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The Crack Magazine Archives: a decade of shoots and the stories behind them

Crack magazine has, since its first copy was printed as free magazine in 2009, become the place to go for all your contemporary culture needs. The Crack Magazine Archives: a decade of shoots and the stories behind them is a compendium of all the best bits from the magazines first ten years, packed with photos, quotes and interviews.

Douglas Dare

Milkteeth is the third album by accomplished musician, singer and songwriter Douglas Dare. Dare makes music that could be described as chamber pop and/or art pop. With the help of Tuung’s Mike Lindsay in the producer’s chair, his music has been stripped to just the necessary elements. You may know Douglas Dare from his tours with Erased Tapes label mate Olafur Arnalds or as his drag persona, Visa Reasons.

Gigi Masin

Sold out - sorry!

Hannah Diamond

Not to be confused in any way, shape or form with former TVam presenter Anne Diamond, Hannah Diamond was part of PC Music but has now unleashed her first solo beast. It is a batch of scrubbed and shiny pop with a skewed-dance production which could be seen to rival SOPHIE in the weird modern pop compartment. It's dead personal too, with songs all about relationships, fractured or otherwise. 


Islet are a Welsh trio who have been hoovered up by Fire for their third album (and first since 2013). Eyelet continues their foraging into the world of psychedelic experimental pop and electronica which draws early comparisons to the likes of Arthur Russell and Jenny Hval. The hills of Wales seem to be a rich source for this kind of hypnotic psych-rock and a wider distributions may fire (actually...seriously no pun intended) Islet into your living room. 
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Nada Surf
Never Not Together

Never Not Together is the ninth album by New York indie rock band Nada Surf. Having been together as a band for the best part of thirty years, the title seems to refer to the band as much as anything else, apart from when head Surfer Matthew Caws collaborated with Juliana Hatfield under the name Minor Alps, of course. If you want guitars and melody, look no further.

Pet Shop Boys
Burning The Heather

Pet Shop Boys are are heading into their 39th year as a musical duo. By the time the Rolling Stones hit that landmark people had been saying they were over the hill for 20 years or so. The Pet Shop Boys longevity may have something to do with their uniqueness - a big part of that it Neil Tennant's articulate speak-singing. Here is their new single, Burning The Heather, from their latest album, Fundamental.

Spinning Coin

Hyacinth is the second album by highly regarded Scottish indie band Spinning Coin. The band have relocated from Glasgow to Berlin and recruited Rachel Taylor, replacing Cal Donnelly on bass, since their last album - 2017’s rather marvellous Permo. Some things never change though, and like everything else they’ve released, this is on The Pastel’s Geographic label - an endorsement of quality.

Be Up A Hello

Tom Jenkinson returns with a new Squarepusher album after a hiatus of over half a decade. 'Be Up A Hello' represents an abrupt about-face from the bleeding-edge technology used on his last outing 'Damogen Furies', revisiting the vintage analogue and digital equipment that Jenkinson used at the start of his career in the early Nineties. He even busts out his trusty olde Commodore VIC-20.


As our boss prepares once again for this eight day festival and gets his candles all nicely lit, we have a collection of new and original Hanukkah songs by the likes of the Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, HAIM, Jack Black and I for one am delighted to see Craig Wedren of the mighty Shudder to Think on the list. חנוכה שמח to all. 

A Situation

Wrangler are a supergroup who probably don’t want the tag of supergroup. They are made up from Ben Edwards from (Benge/The Maths), Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire and Phil Winter from Tuung. They make new music from old gear. They have had two previous albums, 2014’s LA Spark and 2016’s White Glue. They also formed Creep Show with John Grant. A Situation is their new album.

DECAY (merry6mas2019)

Oh thank the lord. So many things in life lead to crushing disappointment but if there's one thing we can rely on it is the Yellow 6 merry6mas CD. Each year we think it might turn up even though we've been as good as gold all year but like Santa himself it never lets us down. This year we get an 8 track album of all new exclusive material from the ambient guitar whizz and there's just 100 copies so order quick or Christmas is ruined.