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Amy Winehouse
Back To Black

Back To Black was the second and final album by Amy Winehouse. It was regarded as a classic pretty much upon on its release. Here she found her ideal musical partner in Mark Ronson whose soulful production was the perfect backdrop to her incredible voice. Contains Rehab, Love Is A Losing Game and Tears Dry On Their Own.
  • Vinyl Double LP (5369109)
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  • Vinyl LP (1734128)
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Brian Eno
Music For Films

The Bonce himself gets his 1978 LP Music For Films reissued. This is, y’know, one of those Brian Eno albums. Sure, it’s a bit of an odds-and-sods collection; yes, the tracks here are quite short when compared to the long-form half-music of something like Music For Airports; OK, it’s not that similar to what he was doing with Talking Heads at the same time. But this is still an album by Brian Eno. You know what you’re in for, and what you’re in for is nice cloud music.
  • Vinyl LP (ENOLP9)
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Brian Eno
Discreet Music

Early solo Brian Eno material from 1975, originally issued through Eno’s legendary Obscure Records. Side A is the real Discreet Music, one of his very first self-defined ‘ambient’ works, recorded with an EMS Synthi AKS and tape loops (mmmm, yum). Side B involves messing around with Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major, with pleasing results. Virgin reissue.

Catfish and The Bottlemen
The Balance

Catfish & The Bottlemen are back after five whole years with their third album The Balance. The Welsh stadium-filling and festival-headlining indie rockers are hugely popular with the kids. To be fair to them though, they are an incredibly hard working bunch. They’ve been touring pretty much constantly in the last few years. 180g black vinyl LP and CD on Island.

Catfish and The Bottlemen
The Ride

The second record from unfathomably popular indie rock group who have proved that having the worst name in the history of pop music and producing music that is by numbers at best is absolutely no hindrance to world domination. Kind of like a Manic Street Preachers without the politics which despite my personal despair leads to a situation a lot of people are very happy with...particularly those at Island records (home to Nick Drake etc).  

Giants of All Sizes

I like them tall giants, I like them small giants, I like them brown-haired giants, I like them blonde-haired giants… Unfortunately Giants Of All Sizes, the latest LP from stadium-bothering Mancunians Elbow, doesn’t actually include a cover of Calvin Harris’ ‘The Girls’. Shame, that. What the band’s eighth album does contain is more of that brooding, baroque rock music that Guy Garvey et al do so well. Think of them as Northern England’s answer to The National.

If You've Never Been

Desperately looking for the next Oasis, the industry happened upon the Huddersfield brothers McNamara and snapped up Embrace for mega-bucks in the late Nineties. Their first three albums now get the vinyl re-issue treatment, including 2001’s tender and underrated If You’ve Never Been. While it delivered two UK Top Forty hits in ‘Wonder’ and ‘Make It Last’, it flopped commercially and spelled the end of the band… for a while... 
  • Vinyl LP (830747)
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The Marshall Mathers LP

The Marshall Mathers LP was the second album by Eminem and was originally released in May 2000. It’s widely regarded as the rapper’s best album and was critically well received at the time of release. It also contains the tracks The Real Slim Shady and Stan, which features Dido on vocals.
  • Vinyl Double LP (4906291)
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Florence And The Machine

I hope you like your music BIG because Florence And The Machine's debut album 'Lungs' is about as BIG as music gets. The production is BIG, the vocals are BIG, the harp is BIG (to be fair, all harps are big). It's truly awing just how much they manage to fit on here, even an uncredit Gang Gang Dance cover!
  • Vinyl LP (2709106)
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Liquid Skin (20th Anniversary Edition)

After Gomez recorded most of their debut, Bring It On, in a garage on a four track, its success meant that follow-up Liquid Skin enjoyed a very different birth. The album was recorded in top-notch studios, allowing them more sonic scope with the music being informed by their experiences of touring America. 

Iggy Pop
Lust For Life

Iggy’s second solo album came hot on the heels of the similarly Bowie-produced, but stylistically very different The Idiot (both 1977). With the Sales brothers on bass and drums and Carlos Alomar and Ricky Gardiner on guitars, this is much more of a rock album, but one that doesn’t at all resemble the Stooges. The title track and The Passenger are now almost omnipresent, but the record is full of delights - sleazy (Sixteen), daft (Success), or somewhere between comical and emotionally devastating (Turn Blue).
  • Vinyl LP (5736325)
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James Brown

Motherlode by James Brown is a  compilation that was originally released in 1988. It was re-released in 2003 as an expanded edition. This is the first vinyl version of that expanded version - ya get me? It concentrates on The Godfather Of Soul’s funk output from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. For good measure there’s a few remixes and live performances thrown in too. Double 180g vinyl LP on Polydor.
  • Vinyl Double LP (7716343)
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Kanye West

The shy and retiring Kanye West drops the eighth LP of what, to this point, has been a relatively uneventful career. By Yeezy’s standards, ye is short and sweet. Seven tunes, about twenty-five minutes in length, and only a couple of guests. Barely more than an EP really. But the thing about this Kanye fella is when he has something to say, even if it’s not very much, the people will listen.

Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp a Butterfly

I'm not sure about pimping a butterfly but Kendrick Lamar certainly knows the smooth. Sampling and influenced by the '70s greats of Parliament, Clinton (George not me) and Marvin Gaye, he twists black anger into new and danceable shapes. Challenging at times but a remarkable follow up to 2012's 'Good Kid, M.A.A.d City' and a key album in Compton's strong hip hop legacy.  

Kid Adrift
Oxytocin EP

  • Vinyl 7" (2743273)
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Lana Del Rey
Lust For Life

Now where have I heard that title before? Nope. It's not coming. Anyway here is global superstar Lana Del Ray with her guest straddled fourth album. The Weeknd, A$AP Rock and Stevie Nicks all make appearances here and its absolutely heartwarming to see her grinning away on the sleeve.   

Lana Del Rey
Born To Die (The Paradise Edition)

Originally recorded for a stand-alone EP 11 months after the 2012 release of Lana Del Rey’s second album, Polydor releases the eight tracks that made up The Paradise Edition of Born To Die on vinyl. Includes the singles ‘Blue Velvet’ and ‘Ride’, and comes with a limited slipcase to hold the Born To Die album itself.  *THIS DOES NOT COME WITH THE ORIGINAL BORN TO DIE ALBUM*
  • Vinyl LP (3718122)
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Melodrama by Lorde is the follow-up to the incredibly successful Pure Herione. Her debut was a suprisingly assured effort given that she was only 16. Now at the ripe old age of 20, Melodrama comes with a weight of expectation, but nothing that the girl, who was once described by David Bowie as being the future of music, can’t handle. Limited, deluxe edition translucent royal blue vinyl LP housed in a gatefold sleeve with six inserts and lyric booklet or 140g black vinyl LP in single sleeve with insert on Universal.
  • Vinyl LP (5754710)
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Loyle Carner
Not Waving, But Drowning

Loyle Carner returns with Not Waving, But Drowning - his much-anticipated follow-up to 2017’s Yesterday’s Gone. The rapper manages something that many artists fail to do - balancing popularity whilst actually being pretty good. Expect more sharp, observational lyrics and effortless flow. Sampha, Jorja Smith and Jordan Rakei are among the guests stars. LP and CD on AMF.

Mac DeMarco
Here Comes The Cowboy

Now signed to his very own Mac's Record Label here comes dungaree totin' tunesmith with an album he knocked up in a couple of weeks in January. 2019. The subject matter here is cowboys - a word he uses as a term of endearment to his pals. Expect laid back songs masquerading as breezes...or the other way round. Whatever  - it will possibly be 2019s most laid back record. 

Marvin Gaye
You’re The Man

Ooooh, a ‘lost’ album by soul superman Marvin Gaye is now being made available! You’re The Man was meant to follow on from What’s Going On in 1972, so you can imagine how high the quality is here. This is the first time these tracks have been presented in their proper album context, and there is also a nice extended version of Gaye’s Christmas song. Double LP reissue on Island, celebrating what would have been his 80th birthday.
  • Vinyl Double LP (7716339)
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Melt Yourself Down

  • Vinyl 12" (MYD3)
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Michael Kiwanuka
Love & Hate

British singer/songwriter Michael Kiwanuka has made an album in Love & Hate that embraces the long playing format. It’s a dynamic, nuanced collection that will find you reaching for the headphones for its more intimate moments. Whilst his debut LP Home Again recalled the classic soul of Bill Withers and Otis Redding, Love & Hate expands on that base introducing psychedelic elements to its contemporary freeform feel. The album was produced by Grammy winning US producer Danger Mouse and up and coming UK producer Inflo.
  • Vinyl Double LP (4783458)
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‘Nirvana’ was released following the settlement of a long standing legal dispute between Courtney Love and remaining Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, centered around the release format of the song ‘You Know You’re Right’ which was recorded at the band's last session in 1994. This is Nirvana’s first release since the death of Kurt Cobain to feature studio material.
  • Vinyl Double LP (4728948)
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  • Vinyl LP (4737878)
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Of Monsters and Men
Fever Dream

They became the first Icelandic band to reach one billion streams for their ubiquitous hit ‘Little Talks’ at the start of the decade - now, Icelandic group Of Monsters And Men deliver a third studio album. Produced once again with the help of Rich Costey, Fever Dream represents a subtle change of direction, if lead single ‘Alligator’ is anything to go by.
  • Vinyl LP (7785402)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Queens Of The Stone Age
Lullabies To Paralyze

Queens Of The Stone Age have been making their rambunctious tuneful desert rock for nearly twenty years. Lullabies To Paralyze was their third album originally released in 2005 and has guest spots from the likes of Jack Black, Shirley Manson and most aptly of all a ZZ Top Gibbons. This is a luxury re-issue in gatefold sleeve and comes with three bonus tracks. 

In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003

In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003 covers the band’s most commercially successful period. It includes tracks from the popular albums Green, Out Of Time and Automatic For The People as well as the single Bad Day. One of the band’s biggest hits, Shiny Happy People, was left off the compilation presumably because everyone hates it. Reissue double LP on Concord.
  • Vinyl Double LP (7208482)
  • £25.99 £18.49 (saving: £7.50)
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Siouxsie and The Banshees
Join Hands

'Join Hands' was the second Siouxie and the Banshees album and found them still in a very bleak place with songs based around the First World War. It also features the band's harrowing version of the Lords Prayer. The hits started on the subsequent 'Kaleidoscope' but this one shows the band at their most darkly brutal.  
  • Vinyl LP (SATBLP2)
  • £16.99 £11.99 (saving: £5.00)
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Siouxsie and The Banshees
The Rapture

The Rapture was the 11th and final studio album from Siouxsie and the Banshees and was part produced by John Cale. The album continued the band's legacy of producing innovative and fresh work at a time when many of their contemporaries had either split up or were treading water. Though not sporting any notable singles the record continued the Banshees obsession with the darker side of pop with disquieting lyrics to match.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (SATBLP14)
  • £22.99 £18.49 (saving: £4.50)

Snow Patrol
Eyes Open

Eyes Open was the fourth album by Snow Patrol, coming three years after its predecessor, Final Straw, in 2006. It shifted a lot of copies and was the biggest selling album of the year. The major label boost was really paying off. To make the album extra shiny, U2, Robbie Williams and The Killers producer Jacknife Lee was drafted in. Among the 60-odd musicians that played on the album, Martha Wainwright and The Vaselines Eugene Kelly are the standout names. Deluxe reissue LP on Polydor.
  • Vinyl Double LP (6795422)
  • £23.99 £18.49 (saving: £5.50)

Soft Cell
Non Stop Erotic Cabaret

The first album by Soft Cell, released in 1981 to much attention. Non Stop Erotic Cabaret is a true classic of sexy synth-pop, featuring both the enormously famous ‘Tainted Love’ cover and the infamous ‘Sex Dwarf’. No self-respected synth lover can be without this album, now reissued on vinyl by Universal.
  • Vinyl LP (3789444)
  • £18.99 £11.99 (saving: £7.00)
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Spring King
A Better Life

The North can party too you know. Manchester's Spring King show us how it's done with their second album of primal, joyous and thundering party anthems. The lads have got the party started for the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and Kasabian on recent tours and so know how to make lots of people stay awake at the same time.    

Decade In The Sun - Best Of Stereophonics

Yup Stereophonics actually have a re-issue of their 'best of' out. In another blow for our credibility we have it in stock. Features all your sandpaper-voiced favourites including 'Have a Nice Day', 'Maybe Tomorrow' and the other one. In its own way this is as anti music as John Zorn.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (6742840)
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The 1975
I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It

It goes without saying that when a band’s debut album sells more than a million copies that their follow-up will be eagerly awaited. Well, folks, the wait is over as the new album by The 1975 is here! Snappily titled I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, it takes the catchy hooks and expansive and electrifying alt. rock of their self-titled debut to the next level.

The Cure

Disintegration was The Cure's 8th studio album and one of their bleakest. After a few years of commercial success, the band returned to their gloomy gothy roots on an album that - despite it's lack of actual tunes - has since become somewhat of a classic. Despite it's unrelentingly somber mood it still contains future the Cure staples as Lullaby, Plainsong and Lovesong. One way or another it is a true artistic statement from Robert Smith and his long running collective.  

The Killers
Sam's Town

Sam’s Town is the second album by The Killers. It was originally released in 2006. It’s named after a casino in their hometown of Las Vegas. The album saw the band’s popularity rise even further with songs such as When You Were Young, Read My Mind, Bones and For Reasons Unknown being released as singles. It was produced by legendary producers Alan Moulder and Flood along with the band.

The Killers
Wonderful Wonderful

Fresh from jamming with Prince Harry, The Killers unleash more of their danceable rock which again is predicted to do well with non music fans. Having successfully forged a career out of having one good song the band now unleash their first new work since 'Battle Born' - an album distinct for being one that no-one can remember.  

The Kooks

Only recently we were smitten all over again by the re-issue of the Beatles 'Sergeant Pepper's'... and 2017 has even more treats in store with a vinyl re-issue of the Kooks 'Konk'. This was their second album and features such hits as  ‘Ooh La’ and  ‘Sofa Song’. Klassic Kooks - we should feel blessed. 

The Strypes
Little Victories

Cherub-like Irish four-piece The Strypes caused a stir with their debut album, Snapshot because they looked (and were) so young yet rocked so convincingly. The band have spent two years touring the world before returning to the studio to record their second album, Little Victories. Expect even bigger things from their second coming!

The Verve
Urban Hymns

20 years since this much loved album which spawned a handful of classic hits such as 'Bittersweet Symphony', 'The Drugs Don't Work' and 'Lucky Man' was issued guessed's time for the lavish remastered version in a series of formats including a super 6LP or 5CD box set with acres of live tracks and B sides. 

The Weeknd

Sweet-voiced yet bearded R&B superstar Abel Makkonen Tesfaye returns with his third album 'Starboy' an 18 track extravaganza of smooth sounds which has been helped along by the involvement of French disco robots Daft Punk. Expect slightly unsettling chilled out mega R & B heavy on the atmospherics and disconcerting lyrical verbosity.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (5722751)
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Reservoir Dogs - 20th Anniversary

  • Vinyl LP (4767041)
  • £18.99 £11.99 (saving: £7.00)
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Pulp Fiction

The Pulp Fiction soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks ever released. Really. I mean, where else will you find Dusty Springfield, Al Green and biblical references soaked in the blood of the deserving? Apart from a bible belt high school dance, of course. Vinyl as part of a ‘Back in Black’ release from UMC celebrating the best albums ever.
  • Vinyl LP (1111031)
  • £17.99 £11.99 (saving: £6.00)

The Man From Mo' Wax

The Man From Mo' Wax is the title of a new documentary film about -- yes, you guessed it -- the Mo' Wax label which was run by head honcho and DJ James Lavelle between 1992 and 2002. During that time the label remained a pioneering presence and its influence has had a long reach on trip-hop and beat-makers to this day. Included on the collection are key tracks from the label's heady heyday as well as music which influenced Lavelle and led him to start the label, all included in the forthcoming film.