher'. Out on cassette tape from Opal Tapes.

Joey Anderson
After Forever

Dekmantel is Dutch for a cover-up, a front. On After Forever, New Jersey native Joey Anderson goes undercover with the Dutchies for some of his special brand techno. With is recognizable erratic yet minimalist style, he knew you’d find him anyway, and here he is, ready to have some fun with you.

Kate Tempest
Brand New Ancients

An interesting one here from Kate Tempest, one of our favourite new rappers in recent years. Here we have Tempest performing her poem Brand New Ancients, a poem which won the Ted Hughes Prize for innovative poetry. Written before her album Everybody Down, the poem creates a link between the ancient myths and the modern day.

Moon Rabbit

From Kohn comes this collection of recordings taken from his live shows. The artist name of Jürgen De Blonde, this album is an exploration of synths and psychedelic sounds of the mind, building up from almost nothing to a transporting harmony of calm and space. On cassette tape. Limited edition.

Mesa Ritual
Mesa Ritual

  • Vinyl LP (SIGE026)
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Neil Young
A Letter Home

On 'A Letter Home', Young retreats into his folk traditions after a couple of years incorporating drone, psychedelia and noise into his records and live sets. This record was recorded at Jack White's Third Man studio, in the kind of pay-per-use recording booth you would've found way back in the day. Young stepped in and recorded these covers of folk standards, only using his guitar and the occasional piano accompaniment from White. Among the covers are Tim Hardin's "Reason to Believe", Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North Country" and the good old "On the Road Again". 'A Letter Home' is interspersed with Young reading out a letter he's written to his late mother. Bless you, Neil.

Nicola Ratti
Ossario Vol. 2

Through the use of sound generated from modular synthesizer, tapes and samples Ossario is a collection of ten separate and independent songs - in two volumes, available separately - introducing a new and radical composing method. The aim is to build some kind of musical skeletons designed not to be covered in flesh and tissues, but trying to reduce everything to the bone. This double release marks the end of the journey started with220 Tones (Die Schachtel, 2011) and continued with Streengs (Senufo Editions, 2012), focusing the research on the use of well-defined sound to be used now as a rhythmic element, now as en electronic impulse or eventually as a self-standing musical element. Simple sounds generated with magnetic tape saturation or electric pulses match with elements belonging to the language of techno music, shifting the focus away from its usual (and predictable) axis to a new (and eccentric) point of view.

Olan Mill & Keung Mandelbrot

The Valley And The Mountain
Another Portal

Black Fire! New Spirits! Images of A Revolution - Radical Jazz in the USA 1960-75

This beautiful Soul Jazz book documents a time of furious change within African-American culture, in which radical politics, spirituality and new-found artistic freedom converged to create some of the most astonishing music ever performed. Among its hundreds of photographs from the late 1960s and early 1970s are iconic images of Ornette Coleman, Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Cecil Taylor and more. A fascinating look at an unrepeatable era. 192pp large format deluxe hardback.