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50 Things You Might Have Missed Cos Of Record Store Day

So we all got a bit excitable around Record Store Day. One downside of the pandemonium was that loads of excellent releases were forgotten in the clamour for those never-to-be-repressed (honestly) special editions. So being the nice people that we, are we wanted to do give you a reminder of some of the things you may have missed. And here it is, in any easy-to-scroll list. Lost gems ahoy!   
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Astral Social Club
Meadow Mechanicals

Another day, another Neil Campbell release… not that we have a problem with that, as Neil’s stuff is always of an astoundingly high quality. As Astral Social Club on this cassette for Fort Evil Fruit, he brings a multifarious swirl of synths, guitars and beats, as colourful and intense as ever. Good times, but threatening to overload the mind and push towards oblivion.

Atom TM & Marc Behrens

Jan St. Werner
Split Animal Sculpture

  • Vinyl 10" (IGR03)
  • £18.99 £11.39 (saving: £7.60)
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Live Skull
Cloud One

Weirdly, given the band name and the album cover, this is not 70s/80s heavy metal. Instead, Live Skull were a no wave band, and Cloud One captures them at their scrambly noisy best. In fact, this record is often considered the band’s greatest work, so it is a relief that it is finally back in print after so long.

Mark E
Product Of Industry

Mark E hails from the West Midlands, and identifies the industrial background of the area as an influence on his sound, particularly on this album, Product Of Industry (obviously). But, refreshingly, this isn’t just a byword for ‘heavy’ and ‘dark’ music. Mark E takes the mechanical relentlessness of industry, but tempered with warm analogue synth sounds. Its a strong combination.

Mats Gustafsson / Lasse Marhaug
The Oslo Tapes


Scenic are a band made up from ex-members of  Savage Republic and Grant Lee Phillips pre-Grant Lee Buffalo band, Shiva Burlesque. Aquatica, originally released in 1996 and unavailable since 1999 is a series of cinematic soundscapes that takes its cues from a wide range of influences. Aquatica is available on CD.

Toshiro Mimaki
Januari 22 2000

Enigmatic improvised duets featuring Toshiro Mimaki (percussion) and Kiyohiro Takada (bass and electronics), both former members of seminal japanese psyche legends, Les Rallizes Dénudés. Showcasing the more abstract, ascetic side of their playing, this lp is accompanied by a 7" of the only available recordings from 1974 by the duo's first group, Oz Band.

Drink and the Devil The Blues Roots of the White Stripes

If you know The White Stripes, you should already know how much of an influence early Blues music is on Jack White’s work (not intending to diminish Meg’s excellent contributions to the band, but its obvious that that guy is obsessed). Here are those Blues roots laid out for you on record, including many tracks later covered by the Stripes.