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Bo Ningen
Sudden Fictions

Japanese noise-rock quartet Bo Ningen are back with their first album in six years! In response to the “bifurcation” of music into sub-genres, guitarist Kohhei Matsuda explains that the motivation behind Sudden Fictions is “to bridge between now and the time before the first bifurcation. To alternate the future.” 

Bob Mould
Blue Hearts

Bob Mould's previous album Sunshine Rock was a slab of feel good upbeat alt rock which saw the former Husker Du and Sugar frontman in buoyant mood. Not this one. Mould is inspired by the absolute state of things and has produced his most visceral and angry work in decades. Blue Hearts is explosive and confrontational but as always contains the big super loud hooks he has always been so adept at. 

Capcom Sound Team
Resident Evil 4

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Clap! Clap!
Liquid Portraits

Clap! Clap! is an Italian producer who started out as a rapper before exploring jazz and jazz fusion before turning his hand to electronica. Perfect fodder then for Giles Peterson who has supported his later work which has also unfathomably piqued the interest of Paul Simon with whom Clap! Clap! worked with on his Stranger to Stranger album. Liquid Paintings is his third album and is inspired by childhood, loss and the Moroccan mountains. 

Damaged Bug
Bug On Yonkers

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Earl Sweatshirt
Feet of Clay

A new 12” EP from the inscrutable and compelling Earl Sweatshirt, and one that sees him go even more introverted and brooding than his last full-length Some Rap Songs. With all seven tracks fitted on to one side of vinyl (the reverse bears an etching) Feet of Clay’s mood and atmosphere stems from the death of the rapper’s father in 2018. 

Ebi Soda

In the aftermath of the well-received EP The Bedroom Tapes, tracking the first bursts of creativity from exciting jazz outliers Ebi Soda, comes the band’s debut studio album proper. A mixture of explosive percussion, electronic tones and upbeat rhythms, Ugh was stitched together over a number of different sessions laid down over the space of a year. 
  • Vinyl LP (STR003)
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The Neon

Becoming their highest-charting album in nearly a quarter of a century when released in 2017, Andy Bell and Vince Clarke’s Erasure are undergoing a period of critical and popular rediscovery. To capitalise on this, the duo announce their 18th studio LP The Neon, a sleek 10-track collection that acknowledges their past while looking to the future. 

Green Lung
Woodland Rites

For its third pressing since it was released just 15 months ago to huge critical acclaim, the debut album from Green Lung, Woodland Rites, has been remastered by Royal Blood producer John Davis. The vinyl edition comes with an eight-page booklet and A4 art print, while the CD version comes with a bonus disc containing the group’s mini-album Free The Witch. 

Guided By Voices
Vampire On Titus

The first album that saw Guided By Voices reach anything approaching national exposure was conversely one of their most lo-fi efforts. Vampire On Titus was a hastily recorded rackety thing but beneath the noise you can hear the bursts of pop that would cement them as one of the prime movers in the alternative scene of the '90s and beyond. Now re-issued on a choice of vinyl and excitingly Robert Pollard's original insert now expanded so it is readable. 
  • Vinyl LP (SCAT50X)
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Ike Yard
Ike Yard

Ike Yard were an influential but often neglected post-punk band who originally released records on Factory in the early 80s. Their self titled debut has passed somewhat into legend blending electronic minimalism, electro-punk and synthwave with their dark post-punk clatter. This was their only LP until a belated 2011 follow up and now comes re-issued on Superior Viaduct. 

J. Zunz

J. Zunz is Lorena Quintanilla, one half of the excellent Mexican psychedelic duo, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. Hibiscus is here second album and follows 2017’s Silente. The album, in parts, is reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti, Marble Index-era Nico and ‘60 psych rock band Fifty Foot Hose but all with Quintanilla’s own special stamp.

Laurence Pike

Inspired by the appalling fires that recently ravaged his homeland of Australia, Prophecy is the third album in as many years from percussionist and composer Laurence Pike. Again utilising his one-take approach for maximum spontaneity, it’s a record that eerily reflects the world’s current predicaments. 
  • Vinyl LP (BAY123VX)
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Peter Broderick
One Hear Now

Commissioned originally to accompany an exhibition of murals by artist Brian O’Doherty titled ‘One Here Now: The Ogham Cycle’, former Efterklang member Peter Broderick releases an 11-part, 35 minute suite titled One Hear Now. Composed with a system of assigning specific notes to individual colours and certain instruments for shapes, it’s a direct musical translation of a visual medium. 

Robert Pollard
Eat 16 - Soundtrack From Planet Cake

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Tactics EP

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Sludge / Broadcaster

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Tin Machine
Tin Machine II

At long last! Even the most lavish of David Bowie tributes following his passing tended to lazily trash his brief output fronting Tin Machine at the turn of the Nineties. Released in 1991 to critical ridicule and never subsequently re-issued, making it one of rock’s great lost albums, Tin Machine II deservedly gets a rehabilitation in the form of this silver-coloured vinyl release. 

Black Ark In Dub

Originally released in 1981, shortly before the demise of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s legendary studio, Black Ark In Dub was a compilation of ultra-heavy dub interpretations and a brilliant time capsule from a point where Jamaican music stood on the brink of a new era. It gets a re-issue, with the 2xCD version including the compilation’s successor Black Ark Vol. 2.