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Beach House
B-Sides and Rarities

Beach House present a comprehensive selection of their B-sides and rare tracks in one handy compilation, with recordings that stretch from 2005 to 2015. Treats include a surprising cover of Queen’s ‘Play The Game’ and a slowed down ‘Cough Syrup Remix’ of ‘10 Mile Stereo’, as well as tracks that have been newly mixed and mastered to suit this release. B-Sides and Rarities is out on Bella Union.

Cabaret Voltaire
The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord

Those moody, lovelorn synths weren't just for The Human League and their ruinous cocktail bars with their Shakespearian tragedies. Cabaret Voltaire had the same idea, and their seventh record -- The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord -- arrived slap bang in the middle of the 1980s. It saw techno, dub and industrial dance together in a blood red concoction. Here's the remaster.

Cabaret Voltaire
The Crackdown

Here we have a reissue of Cabaret Voltaire’s fifth LP The Crackdown. The first full-length the band released after the departure of founding member Chris Watson, this is a disorientating and sinister set of industrial anti-pop tunes. The Normal and Fad Gadget are evoked by The Crackdown’s avant blend of techno, minimal wave, synth-pop and more. It was named the 11th best album of 1983 by the NME, don’t you know. The CD edition also includes the quartet of tunes that made up The Crackdown’s accompanying Doublevision EP.

Our Love

You reach a point in life where the question of how to stay at the top of your game looms; the only real solution being, you change the game. Our Love, the new album from Caribou, is the sound of Dan Snaith doing just that. Our Love is due October 6th on City Slang and is the sixth studio album from Caribou. The album features collaborations with Jessy Lanza and Owen Pallett. It was mixed by David Wrench and features artwork by Jason Evans/ Matthew Cooper.  

Dusty Springfield
Dusty In Memphis

A few years ago (I say ‘a few’ I probably mean 20) I read an opinion, I think in the NME, that the 10-second intro to Son Of A Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield is the greatest 10 seconds of music ever recorded. It’s hard to argue with as it is very good indeed. Dusty Springfield released Dusty In Memphis in 1969 and utilised the talents of the city’s finest session musicians. It was produced by Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd and is thought of as her best work, and is arguably one of the best albums of all time.

Fela Kuti
Expensive Shit

Nigerian police, seeking to frame Fela Kuti, tried to plant a joint of marijuana on him during a gathering at his home. Wise to their plan, he quickly swallowed the joint. However, the police threw him in jail to wait for the evidence to make its way through his system. With some wily plotting Fela escaped charges and subsequently produced this opus mocking the police for wasting resources on hassling him instead of furthering justice in Nigeria. Opening brass sounds give way to interplay between Fela’s narration about the episode and responses from his group of female singers.

Florence And The Machine

I hope you like your music BIG because Florence And The Machine's debut album 'Lungs' is about as BIG as music gets. The production is BIG, the vocals are BIG, the harp is BIG (to be fair, all harps are big). It's truly awing just how much they manage to fit on here, even an uncredit Gang Gang Dance cover!

Iggy Pop
The Idiot

The Idiot was Iggy Pop's first post the Stooges album and the one Dame David Bowie had a huge hand in by co-writing and producing. It had a dark electronic sound not dissimilar to Bowie's Berlin trilogy albums. It was a huge influence on the likes of Depeche Mode and Joy Division and it was the last record Ian Curtis listened to just before he took his own life. 
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Johnny Cash
American VI: Ain't No Grave

There's something strange about albums like 'American VI: Ain't No Grave'. In many ways it is a priviledge and pleasure to hear titans like Johnny Cash exploring their oncomming deaths, as he does so masterfully here, with a particularly spiritual current running through the tracks. But it also means one more of our heroes is gone.
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Johnny Cash
American II: Unchained

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Kanye West

The shy and retiring Kanye West drops the eighth LP of what, to this point, has been a relatively uneventful career. By Yeezy’s standards, ye is short and sweet. Seven tunes, about twenty-five minutes in length, and only a couple of guests. Barely more than an EP really. But the thing about this Kanye fella is when he has something to say, even if it’s not very much, the people will listen.

Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp a Butterfly

I'm not sure about pimping a butterfly but Kendrick Lamar certainly knows the smooth. Sampling and influenced by the '70s greats of Parliament, Clinton (George not me) and Marvin Gaye, he twists black anger into new and danceable shapes. Challenging at times but sounds like it's going to be a decent follow up.   

Laurel Halo

Quarantine was the debut album from Midwestern electronic musician Laurel Halo. Its blend of ambient, pop and techno topped off by her unadorned vocals led it to be a critics favourite and it won The Wire Album of the Year in 2012. Her work on the album was lush, beautiful but also spooky and with and otherworldly feel. A true classic of its genre.   

Massive Attack
Blue Lines

Ah 'Blue Lines'. That time hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and soul all together under the mysterious cinematic umbrella of Massive Attack. The first time their special blend of breakbeats, sampling and rapping was heard and it's presence is still being felt 25+ years on. The usual guests are in place, Horace Andy, Tricky, Neneh Cherry and of course Shara Nelson on the stone cold classic 'Unfinished Sympathy'.  

Nine Inch Nails
Bad Witch

Tonight at the Roadhouse, it’s the 22.85 Centimetre Nails! And it sounds indeed as if the association with Twin Peaks has rather rubbed off on potty-mouthed T. Reznor & Pals. Lead tune ‘Got Break Down the Door’ sets acid bass and very noirish atmospherics - particularly the lonesome brass a jazzhouse croon from Trent - to an agitated tempo. The NIN style is intact, but with adventurous feelers out.


Of Nirvana’s three studio albums, the middle one, Nevermind, is probably the most well known, but it is after all, the one that got them noticed. It kicked down the doors and allowed everybody through. Their mix of classic rock and punk was sprinkled with magic dust by the then unknown producer Butch Vig. It was also the first album to feature the now Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl on drums. It is great.

MTV Unplugged In New York

It was quite the moment when the hitherto loud and raucous Nirvana calmed down enough to perform an acoustic set for MTVs Unplugged series. The performance was a revelation, taking in highlights from their back catalogue plus covers of David Bowie and Meat Puppets. It was a crying shame that we never got to see how the band would progress but at least we were left with this superb document. 
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Public Enemy
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

No hiphop collection should be without the 1989 breakthrough LP from PE. Chuck D’s lyrics and delivery matched with The Bomb Squad’s confrontational production represented a new high-water mark as to what rap could be capable of. The track listing is jaw-dropping - Bring the Noise, Don’t Believe the Hype, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, Rebel Without a Pause.... She Watch Channel Zero?! samples Def Jam labelmates Slayer, though it’s ironic to hear Flavor Flav being judgmental about viewing habits, having since been responsible for one of the worst sitcoms in TV history. Still, no questionable late career choices can overshadow this explosive statement of righteous black rage and defiance, that’s utterly uncompromising and iconic from the title down. Almost an hour’s worth crammed onto this LP but it sounds phenomenal.
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  • UMC

Scott Walker
Scott 2

Another classic from Walker's impeccable career, this time his second solo album. Featuring yet more luxuriuant arranngements upon which Scott's charismatic baritone relates alarmingly frank tales of despair and deception. A unique exploration of the dark underbelly of easy-listening schmalz! 

Sonic Youth

A return to in-print and on-vinyl status for a few Sonic Youth albums. 1990’s Goo was considered to be their most accessible album to date: it does after all contain the popular tunes ‘Dirty Boots’ and ‘Kool Thing’, virtually pop hits for Sonic Youth. LP reissue on Universal / Back To Black, with a variation on that great Topshop T-shirt design as sleeve art!

The B-52's
The B-52's

Kooky lyrics, nimble rhythms and irresistible pop harmonies met on The B-52’s self-titled debut album when it was released back in the summer of 1979, putting them at the front of the new-wave scene. This is a fortieth anniversary re-issue on vinyl, featuring printed lyric inserts. Eventually the SEO friend RuPaul would feature in one of their music videos.
  • Vinyl LP (5387322)
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The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

Recorded music doesn’t get more iconic than this. Influential as it is, there’s nothing quite like Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, with its magical harmonies and arrangements. It’s hard to get jaded about or tired of. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid this album, no matter what you’re into, you owe it to yourself to dive in. You have the choice of remastered stereo or mono versions on vinyl (if in doubt, mono is the one to go for), or a double CD edition which features both mixes, plus instrumentals and live tracks.

The Orielles
Silver Dollar Moment

The Orielles are a three-piece made up of a Post Office Christmas temp, and English Lit. student and an A-Level student. Despite their tender years, the trio have made a very enjoyable indie-pop record in Silver Dollar Moment. It is reminiscent of many bands you loved in the ‘80s and ‘90s, whilst maintaining a certain freshness. LP and CD on Heavenly

The Slits

It is 40 years since the Slits unleashed Cut their debut and most well known album. Their early ferocious live performances were reigned in expertly by producer Dennis Bovell and the band tempered their DIY punk enthusiasm with dub and world music influences. The result is an innovative album which matches Ari Up's yelps with Viv Albertine's scratchy discordant guitar runs and Budgie's off kilter dub-influenced drumming. It influenced... well.. everyone particularly the later riot grrl and DIY punk scenes.  
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Pulp Fiction

The Pulp Fiction soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks ever released. Really. I mean, where else will you find Dusty Springfield, Al Green and biblical references soaked in the blood of the deserving? Apart from a bible belt high school dance, of course. Vinyl as part of a ‘Back in Black’ release from UMC celebrating the best albums ever.
  • Vinyl LP (1111031)
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