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Andrew Wasylyk
Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation

Scottish jazz musician/producer Andrew Wasylyk rounds off his trilogy of LPs inspired by Dundee’s architecture, sea and shore with 'Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation'. Wasylyk mixes his own distinctive sound with influences such as David Axelrod, John Barry, Virginia Astley, Mark Hollis and Alice Coltrane. The result is a record which takes the listener on a sonic journey through the Tay estuary, evoking fields, empty streets and quarries. 


A remastered vinyl version of ‘&&&&&’ here, the debut mixtape from innovative producer Arca that was originally released in 2013. At the time Alejandra Ghersi was involved in the production of Kanye West’s paradigm-shifting ‘Yeezus’, and seven years later she’s been responsible for four incredible studio albums. Characterised by shifting, mutating chains of beats and glitching digital soundscapes dub, this set the stage for both Arca's subsequent musical evolution and the development of the genre that came to be known as deconstructed club.

Carlton Melton
Where This Leads

Specialising in a mixture of kosmische, stoner metal and psychedelia that draws on artists from Jimi Hendrix to Spiritualized, ‘Where This Leads’ is the latest studio album from Californian trio Carlton Melton. Made in conjunction with long-time producer Phil Manley (Wooden Shjips, Once And Future Band), ‘Where This Leads’ marks ten years of ever-expanding creative ambition for one of the U.S. psych-rock underground’s best-kept secrets. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (AGIT055)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (AGIT055X)
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Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith: Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition

Elliott Smith’s eponymous album is his second solo outing. It was released in 1995, so here we have a 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition. As well as a remastered version of the original album it includes the earliest known live recording at Umbra Penumbra in Portland. It comes packaged with a 52-page coffee table book with lyrics and previously unseen photos. Essential stuff. 

Field Lines Cartographer
The Spectral Isle

Focussed on the mysterious mid-Atlantic island of Hy-Brasil - a location apparently linked with UFOs, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena - The Spectral Isle is a fascinating album by English sound artist Mark Burford, recording under the moniker Field Lines Cartographer, constructed from analogue synths and field recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (CiS059)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Telemetric Sounds

Psych-funk band Helliocentrics fuse the sounds of James Brown, Sun Ra, Ennio Morricone, Pierre Henry and Can to make music that stretches into a whole new realm of psychedelia. Telemetric Sounds is the London band’s eleventh album overall and second for Madlib’s Madlib Invazion label following on from Infinity of Now. 

Hen Ogledd
Free Humans

Hen Ogledd is the kind of supergroup that we celebrate around these parts, comprising as it does the talents of Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies, Dawn Bothwell and Sally Pilkington. 'Free Humans' is their second album and has an unsurprisingly eclectic range of influences - everything from ABBA to medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen, surreal pop star Hannah Diamond to artist Agnes Martin. Lovely old job.

Jóhann Jóhannsson
Retrospective II

Revered Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson sadly passed away in 2018. 'Retrospective II', which follows on from 2019's 'Retrospective', includes Jóhannsson's soundtracks for 'Sicario', 'Arrival' and 'The Theory of Everything' along with collaborations with Vikingur Ólafsson, Ryuichi Sakamoto and A Winged Victory For The Sullen. Also featured in addition to 'Retrospective II's eight (yes eight) CDs is a DVD which covers Jóhannsson's December 2016 concert at Berlin's Funkhaus.
  • CD box set (4837948)
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Josephine Foster
No Harm Done

Josephine Foster returns with her distinctive blend of country folk and blues on No Harm Done. It was recorded in Nashville with fingerstyle guitarist Matthew Schneider. Foster’s bewildering voice, piano and organ playing is complemented perfectly by Schneider’s guitars - from 12-string acoustic to pedal steel. It is all beautiful framed by producer Andrija Tokic.

Napalm Death
Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism

The founders and undisputed kings of grindcore return with a brand new album. Napalm Death have been killing it since the release of 'Scum' back in 1987, and have been consistently releasing quality albums ever since. They've changed their sound up over the years, incorporating death metal riffs into their extreme and beefed up take on crust punk. Recent exploits include the excellent 'Apex Predator - Easy Meat', released over five years ago. They still absolutely slay it live and support the young punks too. Looking forward to this one.

Olafur Arnalds
some kind of peace

Ólafur Arnalds is proud of Some Kind of Peace, specifically the way the album tells his life story in an honest way. From his early years in a metal band in Germany to his ability to meld classical and electronic music - it shows his growth as a person and an artist. Features collaborations with Bonobo, Josin, and JFDR.

Peter Broderick

Recorded in London during the summer of 2019 but echoing sentiments of connection, happiness and family that are all so resonant in 2020, 'Blackberry' is a surprise release from singer-songwriter and sometime Efterklang member Peter Broderick. 'Blackberry' represents Broderick's first vocal solo album in five years, and it's an LP of folksy sophisti-pop which lands somewhere between Prefab Sprout and Bibio.
  • Vinyl LP (ERATP135LP)
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  • Vinyl LP (ERATP135LE)
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Pylon Box

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Rilo Kiley
Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley’s eponymous debut release was initially sold as a home-made CD entitled ‘The Initial Friend’ during their 1999 tour. Now the U.S. indie outfit bring this self-titled affair to vinyl for the first time ever. With its nine-track running order re-arranged on this release, ‘Rilo Kiley’ proves that Jenny Lewis’s songwriting was highly accomplished from the word go. 
  • Vinyl LP (LPLRC017)
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  • Coloured vinyl

Suzanne Ciani
A Life In Waves

A Life In Waves is a retrospective from the varied career of Suzanne Ciani. She is a composer and neo classical artist as well as being an electronic music trailblazer. Her work was everywhere in the ‘80s and ‘90s from films to TV commercials and video games - work which got her five Grammy nominations. The music here spans from modular experiments to fragile piano pieces and quite a lot in between.

The Fall
Imperial Wax Solvent

My brother once got a napkin signed by Mark E. Smith. I say signed, he got Mark's mum to ask him to put his mark on it and he ended up signing it 'From Wolfman'. Maybe it's something to do with the second track on this called 'Wolf Kidult Man'. Anyway, 'Imperial Wax Solvent' is the 26th album from the prolific Manchester post-punks, and it's one of their most celebrated of the 2000s decade for its different take on The Fall sound. It's rawer, more lo-fi, a bit more experimental. The record was also subject to humoured controversy when a pressing error led to audio landing on the initial shipment of X-factor contestant Faryl Smith's debut. Lovely.
  • CD box set (CDTRED810)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (BREDD811)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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The Reds, Pinks and Purples
You Might Be Happy Someday

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Tunng presents... DEAD CLUB

Indie folk band Tunng have created an experience built around the subjects of death, grief and loss. The project, which includes an album, a podcast series, poetry and short stories. It was inspired by the novel Grief is the Thing With Feathers by Max Porter. The book got passed around the band and fired many discussions from how to deal with such things and how big the subject is. Founding member Mike Lindsay says they wanted to make an uplifting album, despite the weighty and dark subject. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (FTH390LP)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (FTH390LPA)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Valium Aggelein
Black Moon

The recently-reformed slowcore act Duster are undergoing something of a critical renaissance at the moment. As such, now seems like a good point to unearth one of the band's time capsules for their new era. Valium Aggelein was another project that Clay Parton, Dove Amber and Jason Albertini were running at the time when Duster’s 'Stratosphere' was first released, and here their first album 'Black Moon' receives a reissue. 'Black Moon' sounds like the shoegaze ode to kosmische that it is - think Galaxie 500 covering Cluster - and comes bolstered by a whopping fifteen (!) bonus tracks here.

William Basinski

With Lamentations, William Basinski has created a work of great depth and beauty. He leaves his usual subjects of death and decay behind here, but not unlike his 2002 classic Disintegration Loops, there’s an arc of grief over the album. The songs are shaped from tape loops of Basinski’s own archival material dating back to 1979.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TRR343LP)
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