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Blood Fire Death

The extremely heavy metal of Bathory took many forms and often blended them together, from a viking styled sound to blackened death metal. 'Blood Fire Death' was their fourth record, and mostly took the form of a straightforward approach to black metal -- there are also subtle references to Satan sprinkled through some of the songs on here. 'Blood Fire Death' was originally released in 1988, but this reissue from Black Mark is here to remind us how long Bathory's brand of evil metal has been around. 

Black Heart Procession / Solbakken
In The Fishtank

These In The Fishtank collaborative LPs are are on oddity, and this one a bit of a gem. Musically this bears the hallmarks of BHP’s later, (slightly!) more chipper records, with seemingly quite occasional help from not-the-ex-Wolverhampton-Wanderers-manager Solbakken. From the lost age of 2003.

Bok Bok (Steve Garvey and Karl Burns)
Come Back To Me / Misfit  

Camp Sophisto
Songs In Praise of The Revolution

Camp Sophisto is a new wave/industrial/electronic project by German musician Peter Hein who was the singer of punk band Fehlfarben. Songs In Praise Of The Revolution was originally released on the legendary Dusseldorf art/punk label Pure Freude in 1983 and at the time received rave reviews in the English music press. Available on 7” single. Limited to 500 copies.

Doug Paisley
Growing Souls / Lies To Lies  

Bonnie Prince Billy tourmate, Canadian singer / songwriter Doug Paisley released this incredibly limited single exclusively for Record Store Day. The A-side is taken from his much-lauded album 'Strong Feelings' and the record also includes a previously unreleased B-side. Alternative country with a dark twist. 

Keep My Soul Awake

This reissue sees Orange County hardcore punk band Farside going back to the very beginning. Keep My Soul Awake was their first ever single and later appeared on their debut album Rochambeau. Interestingly, Zack De La Rocha had a brief stint with the band as a second guitarist before he fronted Rage Against The Machine. Keep My Soul Awake is available on limited edition blue vinyl 7”.  

Profondo Rosso / Death Dies

Exclusive RSD 7" cut of yet another astonishing piece of feverish prog rock from the giallo horror soundtrack masters. Apparently Dario Argento wanted to book Pink Floyd to write the score but had to settle for Italian progsters Goblin- luckily for us! Two tracks that go from haunting melodies to delirious bombast and furiously angular funk.

Den Of Iniquity

Ltd double green vinyl LP on Organized Crime Records, includes 24”x36” poster and was a special release for Record Store Day 2014. This compilation consists of rare recordings spanning from 1989 up to 2010, dipping into splits, EPs, compilations and demo recordings. Serves equally as well as an introduction to Integrity or finding missed gems for the collector.

Stanley Odd
Chase Yirsel

Macabre instrumentations, eerie soundscapes, and to top it all off, a scary Scott dropping frustrated flows straight into your brain. Stanley Odd’s new limited edition 10”, featuring instrumental and a capella tracks of both songs, is a haunting hip-hop experiment. Go ahead, check it out.

Stephen John Kalinich
A World Of Peace Must Come

Oddball 1960's poetry record from renowned Beach Boys lyricist performing some of his very own super idealistic poetry under hazy lights. If you like spoken word stuff about world peace etc then A World of Peace Must Come is the record for you. The main draw for Beach Boys completists is that it is produced by affable harmoniser Brian Wilson who also adds some of his unique sound sorcery and proto ambient twiddles to the mix.  
  • Vinyl LP (LITA039LP)
  • £18.99 £4.75 (saving: £14.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Brian Jonestown Massacre / The Magic Castles

The Computers
Live & Inconsolable

Live & Inconsolable is the new live album from The Computers. The album is a recording of the Exeter four-piece’s homecoming show from 2013. The Computers' brand of energetic Brit-beat, northern soul, r'n'b and rock ‘n’ roll is best heard live but you can also sit at home and dance around the sideboard. 

The Mor Paranoids

If the way to make an album a classic is to split up immediately after it is made, then Mor Paranoids certainly went the right way about trying to secure Circular a place in the annals of rock history. To add to their mystique, the band only ever played three gigs. A decade after their split, Circular is finally being released. Available on vinyl LP.

The Phoenix Foundation
Bob Lennon, John Dylan

Hot on the heels of 2013’s Fandango album, The Phoenix Foundation release Bob Lennon, John Dylan backed with Asswipe. Drummer Richie Singleton left the band after Fandango, so the band were keen to get recording with new drummer Chris O’Connor. This new 7” is the result and was mixed by famed producer Dave Fridmann.

The Rolling Stones
Got Live If You Want It EP

Got Live If You Want It was recorded on The Rolling Stones' fifth UK tour in 1965 at shows in London, Manchester and Liverpool. This was the Rolling Stones' third and final 7’’ EP for New York independent record label ABKCO. Renowned for its raw sound quality, the record has more appeal as a historical document than as a piece of music.

Throwing Snow
Mosaic VIPs

Three tracks from Throwing Snow’s full length LP Mosaic, remixed for Record Store Day. On this limited edition EP (340 for the UK and Ireland) his tracks have attained a catchy feel, geared towards opening sets or the last songs you listen to before you head out to the party. A must-have for the collectors!

Collective Hiss

Featuring bands from all over the UK and Canada’s underground, this Record Store Day 2014 compilation from Faux Disc will appeal to everybody’s tastes. Recognizable by their DIY sound, the bands featured in Collective Hiss have an unworried charm about them. A great introduction, or the final completion to your collection.

Dance Mania 'Revival Traxx' EP

Here at Norman Records, Record Store Day lasts all year (editor's note: it doesn't). That’s why you can still order this limited edition sexy Revival Tracks EP from us! Featuring reissues of vintage house tracks as well as a previously unreleased track, this release is great for classic house fans looking to broaden their pallet.

Battle Worldwide Recordings Present: My 1st Record My 1st Store Some Blue Sky Album

Quite a sweet concept for this release, a mini-LP on Battle Music. Artists from Battle’s recording roster tell the story of a personally significant record they bought, and how they came to buy it (hence the title, My 1st Record, My 1st Store). They then cover the song, so you can hear the influence channelled directly through the influencee.

Wedding Dress
Loom / Heavy Earth

Wedding Dress is the side project of Maps & Atlases' guitarist Erin Elders. The band also features musicians from other Chicago bands such as Gypsy Blood, Joan Of Arc and Suns. Loom/Heavy Earth is a teaser for a full-length album due in autumn. It's available on limited edition 7” single.